Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 23 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Early Wednesday Morning 1) Markets : Europe - EZ Manufacturing PMI & Composite PMI Data , Germany & France Manufacturing & Composite PMI Data ; Draghi Speech In Lindau Doesn't Focus On QE Or Euro Strength . 2) Greece : Migrant/ Asylum Seekers Tensions Rise As Arrival Increase ; Tsipras Gov't Optimistic Over Visit Of French President Macron ; German Finance Minister Schauble Suggests EZ Peers Such As France & Italy May Be Able To Tap ESM For Investments , Tradeoff Would Be More Control Over EZ Budgets ; Other Items Of Note. 3) UK Political Round Up For Wednesday Morning. 4) US Politics- Trump Speech In Phoenix Tuesday Night.



Manufacturing picks up , Services slow down...


1 hour ago
EU MID SESSION UPDATE: No fireworks from Draghi in his Lindau speech, however EUR surges strong on Eurozone PMI’s

1 hour ago
Eurozone Markit Manufacturing PMI Aug P: 57.4 (est 56.3; prev 56.6) -Markit Services PMI Aug P: 54.9 (est 55.4; prev 55.4)

1 hour ago

Eurozone Markit Composite PMI Aug P: 55.8 (est 55.5; prev 55.7)

Germany Markit/BME Composite PMI Aug P: 55.7 (est 54.7; prev 54.7)

Germany Markit/BME Manufacturing PMI Aug P: 59.4 (est 57.6; prev 58.1) -Markit/BME Services PMI Aug P: 53.4 (est 53.3; prev 53.1)

France Markit Composite PMI Aug P: 55.6 (est 55.5; prev 55.6)

France Markit Manufacturing PMI Aug P: 55.8 (est 54.5; prev 54.9) -Markit Services PMI Aug P: 55.5 (est 55.8; prev 56.0)

1 hour ago
Draghi’s speech in Lindau mostly centered on academic observations of QE. Doesn't express concern about Euro strength.

1 hour ago
Euro jumps on Draghi speech w/ hawkish tilt. Says research shows QE a success. But maybe Euro gets excited by strong German PMI.

's Draghi at : Monetary policy should continue preparing for new challenges.

ECB’s Draghi On The Interdependence Of Research And Policymaking

Apparently, Schäuble has seen the light and wants to turn the ESM into economic shock absorber fund - with strings attached.


Anastasiades insists Cyprus must become a normal state

Greek-owned shipping cut adrift from local economy

Schaeuble wants to allow eurozone peers to tap ESM for investments, report says

Fears of tensions as migrant arrivals rise

Gov't holds high hopes for forthcoming Macron visit


More Brexit politics to consider...

Pensions shortfall under Commons review...

Irish PM discusses UK Brexit plans...

1 hour ago

USPolitics- Trump Speech In Phoenix Tuesday Night...

Trump held a campaign-style rally in Arizona on Tuesday. Here are some of the subjects he covered:

1 hour ago
Police use pepper spray to disperse protesters at Trump's Phoenix rally

1 hour ago
North Korea's Kim 'starting to respect US': Trump

Donald Trump defends his response to Charlottesville as protesters clash with police outside Phoenix rally

US President Trump Says At Phoenix Campaign Rally That Worker Wages Will Now Rise

Pres Trump Says: If We Have To Close Down Government, We Will Build Wall (With Mexico)

Pres Trump, On N Korea's Kim Jong Un: "I Respect The Fact That He Is Starting To Respect Us" And "Maybe Something Positive Can Come About"

Pres Trump: Probably End Up Terminating NAFTA At Some Point

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