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Economic News , Data & Views.....October 8 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Spain : Large Demonstration Today In Barcelona Against Catalonia Independence And In Favor Of Spanish Unity ; Dialogue Still Sought By Many - To Be Seen If Cooler Heads Prevail Or If Rash Decision Making - From Either Side , Occurs. 2) UK - Political Scene On Sunday - Examining The Domestic Politics & Intrigues That Abound On Sunday , As Well As Matters Touching On UK-EU Negotiation. 3) US News & Politics : Updates On Status Of Restoration In Puerto Rico - Post Hurricane Maria ; Hurricane Nate Downgraded To Tropical Storm Nate - Surge Flooding Noted In Mobile , Alabama & Biloxi , Mississippi ; Updates On Las Vegas & Stephen Paddock ; North Korea & Additional Items Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends !


Catalan Gov't seems to be backing off unilateral declaration of independence.

Independence declaration still on track.

Tens of thousands march in Barcelona in support of Spanish unity and against independence.

Josep Borrell (Catalan Socialist Party, PSC) is also at the head of the march in Barcelona today.

Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) left the city earlier. Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez is not at the march in Barcelona today.

Leading Barcelona march today: Montserrat (PP, Health Minister) Enric Millo (PP) Albiol (PP) Rivera (Cs) Arrimadas (Cs) Mario Vargas Llosa

PSOE HQ tells us it does not know where Pedro Sánchez is this morning.

's business minister says he's against unilaterally declaring independence at the moment, for ceasefire+ experts drafting solution

Can cooler heads prevail regarding dialogue ?

Hundreds of coaches and trains are arriving today in Barcelona from Madrid and other Spanish cities: demonstration in favor of Spain's unity

Protesters rally against Catalan independence in Barcelona

Spanish PM won't rule out suspending Catalonia's autonomy

Angela Merkel and Jean Claude Juncker speak on the phone to tackle the Catalan issue and what may happen after a declaration if independence

More than 5k people gather in Barcelona to demand dialogue between Catalan and Spanish governments


Pressures everywhere For Tories....

What's PM May to do about Boris ?

Labour & Jeremy Corbyn in favor among voters ?

"No Deal Back Up Plan" being examined...

Ruth chimes in...

Off with his head.....

Gearing up....

Different strokes for different folks...

This story is bollocks, legal advice to ministers is not subject to FoI requests under Section 35. As first year journalism students know.

US News & Politics...

Puerto Rico...

Power Substation Fails, Knocking Out Power in San Juan: Rossello

This is eye-opening and agree with comment of Eduardo , if the story is true.

Thanks to HHS for implementing an Emergency Prescription Assistance Program for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico govt discussing request for line of credit of $4-6 billion from & initial ask of $4.6 billion for disaster

1 hour ago
~Puerto Rico~ 12,300 personnel +600 +2,000 Emergency Management Assistance Compact members from 25 states

1 hour ago
. has outage at 12:45 am--many of the communities in Metro area with T and D lose power simultaneously

1 hour ago
Llevándole la cena a los refugiado en Aguas Buena gracias – at Centro de Acogida Casa de Nuestra Gente

Trump FEMA chief: We "filtered out" San Juan mayor "a long time ago"

Thank you for your commitment to use your innovative technology in

Gobernador asegura que Centro Médico de Mayagüez opera a capacidad
Translated from Spanish by 
Governor ensures that medical center of Mayagüez operates at capacity

In Puerto Rico 78 schools to open this week. Classes will resume on October 23.

Soldier assigned to prepares to distribute water to the citizens of Morovis, Puerto Rico.

Project Loon gets federal clearance to provide cell service to Puerto Rico -

We are with education secretary in San Juan as she works to reopen the island's schools and locate teachers.

Tropical Storm Nate....

All remaining tropical storm and storm surge warnings have been dropped for SE LA and S MS.

Tropical Storm Advisory 16A: Nate Rapidly Weakening But Storm Surge Flooding Continues.

Mobile Bay storm surge covers part of Causeway this morning !

1 hour ago
🌊Storm surge in downtown Mobile along Royal Street this morning.

1 hour ago
Another view of the storm surge in downtown Mobile this morning along St Francis St.

Storm surge in Biloxi, MS from Hurricane Nate

1 hour ago
Power knocked out in downtown Biloxi...

1 hour ago
Hurricane Nate storm surge inundates Golden Nugget in Biloxi...

Las Vegas....

Note in Las Vegas shooter's room included calculations to maximize his aim: report

Shooting practice just days before the massacre...

Nuggets - very smart guy & good with numbers , arrogant and egotistic - but looked out for his family & no known money problems. A cypher.

1 hour ago
Today: Fmr. Homeland Security Advisor and Fmr. FBI Profiler discuss the Las Vegas shooting investigation.

North Korea....

Background on Kim Yo Jong...

POTUS using the Nixon Madman theory with his tweets yesterday.

"Military options are absolutely on the table when it comes to North Korea," tells me on

I talked to VOA about what may be next in North Korean long-range missile testing.

Kim Jong-un promotes sister Kim Yo-jong to the politburo – the nation’s top decision-making body.

KCNA: "DPRK will never abandon the nuclear force which it built at a high cost…however hard the riff-raffs may try to take issue with it."

"As far as we understand, they intend to launch one more long-range missile in the near future."- Anton Morozov, a senior Russian lawmaker.

Yong Suk Lee , Dep Ass't Dir (CIA’s Korea Mission Center) , explains why Columbus Day is potentially a date to watch for next NK Test.


Sen. Corker responds to Pres. Trump’s morning tweets: “It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center.”

Anti-Putin protests break out across Russia on Putin's birthday

Trump on health care: I want to focus on other things, not "fixing somebody's back or their knee"

Trump zeroes in on 2020 battlegrounds

1 hour ago
New York AG: We're willing to sue if Trump doesn't make a deal on DACA

Democrats accuse Trump of ‘sabotage’ on Obamacare sign-ups

Links From Saturday - H/T Real Clear Politics...

Saturday, October 7

Michigan Senate (Mitchell/Rosetta Stone): Stabenow (D) 46, Kid Rock (R) 38

Odds & Ends....


US-Turkey relations on thinner ice.....

LATEST: Prosecutor seeks up to 15 years for human rights activists detained at meeting on Istanbul island

Top Turkish, US diplomats speak on phone after arrest of US consular staff member

Moscow Fire....

Moscow fire video...

100s evacuated, helicopter deployed as construction market outside Moscow on fire (VIDEO)

1 hour ago


Tiger Forces battled their way into heart of Al-Mayadeen city, the ISIS de facto capital , taking control of about 50 percent of it.

Final assault on ISIS last defense in Raqqa set to commence Sunday night...

Replying to 
Turkish delegation reached Fadrah village in prep for deployment of Turkish troops at Mt Simeon & Mt Sheikh Barakat near frontline with YPG

Turkey deploys forces in Syria as part of de-escalation agreement

Syrian Army seized 130mm artillery in East Hama which was used by ISIS terrorists to shell Al Salamiyah city

YPG lost 3,500 fighters in Raqqa battle between dead or permanently disabled. YPG now controls 80% of city Map: red = ISIS

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