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Economic News , Data & Views - October 9 , 2017 ....Quick Hits For Monday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving News & Data To Consider ; US - Ho Hum Columbus Day For Markets. 2) US Political Round Up : Las Vegas- Sheriff's Presser Reveals Authorities Still Believe Shooter Acted Alone , Not Part Of Terror Group , Only Shooter , Marilou Canley Still Cooperating - Motive Remains Unknown ; Puerto Rico - Status Of Water Supplies , Electric Grid , Provision Of Supplies , Liquidity Issues Of Puerto Rico -Governor Rossello Presser & Additional Sources ; Swampland News . 3) UK- Exit Talk Updates , Domestic Politics. 4) Spain - Waiting On Decision Of Catalan Gov't To Declare Some type Of Independence Tuesday , Unity Protests , Additional Items. 5) Odds & Ends.



Economic calendar for Tuesday. .

Australia NAB Sept Business Conditions Index 14 (prev rev 14) Australia NAB Sept Business Confidence Index 7 (prev 5)

Japan Aug Trade Balance BoP Basis JPY318.7B (est JPY264.3B, prev JPY566.6B)

Japan BoP Aug Current Account Adjusted JPY2266.9B (est JPY1978.6B, prev JPY2032.9B)

Japan BoP Aug Current Account Surplus JPY2380.4B (est JPY2223.3B, prev JPY2320B)

BoK Governor Lee: FX Swap Talks With China Planned For Today, Ongoing

Australia Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index 113.8 (prev 113.4)

New Zealand data- retail sales.

Preview of Australia data..

So basically , NK knows to - some degree , what US/SK/Japan operational war plan might be ?

UNSC bans all nations from allowing these four cargo ships-Petrel 8, Hao Fan 6, Tong San 2 & Jie Shun , to enter any port in their country.

Last three paragraphs probably give insights not generally considered - worth reading just for this aspect.

No missile launch so far..

Mattis on North Korea: "right now a diplomatically led (sanctions) effort...we've got to be ready to ensure that there are military options"

North Korea stages fanfare and fireworks in honor of late leader


Ho hum day...

Quiet Columbus Day. ..

US Politics.....

Las Vegas....

For this reason, LVMPD still believes shooter acted alone, is not part of terrorist organization, was the only shooter.

Sheriff: We have uncovered ~200 instances of the shooter traveling throughout Las Vegas. He's never with anyone else besides Marilou Danley

Sheriff: We are still in contact with Marilou Danley

Sheriff: There was not a note in the suspect's room. It was a document with numbers on it.

Sheriff: The next press conference will be at the end of the week on Friday, unless new critical information comes to light.

Sheriff: As I've said from day one, we want to know why. We want to know the motive.

Interesting thing to , if he was really gambling at this level & for that number of years , how didn't he go broke ?

Puerto Rico -

Puerto Rico gov makes specific asks for fed $ HUD - $3.2B DHS - $500M HHS - $500M DOT - $149M SBA - $90M USDA - $83M USDE - $78M

Fiscal Control Board urges Trump to offer maximum possible assistance.

Following collapse of electrical system , service expected to return to those who had service.

Puerto Rico governor: 'hell to pay' over water, food deliveries

Gov is asking $4.6 billions as initial aid from Congress as well as access to fed loans and HUD funding

Gov. Rossello said the severe flooding SJ experienced last night was due to improper debris removal

Health: 67 hospitals and 71% of pharmacies are operational, 39 are energized, and is near Arecibo w/88 patients

Overall access to clean water is at 60% but North region is at 30% access the acueduct system

140 public school are expected to open this week

Gov Rosselló said electric grid is still too "fragile and susceptible" to large amounts of rain

"We want to pin point and eliminate what could be public health emergencies"- Gov

Gov Rosselló is in conversations with the Treasury Department to discuss the liquidity issues the island has

Gov Rosselló argued that in other for supplies reach all sectors of the island, he needs the help of the mayors

Gov is asking of some mayors to "implement better practices" in organising the distribution of supplies

Adverse weather prevented a Cell on Wheels satellite to Utuado. Gov hope the operation can be completed today

Gov said brigades from organisations that offer to help w/ electric grid were asking for a down payment PR couldn't pay


1 hour ago
My latest: After White House Issues Demands, Hopes for a DACA Deal Dim and Nancy Pelosi Hints At December Showdown

Not a shocker..

