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Economic News , Data & Views......October 11 , 2017......Quick Hits for Wednesday-1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving Data & News , Asia Session Geopolitical Updates ; US - Three Major indexes Have Another Record Setting Day , Gold & US Crude Also Move A Bit Higher , US Bond Yields Lower For The Most Part ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Political Round Up - Puerto Rico Restoration Updates , Swampland News , Additional Items Of Note. 3) Spain - Spanish Deadlines Puigdemont To Clarify Status Of Catalan Independence Within 5 Day And Another 3 Days To Rectify Situation - Outer Bound Before Spanish Gov't Action Appears To Be October 19th. 4) Italy - Election Law Controversy Spurs Protests From Some Political Parties , Additional Items Of Note. 5) North Korea- Items Touching On North Korea situation. 6) Greece News De Jour. 7) California Wildfire Updates.



Calendar for Thursday for Asia. ..


Australia Aug Home Loans 1.0pct m/m (est 0.5pct, prev rev 2.8pct)

Japan Sept PPI 0.2pct m/m (est 0.2pct, prev 0.0pct) Japan Sept PPI 3.0pct y/y (est 3.0pct, prev 2.9pct)

Aussie data due later...

Chinese Internet Regulators Discussed Taking 1 Pct Stakes With Tencent Holdings, Weibo Corp And Alibaba’s Youku Tudou - WSJ, Citing Sources

New Zealand Sept Food Prices -0.2pct m/m (prev 0.6pct)

Wonderful. ...

1 hour ago

1 hour ago
Not imminent...


Another record setting day..

New York wrap....

Wall St hit fresh highs as FOMC minutes a bit more dovish than exp. Dec hike very likely but Fed does seem bit more worried about inflation.

Surprise , Surprise , Surprise...

Crude Inventories: Crude: +3.097M Cushing: +1.216M Gasoline: -1.575M Distillates: +2.029M


1 hour ago
Volatility. .....

US Politics.....

"Weinsteined "....

Looks like the pigs of the entertainment world are being outed. Not the only jab at silver screen "Batman."

Tapper: NBC's reason for passing on Weinstein story "seems like a real lie"

Not fear of professional payback anymore , women coming out of the woodwork.

Thread by Terry Crews ( fairly well known male african-american actor ) on being "power player groped" last year.

Bad look for NBC...

NYPD and Manhattan DA pointing fingers at each other regarding Weinstein.

In which makes it clear that killed his blockbuster story and suggests Weinstein pressured the network.


: Trump to sign executive order Thursday on health care

1 hour ago
President Trump nominates Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of Homeland Security.

1 hour ago
Senate Judiciary Cmte Dems tell AG Sessions when he testifies next wk they expect him to answer questions on conversations w/Trump

1 hour ago
Ways/Means Chair Brady tells Fox Business he won't "plot out timing" 4 tax reform" but says Nov "would be the perfect timing going forward"

House now expected to be out Friday. Means latest disaster will likely come Thursday

Good. There isn't a reason not to release ads previously in the public domain.


Stay tuned...

MATTIS: Reports Trump called for increase in "US nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible."

WH pool: Trump, with Trudeau, said a decision on Iran would come soon. He acknowledged there were different views in his administration 1/2

Replying to 
but said he would be the one to decide. 2/2

Replying to 
Trump is asked during meeting with Trudeau if NAFTA is dead, says 'we'll see what happens.' Says he'll terminate it if negotiations fail.

Replying to 
Trump also says he could envision a trade deal with Canada that leaves Mexico out.

Maybe something comes from this , maybe not.

Puerto Rico....

More positive Puerto Rico news: Improved cargo handling at the port of San Juan. TOTE and Crowley have moved +12,000 containers

Doctors arrive in Puerto Rico to volunteer in rural areas -

Another weather related complication.

FEMA advances $70 million for Puerto Rico water utility repairs -

Flash flood warning extended for the Guajataca Dam. Aviso de inundaciones repentinas extendido para la Represa Guajataca.

Afternoon forecast. El pronostico de esta tarde.

"Partial action is not action. We need complete action in PR," says in message to US House members.

FEMA has assigned $210M to PR municipalities, gov't agencies, and families.

544 antennas restored in Puerto Rico, 13 more than yesterday.

*Emergency Prescription Assistance Program

. engineers confirm Central San Juan down to 0 generation after faulty line causes shutdown; will come back online bit by bit


Not a shocker. No more weasel words , a straight and unambiguous response ( either way ) , is required.


Next steps depend upon Puigdemont response to Rajoy.

5 days to clarify whether independence declaration made -depending on what Puigdemont says , 3 days to rectify.


LATEST: Times correspondent confirms John Carlin has been sacked by El País after publishing article in The Times on Catalan crisis.

Replying to 
This is Carlin's article in The Times on October 7: "Catalan independence: arrogance of Madrid explains this chaos".

And as we knew ahead of time , there won't be mediation or negotiation between Central Gov't and Catalan Gov't.

PM Rajoy: Puigdemont's response to our request will shape the future of events in the coming days.


The Italian government has won the second of three confidence votes related to the Election Bill

News from Italy...1

Could flights between the UK and EU really be grounded after Brexit?

EU youth orchestra makes Brexit move from UK to Italy

EU human rights chief wants clarity on Italy-Libya migrant pact

Outrage from Italy’s populists ahead of risky vote on electoral law

North Korea.....

Have not seen any indication that has moved multiple SCUD units for imminent launch; despite recently circulated rumors.

Let's pray that isn't put to the test.

North Korea not backing down , tennis ball back in Trump court.

Not a surprise this is NK position...


Greece bottom of EU chart in gender equality

IMF report suggests new measures necessary

Anarchists arrested after raid on Spanish Embassy

Eurobank extends deal with EIF for small firms

Russia scores temporary win against US on cybercrime suspect

Impact of oil spill still present on Athens beaches

Increased influx of migrants fuels worry on islands

California Wildfire....

More than 20 wildfires are burning across California and there is a risk for more fires to ignite later this week:

Pretty darn intense...

This is pretty nuts.....


Live blog and recent updates for the California wildfire situation.

The Latest: California fire official says least 3,500 homes and businesses destroyed by wildfires.

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