Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 23 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Wednesday Evening - 1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving Data & News To Consider ; US - Shutdown Fears Send US Stock Indexes Lower Today , But What Was Bad For Equities - Turns Out Good For US Treasury Bonds , US Crude & Gold , US Data To Consider - Manufacturing & Service Economy Data , New Homes Sales , EIA Inventory Data Plus Gulf Storm Looming. 2) Rotterdam Terror Attack Foiled After Spanish Police Provide A Timely "Heads Up". 3) US Politics - Swampland News , Foreign Policy & Things That Make You Go "Hmm". 4) Odds & Ends - Global Items To Consider Today.



On the limb for the lizard from Asia....

China to roll over 600 bln yuan of special treasury bonds


Not a bright shiny day for stocks....

Biding time today...

More Jackson Hole previews....all about Draghi it appears...

Jackson Hole preview from Barclays...

| JULY NEW HOME SALES: 571K V 610KE (lowest since December 2016)

Schrodinger economy...

EIA Crude: -3.327M Cushing: -0.503M Gasoline: -1.223M Distillates: 0.028M Imports: 0.605M

EIA mixed bag ...gasoline draw but production up again 0.27% to 9.528M...crude in line with expectations

NHC will be re-initiating advisories at 10 AM CDT on Tropical Depression Harvey, located over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

Rotterdam Terror Event Foiled...

- Concert cancelled due to a police order. Hall is being evacuated. Reason unknown for now-

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- According to the venue it is due to a terror threat. No official police statement yet.

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- More CT-units have arrived on scene. (RTV)

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- Statement by mayor: A van with Spanish license plates was found @ Mijnsherenlaan.

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- Inside the van: a number of gas cylinders. Driver has been stopped. Investigation ongoing if this could be linked

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- to tonight's potential terror threat @ concert venue.

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- The tip about the van came from Spanish police forces

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- Driver detained and taken to police station for questioning. Renault Kangoo under investigation.

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- Some of the contents of the van

US Politics.....

US says it is preparing sanctions against . Venezuelan bonds among sanction options under consideration.

White House and McConnell push back on reports of souring relationship

Trump's Afghanistan decision could be a defining moment for Sec. Mattis

1 hour ago
Top Trump Aide Sent Email To Arrange Putin Meeting, Draws New Scrutiny In Russia Inquiry -CNN

McConnell says Trump & he "are working together to develop tax reform and infrastructure legislation &..provide relief from Obamacare"

James Comey to take a Public Policy lecture post at Howard University !

JUST IN: Secret Service to stop deleting White House visitor log information

U.S. diplomats in Cuba suffered traumatic brain injury after sonic attack: report

China still demanding US rescind latest round of sanctions. G.L.W.T China...

Note , China trade with N.K already sharply down before this week's sanctions by the US.

Trump-McConnell feud details....

After US spiked aid to Egypt , Egypt spiked the Jushner meeting with Egypt's F.M

Odds & Ends....

IRS will be watching those who use digital currencies...

forces relocate to as tensions with simmer

Only question for me is when does Germany announce plans to repatriate another 600 or 700 hundred tons of gold ?

Gotta love that example of "restraint" from Kim Jong-un. Making zoo monkeys of those claiming newfound restraint.

Idlib leaders reject al-Qaeda affiliate's attempt to seize control



ECB's Weidmann: Wants And Orderly And Quick Exit From Asset Buys, Should Not Happen Overnight - Boersen Zeitung

Sounds immoral to me. Of course if average Joe or Jane tried such a thing , they would go to jail for a long time.

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The marginal rise in migration in the Aegean is neither unexpected nor very high. So far this August, 1932 have reached the Greek islands.

SAA slicing and dicing the pockets.....

West Qalamoun squeeze play continues....

Talks with Western Digital for Toshiba's chip unit seem to have picked up again...

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