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Economic News , Data & Views.....October 7 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Global Markets - Doug Noland Missive Endorsing Kevin Warsh To Lead Federal Reserve , Market Moving News & Data From Friday & Saturday. 2) US News Round Up - Puerto Rico Recovery Updates , Las Vegas Investigation Status , Hurricane Nate Warnings & News , Swampland Items . 3) Europe - Items Of Note From France , Germany , UK & Greece & Spain. 4) Odds & Ends - North Korea , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Iraq/Kurdistan ,Turkey , Libya !


Weekly Missive From Doug Noland "Kevin Warsh to Lead the Fed in a New Direction" + customary review of markets and key news.

Sounds so Macron-ish and so very expensive for Germany! 's Merkel: Won't back shared Euro-Area debt 'without controls.'

Mkt madness continues. Global stocks gained another $2tn in mkt cap this wk. Now worth $87tn, highest in history, equals to 111% of glob GDP

's Merkel officially announces talks with , to form coalition.

Friday, October 6, 2017

US News....

Puerto Rico....

Gas trucks moving in Puerto Rico with police and military guards

Gov Rosselló said initial aid needs to start "with the right foot" in Congress, with a second wave of funding in January

HHS and Transportation Department representatives accompanied vice-president Pence during his visit to Puerto Rico

también ofrece detalles de la visita del y a Puerto Rico
Translated from Spanish by 
It also offers details of the visit of the and to Puerto Rico

NOW: response update in Puerto Rico; hear directly from Gov , & & DoD officials:

. inicia su reporte diario sobre labores de recuperación tras María.
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. starts his daily report on recovery after Maria.

Elon Musk, Puerto Rico governor agree to move forward on Tesla rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid

Gov Rosselló announce several members of Congress will be visiting PR today. The visit was coordinated by Dept of Defense

Google to use solar-powered balloons to provide emergency cell service in Puerto Rico

Salud: Hay 66 hospitales funcionando, con 36 de ellos con servicio eléctrico. El está recorriendo la isla
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Health: There are 66 hospitals operating, with 36 of them with electrical service. The is touring the island

To Gov. Mapp & : I know with your leadership & the leadership of , the best days for PR & the USVI are yet to come.

Gov said he's expecting a phone call this morning from WH as a follow up on Vice-president's visit to PR

1 hour ago
Gov urges the diaspora to contact their congressmen to advocate for a proper initial aid for Puerto Rico

1 hour ago
Distribution at the ports in Puerto Rico is at 88%

1 hour ago
En general hay un 55.5% de acceso a agua potable pero en algunas regiones, el acceso a agua potable ronda en los 20%
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In general there is a 55.5% of access to drinking water, but in some regions, access to drinking water round in 20%

1 hour ago
Gracias a todos los que continúan apoyando a Puerto Rico. Juntos nos levantaremos.
Translated from Spanish by 
Thanks to all who continue to support to Puerto Rico. Together we will rise.

. en conjunto con equipo federal en PR realiza misiones a diario para garantizar la llegada de suministros a zonas distantes
Translated from Spanish by 
. in conjunction with federal crew at PR carries out missions on a daily basis to ensure the arrival of supplies to remote areas

Las Vegas.....

One anomaly resolved - Police have matched all the cell phone chargers found in the room w/ multiple cell phones that Paddock had with him.

We knew this was coming...

MGM is crosshairs of lawsuits for sure...

Going to be lots of lawsuits...

Background of Stephen Paddock keeps being developed , still no motive...

Hurricane Nate....

RIGHT NOW: Hurricane making landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River - second landfall along MS Gulf coast later tonight.

Nate now making landfall at mouth of Mississippi River: National Hurricane Center. Set for 2nd landfall along Mississippi coast tonight.

Here are the 4 PM CDT Oct. 7 key messages for Hurricane . More info at

This Hurricane is rolling ! 28 mph forward speed.....

