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Economic News , Data & Views ..... August 6 , 2017 ......Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Europe : Greece - France President Macron Plans September Visit To Athens , Prime Minister Tsipras Mulls Latest Cabinet Reshuffle ; UK - Gov't Prepping To Pay 36 BN Pound "Brexit Bill" Undoubtedly The Big Political Story , Additional Brexit & Domestic Political Items ; Germany - Tainted Eggs Scandal Leads Summer Sunday News , German Election Poll Number From August 4th ; France - Macron's Popularity Slips , Asylum Seeker / Migration Updates , Returning Jihadists Concerns , Additional Items Of Note. 2) Venezuela Updates : 41st Brigade Defects From Maduro Gov't - Maduro Gov't Claims Situation Under Control ; Fiery Dissident Attorney General Luisa Ortega Fired Saturday By Maduro's Assembly And Former Ombudsman Tarek Saab Sworn In As New Attorney General ; Additional News Of Note. 3) 50th ASEAN Ministerial In Manila Underway - Highlights So Far. 4) US Politics : Sunday Round Up Of News. 5) Odds & Ends - Qatar - Gulf Quartet Stand-off , Iran News Of Note , Libya And Syria In Focus.



French President Macron planning September visit to Athens

Tsipras said to be mulling cabinet reshuffle

Risk of wildfires spikes as new heat wave begins


Tomorrow's front page: Tories face civil war over £36bn+ Brexit bill ... amid calls for Scottish MPs to unite to protect single market place


Tory backbenchers already threatening a rebellion

Vince Cable warns of 'Brexit jihadis' and mounts scathing attack on anti-EU elderly -

Government targets climate change and household bills in energy cost review -

Report: UK to cap Brexit fee at 40 billion euros

Government 'prepared to pay £36bn Brexit divorce bill' to kick-start trade talks -

1 hour ago
Government acted unlawfully by denying benefits appeals, judges rule -

EU migrants under age of 30 could be given two year visas after Brexit:

Bizarre press release attacking £3 billion additional unfunded government spending. Most of which the Labour Party supported.

Huge story. Was always going to happen but major problem for Tory party: real reason for 2017 general election. Wish I was on air!


Dutch regulator releases codes but withholds manufacturers' names in egg scandal

Belgium admits it kept quiet about 'tainted' eggs recalled in Germany

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 37% SPD-S&D: 23% AfD-ENF: 10% FDP-ALDE: 9% LINKE-LEFT: 9% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 8%


Governing takes a toll on popularity. This should not come as a surprise.

RT MalcolmNance RT ThielsChristian: has seen 271 jihadi militants return - minister Reuters v JulianeMeyer…

Million-euro payout over exploding whipped cream dispenser in France


-GRAPHIC- Protestors under fire in

Here's where things stand with the Military - as of now.

The embassy in has begun to construct protective walls as tensions continue to mount in . (Via )

Tear gas has been deployed on the in .

Venezuelans watch the military for signs of fraying loyalty - CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - As Venezuela's politica...

1 hour ago
Tanks have begun to role out at .

1 hour ago
| Venezuelan Political Prisoner Ledezma Back to House Arrest, López's Whereabouts Unclear

Caracas today. Small groups of self-styled 'resistencia' members erecting barricades in support of Valencia military base attack

Updated security warning for US Citizens amid reports of demonstrations.

| Just How Unprecedented Is Venezuela's Economic Collapse? By

BREAKING: Pro-government police have begun to setup checkpoints along the outskirts of .

The attempted uprising happened at a barracks in Valencia, Carabobo state. Part of 's unraveling.

Ah , first publicly known defection of any part of the Military In Venezuela. This won't be the last defection , even if first is shutdown.

It seems some defected soldiers have been captured by authorities.

Venezuela government claims control after 'terrorist' attack on military base

Military coup in the works? >>Venezuela arrests over 'uprising attempt'

Perfil del Fiscal de la República designado por la ANC, Tarek William Saab -
Translated from Spanish by 
Profile of the prosecutor appointed by the ANC, Tarek William Saab -

The unconstitutional and imposed Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly replaced General Attorney,L.Ortega by the Ombudsman,Tarek W. Saab

Replying to 
Venezuela's contested new assembly fired the country's attorney general, Luisa Ortega

ASEAN Conference....

Remarks from Secretary of State Tillerson at 50th ASEAN Ministerial In Manila.

