Thursday, October 12, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....October 12 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Thursday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Friday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Dreary Day Ends With Stock Indexes In The Red , US Crude Slips Back 70 Cents , 30 Year Bond Auction Has Good Internals. 2) Spain - After Rajoy Puts 5 Day Deadline In Effect Starting Today - Catalonia & Spain Are "Waiting For Puigedemont". 3) US Politics - JCPOA Decision Still Hanging In The Wind Until Friday Afternoon , CoS Kelly Seemed To Enjoy Taking Questions From The Press Today , Puerto Rico Updates. 4) Syria - HTS vs Ansar al-Furquan Conflicts Arising Already. 5) Global Odds & Ends !



Calendar for Friday for Asia.

NZ Manufacturing PMI...


Man bites dog news - stocks go down !

NY wrap...

WTI Futures Settle At $50.60/Bbl, Down $0.70

US 30-Year Bonds: -B/C Ratio: 2.53 Vs 2.21 -High Yield: 2.87% Vs 2.79% -Direct: 10.6% Vs 6.8% -Indirect: 62.8% Vs 58.8% -WI: 2.874%


El Periódico reports Puigdemont considering replying to formal Article 155 notification by sending Rajoy copy of Tuesday's confusing speech.

1 hour ago
Waiting on Puigdemont. ....1

1 hour ago
Waiting to Puigdemont......2

1 hour ago
Waiting for Puigdemont.....3

1 hour ago
Waiting for Puigdemont.....4

US Politics.....



Pelosi on if the administration kills the Iran deal: Who would make an agreement with us?

Pelosi on how Congress should respond to non-certification of Iran pact: I don’t think our negotiation should be a renegotiation...

Pelosi on Iran deal: They are not in violation or it..It is not up to the Congress to have its own side arrangement on this

"If Trump fails to certify... it is the United States and not Iran that will be seen as acting in bad faith."

EU's rejects renegotiation of the nuclear deal with / with NK , we do not need a second nuclear crises in ME


John Kelly on : "The American people should be concerned about a state that has developed a pretty good ICBM capability..."

"Right now the threat is manageable," says Gen Kelly of North Korea. "Let's hope diplomacy works," he says.

At the same time, Kelly says the American people should be concerned about North Korea developing ICBMs that might be able to reach the US.

"Incredible" health care, economic and international challenges "that have come home to roost" and "have to be dealt with," Kelly said.

Forget all the rumors Chief of Staff John Kelly is eying exits. “I’m not quitting, I’m not getting fired," he says.

JUST IN: Lynch to meet with Congressional investigators in Russia probe

We have to see where this goes.


US DOJ notifies NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans to show they aren't "sanctuary cities" by Oct. 27, or risk losing millions in aid.

Puerto Rico

US House approves $35 billion relief aid package 353 to 69 (excellent support). Includes FEMA funds and Puerto Rico & VI loan

FEMA says it's with Puerto Rico "every day" after Trump floats pulling agency out

. Región Caguas trabaja en la reconstrucción de líneas de 38,000 voltios y 13,000 voltio en sectores de Caguas.

JUST IN: Kelly says US will help Puerto Rico "until the job is done" after Trump threat to remove FEMA

House is now debating $36.5 billion disaster relief bill for hurricanes and wildfires. 2nd tranche of funding after the September bill

12 annual bills fund the gov't. Today's emergency spending bill is the "14th" after a disaster bill in September. Is not offset

The U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico are requesting the support that any of our fellow citizens would receive across our Nation.

TRUMP THURSDAY: --sign executive order on health care. --announce, with 1st lady, Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary nominee.

HTS vs Ansar al-Furquan conflicts Arising Already

1) Days after establishment of likely AQ-linked "Ansar al-Furqan" in , first signs of conflict w emerging

1 hour ago
Replying to 
2)Pro- accounts r warning leader “following Baghdadi’s footsteps” by launching “security campaign” against Ansar al-Furqan

Replying to 
3) reportedly gives “green light” to arrest vets rumored behind Ansar al-Furqan, incl Ayad Tubasi (Abu Julibib), Bilal Kharisat

Odds & Ends.....

1 hour ago
At least 27 people are dead from Northern California wildfires and hundreds are still reported missing

: Ophelia strengthens into a Category 2 storm. Forecasted to impact Ireland by Monday - NHC

Breaking: A small earthquake has been detected near 's nuclear testing facility.


EU leaders to block Brexit trade talks at October summit: FT

We are not asking for any new measures/a lot of work done over years/we have always consistently indicated restructuring necessary

JUST IN: NYPD says it is reaching out to women who have come forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

Apparently her account has been reinstated.

Macron launches second round of labour reforms

South Korea have no plans to provide rice to North Korea as part of humanitarian aid.

Going nowhere slowly....

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