JUST IN: Outer rainbands of Hurricane Nate are moving onshore in southeastern Louisiana, NHC says

Hurricane shuts down 92% of US GoM production; heading toward the mouth of the Mississippi as a cat 2 hurricane --



Hurricane quickly approaching Gulf Coast. Forecast to be Category 2 at landfall! Finish prep NOW!


Forward motion increased to 26 mph ... will cover the rest of the trip to Gulf Coast in short order. Worst side will be eastern half.

Landfall of Hurricane Nate expected > 100 mph winds (Category 2) in next 18-hours. Eye currently forming under strong convection.

Do NOT drive at night along coastal areas during the storm! You will encounter life threatening storm surge inundation!

Plan to shelter in place during the storm this evening & tonight.

A STORM SURGE WARNING remains in effect for the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Coast.

LIFE-THREATENING storm surge inundation of 5 to 9 feet is expected this evening & tonight along the Mississippi & Alabama Coast!

Hurricane Nate is rolling along at 22 mph , moving much quicker than Harvey, Irma or Maria.

Nate is continuing to strengthen- max sustained wind now at 85mph , central pressure at 986 MB.



Trump taking steps to sabotage ObamaCare after Republicans failed to repeal it

Chamber of Commerce to Trump: Withdrawing from NAFTA would blow up in your face

California sues Trump for rollback of Obama-era birth control mandate

Trump wants "equal time" on TV to respond to "anti-Trump" jokes

Democrats rush to distance themselves from Harvey Weinstein after sexual harassment allegations



Angela Merkel announces coalition talks with FDP and Greens

1 hour ago
Manchester bombing: Salman Abedi's links to Germany probed by police

German rail services returning to normal after deadly storm


Airbus chief warns of 'significant penalties' from bribery probes

Three charged over makeshift gas canister bomb in Paris

Airlines in France may cut flights by 30 percent due to strike


UK (Scotland): Independence Referendum, YouGov poll: Yes: 44% (+1) No: 56% (-1)

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London Ambulance Service says 11 people injured in museum car incident, most with leg and head injuries: AP

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LATEST: London police now no longer treating incident as a terror-related, say 'it is a road traffic collision'

One eyewitness account of the incident...


At least 7 people were injured after a car jumped pavement & deliberately mowed down pedestrians" outside the Natural History Museum. 1

Replying to 
A man has been arrested at the scene. He was pinned to ground by police in front of stunned tourists shortly after 2.20pm this afternoon. 2

1 hour ago

Quite right!

EU plays Labour off against UK Gov't...

Week review of key news...

Sturgeon in a pickle...

May Getting calls to sack Boris and reshuffle Cabinet...

Week review of key news...

Germany & France making "No Deal" more likely to occur.

I have heard from two senior Ministerial sources that if UK is forced to leave on a WTO rules basis EU will not get a penny or a cent. Nada!


Tsipras Preparing for Oct. 17 Meeting with Trump in the White House

New Democracy Accuses Government of Lying

Tsipras Says Greece’s Adjustment Program will be Completed on Time

Greek ruling on bitcoin fraud suspect is illegal, says Russia

Social dividend concerns State General Accounting Office

Police seize around 6,000 counterfeit products in Athens raids

Action against foreclosures benefitting strategic defaulters


Seems like implementation of article 155 is imminent !

PSOE Head Sanchez reverses field on Catalonia-Spain dialogue....

2. Now the PSOE is demanding Puigdemont and the separatists "return to democratic legality" before any dialogue.

Not a good look by Unionists...

Dual demonstations today....

Demonstration for Spain...

Another company moves HQ to Madrid....

Dialogue demonstation today...

Odds & Ends...

North Korea....

1 hour ago
Full statement

BREAKING POTUS speaks about North Korea

Replying to 
Something must have triggered this response, been quiet recently.Has US Intelligence uncovered something? Up & coming missile launch perhaps

Will make a shot at the US EEZ like they have previously with

Heavy cloud cover haunts most of the this morning as holiday weekend continues.

