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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 8 , 2017....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar , Fears Of US Or NK Preemptive Strikes May Roil Markets Once Possibility Of War Really Sinks In; US - Stock Markets Rallied In The Morning , But Then Went Red At End Of Regular Trading Session - As Concerns Of US Military Action Against North Korea Started To Come Into View ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Politics : North Korea Tensions Spiking Today ; Swampland News ; Russia Probes/ Russia Related News. 3) Europe - Interesting Items Across Europe For Today With UK , Greece , Poland , Italy , France , Germany In Focus. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Edition



North Korea...

THIS - fascinating series of tweets preceding this .....but this is the bottom line.

NK strikes common chord of concern for most voters , which heightens chances of a US preemptive military strike.

DPRK army statement says military action by U.S. will be met with "just all-out war"

-Guam is the westernmost US land -The 2 US bases: Naval Base & Andersen Air Force Base -Recent tests showed Guam is within reach of NK

US has THAAD anti-ballistic missile battery in Guam since 2015. First permanent deployment of THAAD outside continental United States

Right on the money with that new that against Guam. 😶

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The below was always threatened in the context of nuclear *use* by North Korea. Never for simply making threats.

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Fuller context makes this very unusual and dangerous. US does not/should not threaten retaliation for DPRK rhetoric.

BREAKING: is "carefully" examining the option of a pre-emptive strike on as tensions continue to mount.

Updated--> North Korea is responding with belligerence to the 'fire and fury' comments

North Korea: Carry Out Pre-Emptive Operation Once US Shows Signs Of Provocation - KCNA

North Korea: It Is Seriously Considering Strategy To Strike Guam With Mid-To-Long Range Missiles - KCNA

Having launched an ICBM w/ capability to hit US-NK present confidence supports concern NK can miniaturize warheads.

Japan perceives growing threat from North Korea missiles: defense white paper

Economic Items.....

China July CPI 1.4% y/y (expected 1.5%) & PPI 5.5% y/y (expected 5.6%)

Australia Home loans (July): 0.5% m/m (vs. expected 1.5%)

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point today at 6.7075 (vs. yesterday at 6.7184)

1 hour ago
Comments from ex-BOJ Kiuchi crossing - BOJ may change 10-yr yield target to 3-5 yrs

Earthquake Of Magnitude 6.6 Hits Northwestern China's Xinjiang - Xinhua

RBNZ monetary policy announcement due Wednesday - preview, scenarios

1 hour ago
China inflation data due today (July) - preview

1 hour ago
Australia housing finance data due today - preview

The economic data due from Asia today is of a fire and fury like the world has never seen


U.S. stocks closed out Tuesday trading lower, breaking the Dow's 10-day gain streak

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: USD dollar gets a JOLT

US Politics....

North Korea...


Here we go...

Defense Intelligence Agency experts now believe North Korea has mastered miniaturization & may have 60 nukes.

Tillerson's Thai stop spotlights country's North Korea ties


Poll: Trump's approval rating hits lowest number yet

Trump's Justice Dept backs Ohio voter purge Obama Justice Dept opposed

Frustrated donors pull $2 million from Senate GOP over ObamaCare repeal failure: report

Pro-Trump super PACs face slow fundraising totals since Trump's election

CNN reporter: Democrats have "no leader" and are "in complete disrepair and disarray"

1 hour ago
NEW: Trump faces first major international crisis

Mitch McConnell grumbles: Trump had “excessive expectations” for how quickly Congress…

It's real-ish but very very very very very unlikely to happen

Opioids are a "tremendous problem in our country and we are going to get it taken care of as well as it can be taken care of," Trump says.

Trump says to prevent opioid overdoses, tell youths "no good, really bad for you." "If they don't start it'll never be a problem."

'The most well-organized campaign in the history of the alt-right' is targeting HR McMaster

Russia Probes , Russia Related...

JUST IN: Trump campaign hands over thousands of documents in Russia investigation


Special counsel Robert Mueller's finances go public via

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The US & are talking/negotiating more intensively than ever before; over (1) de-escalation & (2) future political arrangements 2/13

Russia reacts to White House soap opera with a shrug

Russia is desperate to snap out long recession but new US sanctions likely to preserve the foreign investment chill.


. heads our Top Ten today with: The end of child poverty? Not with the Tories in power -

Mouzalas claims EU will return few migrants to Greece

Certainly easy for some countries to leave EU apparently...

Migrant rescue ship stranded after Italy + Malta deny port access.

NEW: Theresa May set to firm up Brexit position by publishing key position papers

This !

France and Germany to close tax loopholes for U.S. tech giants

EU nations start process of returning migrants to Greece

Odds & Ends ...

Renting Graves....have heard it all now. Nothing sacred these days..

PC member Magbri Deadlines Serraj..this pertains to deal with Italy.

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South African President Jacob Zuma survived a parliamentary vote of no confidence

Government Forces captured Numaysah, Al-Jabir and Al-Khumaysiyah Map:

Northern axis getting closer to Ma'adan....

Good overview of the hot burner issues , on the Syria stove.

One takeaway -watch to see if/ when Maduro's Generals rebel against his rule...

| All pipelines including Sharara field now operational - NOC. libya observer.


Note this is a either a different quake or perhaps a large aftershock.

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