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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 7 , 2017..... Quick Hits For Monday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving And Data ; US - US Stocks Saw Dow & S&P Hit New Closing Highs But Volume Was Unimpressive , US Crude Down A Touch , Treasury Yields Move Higher Today. 2) US Politics : North Korea Situation Updates & ASEAN Ministerial Aftermath ; Gulf Rift Updates To Consider ; Swampland News - Despite President On Vacation And Congress Basically Out As Well - Even If Technically In Session , Lots To Chew On ; Russia Related News De Jour ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe - Key Items To Consider From Greece , UK , France , Spain And On Migration / Refugee Related Concerns. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Items.



Add this to the economic calendar due in Asia today - China trade data for July

Economic data due from Asia today

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.7184 (prev fix 6.7228 prev close 6.7214

Japanese Bank Lending Ex-Trusts (Y/Y) Jul: 3.4% (exp 3.3%; prev 3.3%) -Bank Lending Incl-Trusts (Y/Y) Jul: 3.3% (prev 3.3%)

Japanese Trade Balance BoP Basis (JPY) Jun: 518.5 (exp 571.5B; prev -115.1B)

Japanese BoP Current Account Adjusted (JPY) Jun: 1522.5B (exp 1502.9B; prev 1400.9B)

Japanese BoP Current Account Balance (JPY) Jun: 934.6B (exp 860.5B; prev 1653.9B)

Australian ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index 06-Aug: 113.7 (prev 118.4)

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China trade data for July due today - previews

Australian data to watch today - NAB Business Survey (July) - previews


S&P and Dow close at record closing levels....(once again)

Not a heck of a lot going on....

Crude oil futures settle at $49.39/bbl

US Politics....

North Korea...

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North Korea on the agenda for POTUS today..

White House says Trump: --received his daily intel briefing. --had an hour call with Rex Tillerson and John Kelly on North Korea.

NK For Min Ri Yong-ho stated at ASEAN that the North will not budge in its pursuit of strengthening its nuclear and missile capabilities.

North Korea Says It Has Demonstrated To World ‘Entire US Mainland Is In Our Firing Range’ - RTRS

North Korea: Is Responsible With No Intent To Threaten Any Other Country Except US, Unless It Joins US Military Action - RTRS

North Korea response to sanctions-self-defensive nuke deterrent isn't negotiable , won't take a step back from strengthening nuclear might.

Gulf Rift....

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Earlier today, Kuwait delivered letters to both MBS & from Emir regarding Qatar

How Turkey Looks at Qatar-Arab Crisis from Strategic Viewpoint?

Just in: •US Envoys Zinni + Linderking arrive in Kuwait •Will go to Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman


IT director at Trump Homeland Security Dept resigns after three months on job:

"GOP health failure offers lessons for next steps for reform"

Nearly half say they strongly disapprove of Trump's handling of job (47%), while just a quarter say they feel strongly positive (24%).

Trump fumes as presidency hits 200 days

Rubio: Trump-backed immigration bill won't pass in the Senate

"Absolutely if he wanted it he will absolutely have it," Trump friend Tom Barrack on Cohn as Fed chair

Over 2-wk Trump vacation, Cabinet and policy advisers will come in and out of Bedminster to talk health care and tax reform, per

Kellyanne Conway is around Bedminster, Sarah Huckabee Sanders arrives Weds, VP there later in wk for a day, Jared & Ivanka have been there.

Trump Job Approval: Approve 38% (-); Disapprove 57% (+1). Get the full trend .

Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal accuses Trump of bullying after Trump went after the Dem senator on Twitter this a.m.

"As it happens, the article Mr. Trump relies on for his attack on Mr. Blumenthal ran in the New York Times."

Russia Related Matters...

Dershowitz: "Why did Mueller impanel a second grand jury in DC?"

Dem senator hits back at Trump: His attacks won't distract me from the Russia probe

Dem senator: If Trump fired Mueller, the Senate would hire him back

US Politics Addendum...

Further Venezuela sanctions could come as soon as Tuesday !

NEW: U.S. is preparing to expand sanctions against Venezuela by freezing assets of 10-20 more people tied to Maduro.

Netanyahu ordered to release logs of phone calls with GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson

Tillerson: "We see no conflict" in working with Philippines's Duterte despite human rights outcry



Six international consortiums express interest in DESFA stake

July hirings rise at slower pace

July migrant repatriations bring yearly total over 11,000


Contaminated egg scandal spreads to UK and France..

French carmaker Renault signs €660 million deal with Iran


Immigrants storm spanish border at Ceuta....



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Jeremy Corbyn breaks silence on Venezuela turmoil, and refuses to single out Maduro govt for criticism

Labour MP says Momentum 'not needed to win election' amid constituency visit row

No 10 rejects ex Foreign Office chief's criticism of Brexit negotiation position

UK PM May's Spokesman: Does Not Recognise 40 Billion Euro Brexit Bill Figure Reported In British Media

Immigration/ Refugee Crisis..

Italian Navy patrol ship "Cpt. Borsini" arrived in harbor with an Augusta Bell AB.212 ASW (reg. unknown) aboard

Odds & Ends....


Maetig promises to visit Mashahia area to assess needs after tribe's youth threaten action -

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Majbri is blasting Serraj in a TV interview. Not sure which TV channel, but some tweets indicate a deep rift between both men.


A very big deal...

group Sayed Al-Shuhada said that have targeted their forces on the - borderline using HIMARS.

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Sayed Al-Shuhada released a statement stating that dozens of their forces were killed and wounded, also many vehicles were destroyed.

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The group has called an urgent meeting with other groups and asked the government to investigate the incident.

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The group also said this incident will have severe consequences.


steps up strikes on capital's last rebel enclave

Would not come as a surprise.

Govt Troops Develop Advance North Of Homs-Palmyra Road, Liberate Manoukh Village (Map) via

SAA advance north of al-Sukhnah towards al-Kawm & al-Taybah villages and capture several hills overlooking DeirEzzor road east of the city.

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SAA repulsed IS attack in Sukhnah outskirts this morning

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