Trump seeks border wall and big immigration changes , in exchange for DACA.

UK-Brexit News , Domestic Politics....

1 hour ago

Theresa May refuses to reveal whether legal advice said Art50 could be revoked. Says supreme court was clear it did not expect it to be.


UK PM May: Trade, Customs Papers Will Pave Way For UK To Become Independent Trading Nation

Replying to 
May: during implementation period, we will have left EU & its institutions

Replying to 
May: UK unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe's security we will continue to offer aid and assistance

Replying to 
May: we do not want to settle for adopting a model enjoyed by ther countries, we have rejected idea of something based on EEA


On DD not being here says: "Timing of talks depends on availability of UK partners. We are always here and we are ready."

Certainly. ..

Boris watch...

The game within a game..


VALENCIA: Other images show riot police have been deployed in the city after confrontations between demonstrators.

Fascism on display in Valencia..

France won't recognize a Catalonia declaration of independence-I doubt any EU nation will recognize this.

Another Company moved its Corp HQ from Catalonia.


Replying to 
1. ANC calls demo at same time as Puigdemont is appearing in Catalan parliament for expected declaration of independence from Spain.

Replying to 
2. Space that will be occupied by ANC also includes area around High Court in Catalonia.

Rajoy issues warning today about an independence declaration....

News to consider as we wait for Tuesday.

Replying to 
Full Casado quote on Puigdemont DOES NOT specify which of the two "ends up like Companys" he was referring to.

Replying to 
1. National Police officer of superintendent rank now in charge of physical security of High Court in Catalonia, with mixed Mossos + Police.

Replying to 
2. The Chief Justice of the most senior court in Catalonia does not trust the Catalan police to guarantee physical security of the building.

Replying to 
3. Chief Justice of High Court in Catalonia says Puigdemont "determined" to declare independence, which puts integrity of court in danger.

Replying to 
4. Political talk is of "rhetorical" vs. "real" declaration of independence, but Chief Justice in Catalonia just made a real decision.

High anxiety ahead of Tuesday.

Odds & Ends....


California wildfires....

We are trying to stay ahead of fire, which jumped Jamboree, we are now at Cowan Heights neighborhood, being evacuated.

Before & After photos of 's Coffey Park neighbourhood.

: Total Northern California fire-related deaths climbs to 10: 7 in Sonoma, 2 in Napa and 1 in Mendocino.

N. California: 1 day 14 wildfires 1500+ homes and businesses destroyed 20,000 evacuated 57,000 acres burned Already one of the worst wildfire events in state history.

"This is scary sh**", my photog says. He's been in the biz for quite some time, hasn't seen a smoke plume like this.

At least four homes now seen burning in Anaheim Hills...


Germany essentially shoots down Macron led reforms..


Syrian Democratic Forces captured Zughayr Kabira, Huwayj Diyab, Abu Ghaminah and Muhaymidah from Islamic State Map:

There is no deal between SAA and ISIS to allow them passage to Idlib. SAA counters every ISIS attempt (see quoted tweet)[Graphic]


LATEST: Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office calls US Consulate staff member to testify

Replying to 
Now confirmed that Istanbul prosecutor asks another staff at Istanbul US Consulate to testify. Consulate staff now at .

Third US Consulate Staff member detained , another situation in foreign policy realm , that is escalating.

Replying to 
Turkish MFA has summoned the US Embassy's Deputy Head of Mission.

North Korea.....

NK bank in the precious metals business....

NK says everything is fine despite gas price spike...

Probably wise to avoid Sea of Japan presently...

Keeping tabs on NK via U-2S aircraft, RC-800 airplane, RF-16 jet, E-737 planes as well as P-3C maritime patrol aircraft.

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