Monday, March 14, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 14 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. North Korea Plans Another Test Explosion. 2. Russia Announces Partial Withdrawal Of Russian Forces From Syria. 3. S&P 500 Clinging To Technical Support - Oil and Gold Down Day. 4. Europe Indices Have A Touch Of Vertigo. 5. Chinese Financial Plan Take Over Of Russian Banks. 6. March 15th GOP / Democrat Run-downs ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Spain In Focus - Internal Political Drama , Spain Signals Possible Veto Of Mass Return Aspect Of EU-Turkey Plan. 2. German Election Aftermath . 3. Refugee Situation - Today's News Of Note. ) MENA. ( 1. Libya GNA - Break Through At Last Or Huge Roll Of Dice By the West. 2. Syria Updates - Non Peace Process Related. )


Humor break ! Let's take break from being headlines of the day and have a chuckle !

What's at stake for Democrats in the March 15 primaries:

This is a nice run down for latest Super Tuesday -GOP Side. Breakdown for the 6 contests.

Breitbart staffer quits, says the site has become "a media Super PAC for the Trump campaign."

DEBUNKED: Despite local reports, Cumberland sheriff’s dept is NOT considering charging Trump with inciting riot.


French defence minister says Russia has 'practically' stopped hitting moderate Syrian rebels

Ruble decouples from oil on news that Putin order main part of forces in Syria to start pullout.

’s stock markets reversed heavy losses. But jitters are here to stay.

Europe .......

Spain In Focus......

Political update..

Might Spain veto deal or require the tabling of the proposal for a deal ?

Spain against mass returns , favors individual review. Case by case basis.

- Ciudadanos threatens to walk out of gov't pact with PSOE if Sánchez discusses independence referendum with Catalan separatists.

Refugee News......

govt sources accuse authorities of organising illegal crossing for

The men had led them on the two-kilometre march, before activists formed a human chain to get them across

Those who managed to enter are being surrounded by forces at Moin village as ~20 journalists were detained: reports

As for the activists, who reportedly number 50 or more together with journalists, they reportedly being held at police station

Then, under the cover of dark, they were transported back to Greece in covered military trucks, reports MSF

Around 2,000 migrants cross in to Macedonia - Reuters witness

soldiers are trying to make new fence next to the river. (photo via )

The hundreds are now estimated to be thousands, braving icy waters with their children

Greece asylum process will not result in a swift change of circumstances -an important item to read.

Drip , drip , drip ,...

Stuck here for 2 or more years ?

German Elections - After-Math.....

Why AfD's gains in German elections are so remarkable

Saxony-Anhalt: 64% of voters chose it bc as they're disillusioned by mainstream - not bc of polices.

Sunday's regional elections & victory not only about - but abt disillusionment against established mainstream parties.

What you need to know about Sunday's German elections by

MENA - Libya ......

seems the UN & western countries are pushing ahead with GNA without HoR approval - 2nd option in this article

France says ready to secure the GNA in acc. to Foreign Minister in Brussels today after failing to push sanctions through EU

According to Deputy head of Amhamed Shauib: "The will go to to operate from South of in the coming days".

Division&discord are inevitable in . Since there was no vote, the GNA has no legal grounding&will likely be decried as "illegitimate".

Head of Jamhouriya Bank in kidnapped last night. Today, all it's branches remained shut in protest.


Jabhat al-Nusra Oversteps Mark with Idlib Crackdown | New piece by

SouthFront: Russian Airforce pounds supply lines to amid ...

Amazing. Syrians in Maaret AlNouman protest Nusra attack on FSA Division 13, demand Nusra (AlQaeda) to leave town.

Isis 'minister of war' Omar al-Shishani 'clinically dead' after US air strike via 👍

Turkey - Ankara Bombing .....

'You were Charlie, you were Paris. Will you be Ankara?'

A female PKK member is suspected of carrying out a car bombing that killed at least 37 in Turkey's capital

UPDATE — Police detain Ankara bomber suspect's family, number of suspects detained increases to 10

6 arrests made in connection with yesterday's horrible terror attack.

Turkish warplanes strike Kurdish camps in northern Iraq after Ankara bombing: