Thursday, August 24, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 24 , 2017....Quick Hits For Thursday Morning : 1) Markets : Economic Data For Thursday Morning ; Currency Items To Consider ; News Of Note Touching Markets Today. 2) US Politics : Tensions Between Trump & GOP , As Well As Removal Threats , Presenting Unique Form Of Gridlock ; Generals Will Be In Focus Regarding Afghanistan Moving Forward As Their Plan Is Approved ; Swampland Political News To Ponder ; Probes & Controversies ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Turkey - Tensions Between Ankara & Kurdistan Over Referendum Coming To The Forefront Along With Threats Of War From Turkish side. 4) Odds & Ends.

Markets ....

UK Index of Services (M/M) Jun: 0.40% (est 0.20%; prev R 0.30%) -Index of Services 3M/3M Jun: 0.50% (est 0.50%; prev R 0.30%)

UK Exports (Q/Q) Q2 P: 0.70% (est 1.00%; prev -0.70%) -Imports (Q/Q) Q2 P: 0.70% (est 0.50%; prev 1.70%)

UK GDP (Q/Q) Q2 P: 0.30% (est 0.30%; prev 0.30%) -GDP (Y/Y) Q2 P: 1.70% (est 1.70%; prev 1.70%)

Joint OPEC, Non-OPEC Monitoring Committee Says Oil Commercial Stocks Fell In July, Floating Storage Also On A Declining Trend Since June

OPEC To Hold Next Monitoring Committee Meeting On Sept 22

1 hour ago

Spain GDP (Q/Q) Q2 F: 0.90% (est 0.90%; prev 0.90%) -GDP (Y/Y) Q2 F: 3.10% (est 3.10%; prev 3.10%)

France Production Outlook Indicator Aug: 20 (prev 21) -Own-Company Production Outlook Aug: 15 (prev R 11)

France Business Confidence Aug: 109 (est 108; prev 108) -Manufacturing Confidence Aug: 111 (est 108; prev R 108)

Norway Q2 GDP 1.1pct q/q (prev 0.2pct) Norway Q2 Mainland GDP 0.7pct q/q (prev 0.6pct)

British Pound remains on course to parity w/ Euro. Just hit a fresh 8y low following strong Eurozone data.

risk spread keeps widening as Berlusconi's proposal for parallel currency highlights lingering anti-establishment sentiment.

Asia mkts edging higher as sentiment slightly improves after Trump bump & expectations of anything substantial out of Jackson Hole very low.

Toshiba Chooses Western Digital As Its Preferred Bidder For Chip Unit Reports Kyodo

Japan June Final Leading Index 105.9 (prev 106.3) Japan June Final Coincident Index 117.1 (prev 117.2)

South Korea Q2 Short-Term External Debt USD117.3B (prev USD115.4B)

China Commerce Ministry: China Will Use All Necessary Means To Defend Interests Of China And Chinese Firms Against U.S. Probe

US Politics.....

Obama aide: Talk of removing Trump from office could lead down a "very dangerous road"

Phoenix mayor: Trump's Arizona speech "did nothing to unite this country"

Generals win key fight over Afghanistan they lost with Obama

President Trump tells advisers he won't accept a deal on other issues without "real money" for a border wall

WSJ editor forced reporters to cut out "selective criticism" from coverage of Trump rally

NEW: Dearborn helped plan Mayflower event that KISLYAK attended. Investigators want to know if he also arranged Sessions-Kislyak meetings.

.: At least 35 members of White House advisory councils have quit because of comments on .

Trump called Sen. Tillis to complain about Tillis's bill protecting Mueller from being fired by Trump, per Politico

Asked whether Trump will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said they'll let us know when they have decision/announcement.

Asked if he's serious about govt shutdown, told reporters on AF1 Trump's "committed to making sure" border wall happens.

Trump and McConnell to hold "previously scheduled meetings" after the August recess to discuss taxes, military, border wall, WH says.

MEADOWS raises doubts about whether Ryan and McConnell will keep their jobs if they don’t deliver on Trump’s agenda.

Trump: "When one part of America hurts, we all hurt"

President Trump has a 38.1% job approval rating

OPINION | U.S. policymakers need to ignore talks about the need for a weaker dollar

First Lady Melania Trump thanked Chelsea Clinton for defending her son


Today's front page

YPG not a choice but necessity, US tells Turkey by

Referendum council to launch yes-vote campaign, sticks to Sept date 🗳

President Barzani tells 's Cavusoglu that partnership has failed between Erbil & Baghdad, but the two can now become good neighbours.

Odds & Ends....

Qatar restores diplomatic ties to Iran amid regional crisis

Have seen a few tweets over the past day referencing Syria Opposition seemingly working with ISIS to try to break Hama pocket.

- Lone wolf Telegram channel is calling for new vehicular attacks in Europe. Threats in , and .

Replying to 
Last Military Situation in West , 5th day Qarna Shubat Hisa, Qub Ismail liberated HD:

| PMU, SWAT and 53rd division battle at the entrance of Al-Wahda district (12)

UN envoy Salamé and Pres. Council VP Maiteeg discuss steps in 's upcoming phase during a meeting in

We'll be covering this in , stay tuned

I was recently detained for abt 5 hours by police somewhere in northeastern for conducting interviews

My piece for on why Trump should first relook American South Asia strategy from within, in Washington

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