Friday, February 12, 2016

MENA Report ( February 12 , 2016 ) 1. Syria Peace Talks And Battlefield Updates - Let's Not Kid Ourselves For A Moment - Nobdy is Going to Stop Shooting Or Bombing In Syria Anytime Soon. 2. Iraq In Focus - Move On Mosul Seemingly Set & Pushed Much Sooner , Rather than Later. We Shall See How Wise That May be. 3. Libya - Another " Dream The Impossible Dream " Situation - While The Leaders , Sherpas , Various Gov'ts Attempt To From Another Toothless Gov't , the Battles Rage , Jets Fly and People Die.

Evening Wrap......

Whenever I think of Syria , I think of this song - where have all the flowers gone ?


US Iraqi Allies Fighting US Syrian Allies

World Powers Agree on Syria Ceasefire Plan


Ceasefire , cessation of hostilities -who's kidding whom here ? I don't see either side slowing down short term .

Syrian Army enters the Al- Governorate

Saudi FM says objective is removal of Assad in Syria

Defense Secretary Carter Says UAE Agreed to Send Special Ops to Syria -

Saudi FM tells me Saudi troops to Syria only as part of US-led coalition. Airs 8pCET.

Assad doesn't 'rule out' Turkey or Saudi intervention but says he would 'confront it'

This "cessation of hostility" won't work because it allow bombing and fighting against Jabhat al-Nusra , that is everywhere w/ rebels +

is this going to turn the rebels against Jabhat al-Nusra or, for and proxies, there is no interest in meeting to talk?

Jabhat al-Nusra rough presence in North-West Syria [Aleppo & Idlib]

/n Army advances in the countryside: another hilltop seized via

Iraq ......

Summer , Winter ... Shi'a / Sunni / Kurd  .... if you can't figure out how to live together , you will fall separate but still fall - and there always be others willing to scoop up your oil  ...... which is madness , if that's allowed to happen......

Links .....

Germany Offers 500 Million Euro Credit to Iraq to Aid Reconstruction

Iraqi PM Discourages Kurdish Independence Referendum

Thousands Homeless in Anbar; 72 Killed in Iraq


forces in forced to abide by 's rules - volunteer

Turkey sends troops to Iraq without permission, which is intolerable — Iraqi PM

Iraq says moving troops, preparing offensive to retake Mosul

Iraqi army arrived to Makhmur and preparing for liberation of


Definitely round in circles here !

Expert: IS are attempting to use Sudanese border city of Khartoum as crossing point into

Libya fell off the international radar. Now the West is paying attention again reports

prepares for impact of possible intervention in

- Agilah, Serraj meeting in Munich in hope to get GNA Gov formed and approved by HoR.

Pentagon needs to submit plan to fight IS to congress by Feb 15. US officials want unity govt Libya by then. .

UK ambassador wants urgent clarity re appointments central bank and oil chiefs

Air force plane downed by militants in Benghazi, 3rd jet lost in 40 days

Libyan Air Force continues to target sites in and .

Presidential Council: Unity Govt to be announced "very soon".

Brigade advance past Abu Grein, set up checkpoints on the road to .

Some showing caution over latest announcement that a UN brokered government is imminent.

Pictures show shattered Benghazi waterfront.

UN supporting proposed unity government prime minister

UK government paying for Libya unity government PR chief.

No response yet from central bank of recognised government (Tobruk) to UK allegations of paying militias. Tripoli rival has refuted.

Tripoli-based central bank website reports allegations from UK ambassador re paying militias

All reports/news seem to indicate that forming the GNA is an increasingly impossible task. Anti-GNA sentiment in E at record high.