Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gold and Silver Report - December 18 , 2014 ...... Items of note touching upon the precious metals ( correlations are everywhere ) , manipulations by Central Banks , Ponzi scheme and related frauds , oncoming financial wreckage .....

Reprise: Kyle Bass On Holding Gold In a Bullion Bank Comex Warehouse

'If you are a fiduciary, the decision is easy.'

Especially if you take the duties of a fiduciary for other people's assets seriously.

What about the fiduciary responsibilities of central banks?  Hard to say, right?

We'll get right on that-- in about seven years.  Jawohl!   And no need for an audit.  We believe.

And as for private citizens, when and if the time comes when there is a 'run on the bullion banks', I would not be surprised to see forced cash settlements, and 'bail ins' with even allocated receipts being taken.

Does this seem unlikely, improbable?

MF Global.

Ukraine Situation ( December 18 - 19 , 2014 ) -- Ukraine has claimed it needs 15- 19 billion ( on top of the present 15-17 billion IMF / EU Financial Lifeline ) , US and EU have no intention of funding that additional lifeline and are disgusted with the incompetence and corruption of Kiev and their Oligarchs ...... Russia ( which had been funding Ukraine until Ukraine Revolution ) , possibly being " encouraged " through punitive , ever increasing sanctions / through attacks on oil , currency and economy - to " resume " financial backstop and funding for Western Vassal State Ukraine ?

Ukraine .....

EU ready to help if Ukraine reforms - Merkel

 December 19, 2:24 UTC+3

EU may consider lifting sanctions against Russia if Ukraine’s territorial integrity is preserved, also said Merkel

BRUSSELS, December 19. /TASS/. The European Union is ready to help Ukraine provided that the government pushes through economic reforms and tackles corruption, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday.
“Europe is ready to support Ukraine further but Ukraine should pursue economic reforms and actively combat corruption,” she told a news conference after an EU summit in Brussels.
EU may consider lifting sanctions against Russia if Ukraine’s territorial integrity is preserved, said Merkel.


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SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Despite talks of peace Ukraine is actively preparing for war - -

EU leaders decide not to strengthen sanctions against Russia, easing to depend on progress in Ukraine - Hollande

14/12/2014: IMF (Emergency) Mission to Kiev - Given economic / fiscal position of Ukraine (see http://trueeconomic...

14/12/2014: IMF (Emergency) Mission to Kiev

Given economic / fiscal position of Ukraine (see it is unsurprising that the IMF has dispatched a 'rapid response' team out to Kiev. Here's the IMF official statement on the visit:

Not to over-interpret the above, it suggests that the IMF is considering seriously further 'assistance' to Ukraine and that such a commitment will be based not so much on the progress of structural reforms to-date, but on the progress of the promises of reforms in the future.

Of course, it is hard to imagine Ukrainian authorities unrolling any big and binding reforms in the current climate and given short span of life of the new Rada to-date, so don't take the above comment as sarcasm - Ukraine needs assistance now and the promise of reforms is real, in my opinion. The only problem is that any assistance via IMF will be short-term (3 years or so) and will be in the form of debt, while what Ukraine really needs is longer-term funding and in a form of a Marshall Plan (even if in debt form, at least on terms of near-zero cost of funding and flexible maturity). Sadly, such preferential funding is unlikely to come...

The article first appeared here:
14/12/2014: IMF (Emergency) Mission to Kiev

Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State


hopes will realize in foreign policy have no prospects

What are Psaki's 'specific steps' that Russia can do in order to have lifted?