Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Economic News ,Data & Views.....August 22 , 2017.....Quick Hits for Tuesday-1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving Data & News , Chinese , Russia & North Korea Sound Off On Latest US Sanctions. ; US - Stock Indexes End Tuesday With Strong Gains - Tax Reform Hopes And Perhaps Reaction To POTUS Speech Last Night , Private Oil Inventory Data Show Drop In US Crude Inventory But Another Gasoline Build. 2) US Politics : Swampland & Domestic Politics Related News For Tuesday ; Foreign Policy News ; Russia Related Probes Updates. 3) Spain Terror Attack Updates & Opinion. 4) Libya - On The 9th Day Former PM Zeiden Has Been Released - And Now We Wait To See What That Was All About Anyway , Migration & Refugee Related Matters. 5) Syria - Various Maps To Ponder On War Theaters , Additional Items Of Note. 6) Iraq - Tal Afar Campaign Updates , Kurdistan Independence Referendum Not To Be Delayed. 7) Odds & Ends For Tuesday !


Coming attractions....

Asia mkts losing momentum following combative Trump speech. Says he might end NAFTA trade pact, shut down govt. Mexico Peso drops, Yen rises

Weakness in China's commodities futures continues on Wed morning, & rebar down 4%, along with other industrial commodities

PBoC Fixes USD/CNY Reference Rate At 6.6633 (prev fix 6.6597 prev close 6.6620)

Dang, Hong Kong's typhoon warning system just went to No. 10. Scale only goes to 10. Only the third No. 10 in past 30 years

Hong Kong Bourse Confirms Morning Trading Halted As Typhoon Hato Signal 9 Remains

Typhoon Hato Raised to Number 9 From 8, As HK Trading At Risk Of Suspension Flights, Ferries Cancelled For Severe Tropical Storm



Whoa ! China wants US to stand down regarding today's sanctions concerning China.

New round of sanctions from US Treasury - Chinese and Russian Entities hit for supporting North Korea.


FX news for today...

Cude Inventories: Crude: -3.595M Cushing: -0.462M Gasoline: +1.402M Distillates: +2.048M

Crude draw , gasoline build....

Tax reform allegedly making forward progress...

Hope springs eternal...

US Politics....

Swampland News.....

JUST IN: Trump won't pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio at rally tonight

Los Angeles files to join lawsuit against Trump admin over sanctuary city funding threats

1 hour ago
Trump denies request to prevent coal plants from closing

NEW: Breitbart ramps up criticism of Trump days after Bannon's departure

Holy cow....

Pres. Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Arizona tonight.

Senate cmte. schedules Sept. hearings with insurance commissioners & governors "on stabilizing premiums in the individual insurance market."

Big protests expected as Trump goes to Phoenix for rally

Foreign Policy...

1 hour ago
ABC reporter presses Tillerson: Americans deserve to know how many troops are going to Afghanistan

Wait , what ? I thought POTUS announced 4,000 soldiers last night ?

US to withhold $290 million in aid to Egypt over human rights issues

Tillerson: Pakistan can help the US negotiate with the Taliban

Replying to 
Tillerson says Pakistan must change approach to Afghanistan, says US support will depend on Islamabad delivering results.

Taliban spokesman: "It seems America is not yet ready to end the longest war in its history."

reacts to Trump's speech. Bottom line? "We'll keep on doing what we've been doing."

Replying to 
's foreign office, meanwhile, was briefed by the US envoy in Islamabad. Tillerson will be getting to work soon on that front.

Russia Probes....

Co-founder of firm tied to Trump dossier interviews with Senate Judiciary Committee

Bullseye on Manafort appears to be growing..


BREAKING: A judge has ordered two Spain attack suspects held without bail, one detained for another 72 hours and a fourth freed.

Questions posed...

Replying to 
- Condition of injured at this point: - 2 serious condition - 3 less serious condition

Replying to 
- Condition of people injured at this point: - 7 critical condition - 11 serious condition - 23 less serious condition

Let the squabbling games begin...


Basad Igtait is said to be the son-in-law of former POTUS Obama's foreign minister.

Source: Fmr PM Ali Zeidan to appear before Attorney General in (Volunteered to do so, no cases against him)

Aside from Zeidan, many activists were also kidnapped & detained. Wish there was more outcry for them as for a politician

Murkier and murkier by the day...

PM Gentiloni and 's Macron discuss migration, terrorism and during phone conversation

22 migrants from and rescued off the coast of Zawiya.

28 illegal migrants detained south of Musaid (Eastern )


Good news from Deir Ezzor front. Syrian Army showing lots of smarts in dealing with ISIS.

Syrian Arab Army reached Rujm al Hajanah and Jabal Dabbah Map:

Syrian Arab Army captured Qasr al-Hair al-Sharqi from Islamic State Map:

Tiger forces liberated Kuwayr, Quwayr, Latum, Dhar al Matalla` in south of al-Taibah Just few steps remains to ..

ISIS Pocket abutting Lebanon -Syria border shrinks 50%.

Distance to Deir Ezzor from two Axis , ISIS caught in two pockets formed by SAA forces ( Homs and Hama.)

| Coalition warplanes conducted several airstrikes on the vicinity of Abu Kamal city

Replying to 
Last Military Situation in West after & advances (3rd Day) * advances added to map HD:

Al Qaeda proves to be the biggest and baddest fighting force in Idlib - as expected.

Food for thought !


Referendum not to be delayed. So much for fulfillment of that request to delay vote.

If we wait for others to hand our rights, the day will never come — Kurdish Pres. Barzani addresses minority groups in Region.

Kurdish President Barzani says there are no countries that have opposed independence, but they have just said the ‘timing is not right’.

| Current situation in Tal Afar

Odds & Ends....

The Neverending story with bitcoin. Vulnerabilities always discovered and exploited.

UK warns against all travel to

Excellent thread which ties together US walking away from JCPOA and any future negotiations with North Korea.

Fake news from Dubai as Gulf Quartet incites "Regime Change."

5 burning questions on what led to collision of USS John S. McCain in waters near Singapore?

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