At ASEAN summit, Sec. Tillerson looks to increase pressure on North Korea after UN Security Council sanctions vote

, agree to build higher level of strategic partnership


FM & State Sec. are meeting on the sidelines of the 50th Ministerial in Manila

ASEAN, China adopt framework for crafting code on South China Sea

ASEAN Statement delayed on predictable hangups..

Chinese FM called on both the DPRK & the US, South Korea to be accountable to their people and exercise restraint & make right choices.

US- North Korea interactions will be closely watched...

US, South Korea and China welcome tough new UN sanctions against North Korea over its ballistic missile programmes

China - South Korea ties complicated by THAAD...

South Korea calls for ASEAN support for denuclearization of North Korea..

1 hour ago
China urges North Korea to stop conducting nuclear missile tests

US Politics....

Trump 'not discussing' firing Mueller: White House

With respect, this headline (at least) is misleading Any crimes? Rosenstein said Mueller can if within scope of Deputy AG order but ... 1/

Christie downplays significance of grand jury in Trump-Russia probe: "This is a normal step"

Conway shoots down rumors Pence will for president: He's "getting ready for 2020 - as VP"

Deputy AG after Sessions threatened to subpoena journalists: We're after leakers, not journalists

Rosenstein: Trump has not ordered investigation of 'particular people'

Swamp Diary Week 11 -> Gone Fishing for Donald Trump: Robert Mueller’s grand jury has a big hole to fill

THE MEMO: Republicans distancing themselves from Trump's attacks on special counsel Mueller

President Trump’s slowness to nominate members to an energy commission helped delay $13 billion worth of projects

1 hour ago
Democrats fear Russia probe blowback

John Kelly asked WH staff secretary Rob Porter to help vet documents from staff before they reach Trump’s hands. Porter's with Trump in NJ.

John Kelly told WH staff he didn’t care if they came to admin from campaign or Hill or elsewhere--all serve one country. (Photo by Scavino)

John Kelly in speech to White House staff stressed work ethic, and sharply warned them against national security leaks.

Before they left town, Senate Republicans spent the week boxing in Trump on Russia, health care and Robert Mueller

Odds & Ends...

Gulf Rift...

Fund outflow pushes bank to offer new certificates of deposit

suffers from high cost of food imports amid rift with Gulf neighbors

Two months after Arab states cut ties with , no end to crisis in sight

Gulf banks are refusing to extend Qatar deposits

Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

briefs Japanese PM’s special adviser on crisis


: Soldier in Iran kills 4 comrades, wounds 12 others in shooting in - local media

Iranian soldier opened fire on colleagues, injuring 10 of them at base in Kahrizak near Tehran, report says

Yesterday in to attend inauguration. Working to guarantee full implementation of nuclear deal:

New: Russia FM Lavrov is to visit Tehran August 8-9 to hold Syria talks with Iranian and Turkish officials

inaugurates a new embassy in Tehran. Interesting phrase post-Hwasong-14 launch. 👀


1 hour ago
Libyan Coastguard sets fire on 21 rubber and wooden boats used by human smugglers to send migrants to EU shores

Deployment of big force & resources towards . Seige of city intensified following downing of LNA fighter jet & killing pilot.


Very helpful map - location from Deir Ezzor , gauged by different axis and/ or present positions.

As for August 6, new map with the continuous progress and encirclement of Raqqa by to liberate city from ISIS with .

ISIS losses on the outskirts in Sukhnah before Syrian Army entered the city yesterday

Replying to 
SAA secures a further 8km on the road Deir Ezzor - Raqqa, and thus total secured highway is 40km~ from east Ukayrishah to Southwest Ma'dan

Syrian Army & allies liberated *Rajm Al Qun, *Telul Al Milh, and *Tal Abu Qal South of Sukhnah

A small group of Da'esh terrorists have been found in Sukhnah. They still haven't given up - reports confirm they are in northwest sector.

Just in: the Syrian Army and Shaytat tribesmen liberated the following areas SE of Sukhnah: Abu Qal, Duhur Rajm Al-Qan, and Tal Al-Maleh.

Syrian Army local tribes and allies fully liberated town in eastern .

Replying to 
losing territory + oil & gas revenue in the area. & allies shortening d road towards Deir alZour,attacking from 3 axis

On northern axis , just four kilometers between SAA forces and Ma'adan, which is the last town controlled by IS in the Raqqa countryside.

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