Sunday, March 13, 2016

Economic News And Views ( March 13 , 2016) Top News For Sunday ( German State Elections - Results For All Three States and Post-mortems . 2. Horrible Terror Attack In Ankara - Turkey - Third horrible Terror Attack In 6 Months. 3. Ivory Coast Not Immune From Terror Attacks - Three Resort Hotels Attacked Today. )


German Elections....... Result & Post-mortems....

Anti-migration party records large gains in German regional elections.

"Doctor, no it's been like this for hours without Viagra. See, German election results came in..."

AfD reaches (unthinkable) 24% in Saxony-Anhalt. Where from did they get their votes? Mainly from SPD (down by 11.3pp) and Die Linke (-8pp).

Projection of today's election results in German state Saxony-Anhalt. Merkel's CDU loses, anti-immigration AfD wins.

ARD has revised projection to put SPD behind AfD in Baden-Württemberg. 4th place in German hi-tech manufacturing heartland: not a good look.

Early results from today's state election in Baden-Württemberg,

Early results from today's state election in Rhineland-Palatinate,

| Anti-migrant AfD strong, Merkel's CDU disappoints in 3 federal states vote ~

. Gerald Scarfe's cartoon about German elections with as boat person

CDU run two hardliners - Wolf (BaWü) & Klöckner (RP) - and suffer. The real hardliners voted AfD, moderates went to Grüne, SPD respectively.

In Sachsen-Anhalt is only 6% away from leading party. With 23.1% of vote against 29.3% for the Conservatives. First-time entry

If this holds , shocking numbers from Saxony - Anhalt. CDU 29% , SPD at 11/6 - but AfD at shocking 22/8% ! Wow !

Merkel's CDU party loses two of three regions: exit polls

Turkey - Ankara Bombing Today......

Update on bombing, 34 killed, 1-2 attackers, 125 injured, 19 critical. No info yet on responsibility for the attack. Via

blast: Turkish court 'blocks Twitter and Facebook' after explosion

LATEST blast: Health Min says death toll now at 34... 125 people are injured, 19 of which are in critical condition

Car bomb leaves at least 27 dead, 75 injured in

Erdogan can't secure his own capital. 3rd major bomb attack in 6 months. 10/15: 102 dead 02/16: 28 dead 03/16: 28 dead & counting.

Today's bombing in Ankara was the 3rd attack that targeted Turkish capital in recent months

Ankarada 2. Patlama Kızılayda 13.03.2016 18:35 via Video on the car bomb attack. Keep victims in prayers

Alleged vehicle bomb. Various vehicles destroyed including buses. Detonated near major transportation hub.

Horrific scene....

Update on Ankara bombings.

: First photos from blast site in appear

Ivory Coast......

20 dead in Ivory Coast attack: country's president says

Gunmen killed 14 people at an Ivory Coast beach resort popular with Africans and Westerners:

takes credit for the attack in via its channel. Via

14 civilians, 2 military men dead in attack – president pic h/t

Six 'terrorists' killed after Ivory Coast resort attack, interior minister says

UPDATE: 3 hotels attacked in deadly attack – minister

Hotel under attack in Ivory Coast beach resort

Weapons used by one attacker in , I think we can say now is a terror attack, via

BREAKING: shots fired, alleged attack in a hotel in Grand Bassam beach near