South Korea on Alert Amid North Korea’s Plans to Fire Long-Range Missile – Government

Replying to 
Oct 2010, 14 months before his death. To KJI's right is Kim Yong-nam, who at age 90 is still alive: those to Kim Yong-nam's right aren't.

Replying to 
The inscription below says: "Great Leader Kim Jong-Il was brilliant & talented. He was a genius political philosopher"

Replying to 
KJI providing guidance to the KWP Propaganda & Agitation (AgitProp) Dept: that's the actual name of the dept that feeds lies to N Koreans

NK releases commemorative pictures ahead of the WPK's 72nd founding. This is April 1972, when KIS (with beret) was 60 and KJI (right) was 31

Odd circumstances here....

This whole situation was bizarre....


Russia police arrest > 100 opposition activists Saturday for protesting in support of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.


Iran not backing down one bit...

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif slams US 'addiction' to sanctions

POTUS NAT SEC Team devises plan to decertify JCPOA while stopping short of pushing Congress to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

Saudi Arabia...

2 Saudi guards killed & 3 others wounded Saturday morning when a man drove up to the gate of the royal palace in Jeddah and began shooting.


Still no official Saudi Gov't comment...

KSA items- Attacker killed in foiled Royal Palace assault.

Report: Gunmen attack king’s Palace in the ’s city of Jeddah.


1 hour ago
Reports of Coalition/US aircraft crash/collision in Syria is FALSE. All Coalition/US aircraft accounted for.

SAA recaptured all areas north of Sukhnah. But the highway is still closed according to Oleg Blokhin Map:

1 hour ago
Replying to 
But... the joint Turkish-Russian ops means a lot = new military alliance formed+ is excluded & not trustworthy+

1 hour ago
Replying to 
But AF will make a real difference, in collaboration w/ Turkish intelligence well established in +

1 hour ago
Replying to 
is more experienced than who blocked Turkish forces4 weeks before retreating following a deal (Dabiq & Co)

1 hour ago
Replying to 
involvement in d battle against means the group will no longer control any border crossing = no finance

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Last week paved the way2 forces by bombing positions in & around w/ over 200 air attack+

1 hour ago
UPDATE - President Erdoğan announces start of Idlib operation

Replying to 
Military Situation in Central and Eastern till October 7, 2017 reached to strategic town of HD:

Replying to 
Rahba castle, market & silos, Bal`um square liberated artillery & Russian warplanes pounding bastions inside town


Ekim Alptekin, who hired retired Gen. Flynn’s firm as lobbyist, provided testimony to Special Counsel Mueller last May, acc to Turkish Media

Replying to 
Mueller team later in summer subpoenaed Alptekin for a formal testimony in front of a grand jury, saying Alptekin’s statement was misleading

Replying to 
Alptekin denies that he paid to Flynn’s firm through the Turkish state funds, he says it was his own money. Mueller team doesn’t believe

Replying to 
Alptekin decided to resign from the chairmanship of Turkey - US Business Council due to the ongoing investigation, acc to Turkish media

Repression watch...

Barzani reaches out to Baghdad to talk...

Turkish court arrests man over murder of Syrian activist, journalist daughter

UPDATE - Erdoğan, Macron discuss developments in Syria, Iraq


In Slemani ,President Barzani met both Iraqi Vice Presidents, Nujaifi& Allawi. After exchanging views on latest developments, there is an initial agreement for having dialogue, rejecting collective punishment from Baghdad on Kurdistan People after the referendum.

Barzani reaches out to Baghdad to talk...

1 hour ago
Just-in: Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan & French counterpart Emmanuel Macron held phone call,discuss Kurdish referendum

This is whats left of the current operations by forces in south .


Youth Caucus demands the exit of the 'Defense Brigades' and 'Shura Council' groups from the city.

FM Alfano renews support for efforts by UN envoy Salamé in

's House of Representatives welcomes the liberation of

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