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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 9 , 2017....Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving Data , News From North Korea ; US - US Stocks Could Have Ended Worse - Considering Tensions Involving New Korea And Asia Session From Earlier Today , US Crude Ended Up 39 Cents Despite Another Large Build In Gasoline. 2) US Politics : North Korea Situation ; US Treasury Sanctions 8 Individuals Involved In Venezuela's Constituent Assembly ; Swampland News Including Mueller /Russia Congressional Probes. UK Political Round Uo For Wednesday. 4) Odds & Ends - Global !




Look at this move in the yuan , really strengthened a lot since yesterday !

PBoC Open Market Ops: -PBoC To Inject CNY 50 Bln Via 7 Day Reverse Repos -PBoC To Inject CNY 40 Bln Via 14 Day Reverse Repos

1 hour ago

Japanese PPI (Y/Y) Jul: 2.6% (exp 2.4%; prev 2.1%; rev prev 2.2%) -PPI (M/M) Jul: 0.3% (exp 0.2%; prev 0.0%; rev prev 0.1%)

1 hour ago
Japanese Machinery Orders (M/M) Jul: -1.9% (exp 3.7%; prev -3.6%) -Machinery Orders (Y/Y)Jul: -5.2% (exp -1.0%; prev 0.6%)

New Zealand Card Spending Retail (M/M) Jul: -0.5% (exp 0.3%; prev 0.0%) -Card Spending Total (M/M) Jul: -0.7% (prev 0.1%)

RBNZ’s Wheeler: One Of The Risks Around Global Outlook Is That Markets Assume Central Banks Will Remain Accommodative For A Long Period

RBNZ decision and statement - analyst responses coming in

RBNZ leave cash rate unchanged (as expected)

1 hour ago
Economic data due from Asia today (RBNZ up first, due at 2100GMT)

North Korea.....

NEW: to face allies' 'strong, resolute retaliation' for any attack -

The continues to prepare for any eventuality as chimes in on twitter.

North Kore threatens to fire four missiles toward Guam


North Korea: Their Hwasong-12 Rockets To Be Launched Will Land 30 To 40 Km Away From Guam -KCNA

KCNA: Hwasong12 will go above Shimane, Hiroshima & Koichi Pref, fly 3 356.7 km for 1 065 sec and hit the waters 30 to 40 km away from Guam.

It would be a coercive demonstration—not a test. This is a coercive threat to halt B-1 flights. Reflects DPRK perception of Minuteman tests.

Replying to 
If they salvo test four HS-12s like they claim in KCNA, I don't imagine interception would be at all feasible.

Politically impossible for NK not to respond to bellicose statements from US , with their own bellicose statements.

Predictably, NK fires back at comments from Trump Administration speakers...


US stocks end with modest losses (it could have been worse)

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Gold up. Flight into CHF, but NY session mellow

US crude oil futures settle at $49.56

Crude: -6.451MM Gasoline: +3.42MM Distillates: -1.73MM Cushing: +569K Production: -7K

US Politics....

some foreboding theme music.....

North Korea....

Sec of Defense Mattis on N Korea:US-allies have the demonstrated capabilities & unquestionable commitment to defend themselves from attack

Polling on NK..

Window for non military solution ( from NK pov) , depends on US eliminating threats and hostile policy to DPRK.

Clear statement from DoD Mattis & redline -today's threat is end & destruction of Regime if NK doesn't cut the crap.

Director of US Missile Defense: “We absolutely believe that the currently deployed ballistic missile defense system can meet today’s threat”


Tillerson: US has a "very active, ongoing" behind the scenes diplomatic effort re: North Korea & telephone lines are open to China, Russia

This is a train-wreck from Tillerson.


US slaps new sanctions on Venezuela

US oil industry pushes back on sanctions against Venezuela -

Venezuela sanctions imposed by US hit Chavez brother , seven other individuals.

Treasury sanctions 8 individuals involved in Venezuela’s illegitimate Constituent Assembly:


1 hour ago
Some video of Chief of Staff John Kelly's speech to the White House staff on Friday.

"You know who’s not golfing? Bob Mueller, that’s who," a GOP operative texts me.

Trump responds to GOP leader McConnell's comment earlier this week. AM tweet from close aide Dan Scavino was good hint on Trump's thinking.

Trump favors bypassing the FTC's acting Republican leader in favor of an outside candidate.

Tens of thousands of pages being sorted by Judiciary staffers:

(AP) _ Trump Jr. has turned over 250 pages of records to a Senate panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election

WSJ coming for Bannon , blame his warring habits for WH dysfunction..

Whoa ! FBI raided Manafort's house a couple of weeks ago and this just finding it's way into the news today ?

More details on Manafort raid and seizure of documents..

"The documents included materials Manafort had already provided to Congress," Post reports.

Christopher Sign follows up on the Tarmac Meeting controversy...


Chris Grayling: Jeremy Corbyn's promises will 'melt like ice cream' under scrutiny:

ICYMI Union leader challenges Jeremy Corbyn over 'fallacious' migrant claims -

David Davis responds to criticism of male-dominated Brexit negotiating team

Ruth Davidson tells Tories to reconsider tens of thousands migration target:

UK and Scottish ministers set to have Brexit devolution talks:

Bank of England urges post-Brexit transition deal to protect finance sector:

Odds & Ends....


Replying to 
More reinforcement displaced 2area: planned attack continue towards Deir al-Zour despite losses (was told) .

Replying to 
The gathering was a prep of a huge attack (several hundreds) and allies towards Deir al-Zour front.

ISIS apparently struck a big blow with this attack...

Important read by on changing regional views toward the Syrian opposition.


Weapons seized Tripoli airport

UN-backed GNA government chief says will not allow migrants to be resettled in Libya (presumably those transiting Libya for Italy)

Fayez Serraj says reaching final steps in lifting the arms embargo.

EU says training, but not funding, Libya coast guard

Gulf Rift....

Turkey - Iran - Qatar working on trade routes...

Turkey, Qatar join forces for cybersecurity

Siege puts - trade talks on hold

crisis leaves families divided, dreams shattered

’s Gargash lays out fundamentals for ’s exit from crisis

Find the latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis here:

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