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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 19 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Global Markets : Doug Noland's Weekly Missive And Survey Of Hot Button Topics For Markets & Key News ; Bonds & Stocks Highlights For The Week That Was ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) Spain Terror Attack Updates - Confusion Whether ISIS Cell Dismantled Or Whether Hunt To Round Up Additional Dead-Enders Is Continuing. 3) Finland - Stabbing Incident Now Considered Terror Attack Based On New Information Obtained ,18 Year Old Suspect In Police Custody , Additional Non Hysterical Information On The Attack. 4) US Politics : Free Speech Rally & Counter-Protest In Boston Today ; Confederate Statute Controversy Continues ; Swampland Items ; Partisan Politics Cowbells & Whistles ; Additional Items Updated As Warranted. 5) Syria Updates For Saturday - SAA And Allies Continue To Press ISIS. 6) Gulf Rift Updates - Items To Consider From Both Points Of View. 7) Russia Hit By Random Stabbings Today , ISIS Allegedly Claims Attack. 8) Odds & Ends !

Markets Overview....

"Crisis Of Confidence" missive from Doug Noland-focus on China , fears Central Bankers losing their touch & of course concerns re : Trump.

Bond bubble is getting bigger & bigger. Value of global bonds has hit fresh all-time high at $48.9tn on dovish CenBanks & global de-risking.

Global stocks gained $509bn in mkt cap this week as Korea angst abated. Europe outperformed as investors flee Wall St. on pol chaos in WH.

Global stocks stumble on Spain attacks, White House turmoil


Muertos en Cambrils (dead in Cambrils) , detenidos(arrested) , huidos(fled) , Alcazar related to town.

Further deep dive from Rukmini - not just Barcelona , but implications of Barcelona moving forward.

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1)Similarly to the , & - issued an official claim for &

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2) However, ' official claim for & didn't provide any information as to who & how many carried out the attack

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3) ' claim stated only:"A number of mujahideen set off simultaneously in 2 security detachments, targeting Crusaders in "

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4) As expected releases -language version of claim for the & attacks

Up to three additional suspects still sought by spanish police....

Regional Catalan interior minister also rebuts Home Secretary: terror cell not shut down, police still hunting "two or three" terrorists.

Terrorist cell planned to attack Sagrada Familia with van of explosives

1 hour ago
La Vanguardia quotes Colau as saying reason is that Barcelona wants to be "a city of freedom".

54 remain hospitalized after in and Cambrils; 12 in critical condition

Spain attacker showed 'no sign of radicalisation': father

Catalan police contradict Home Secretary, say terror cell has not yet been shut down, add that it's up to them to declare that.

Barcelona attack latest: Manhunt continues for final member of terrorist cell

Police still searching for Younes Abouyaaqoub, suspect he was driver of the van in Barcelona. (El País)

Spain Home Secretary says Catalan terror cell has been shut down but El País lead story is police still searching for terrorist van driver.

Asked about Level 4 reinforcements, Spanish Home Secretary says it is for "certain facilities and to ensure safety of people". No details.

LATEST: Home Secretary announces Spain to maintain "reinforced" level 4 terror threat alert after Catalonia attacks. Not going to level 5.

Finland .....

1) Unknown as of yet if attack is terrorism. However, worth noting that has attracted fighters/supporters

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2)' mag featured female member "Umm Khalid al-Finlandiyyah" urging Christians to“break their crosses"&convert to Islam

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3) 7 featured article by ISIS migrant "Umm Musa al-Finlandiyyah,” criticizing Finnish Muslims' "lack of religious adherence"

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4) has claimed activity by fighters like “Abu Huraira al-Filandi [sic]" while alleged fighters like “Abu Ibrahim Finlandi” recruited

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suspect an asylum seeker, targeted women: police

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Security intelligence service Supo: is 1st suspected in . Overall risk level not significantly changed.

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NBI believes attack was somehow planned in advance, but won't speculate on how organised it was, or any possible international links.

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Police believe the attacker specifically targeted women, stabbing eight of them. The two men who were injured had tried to intervene.

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The four others were detained in at private home(s) and at an asylum-seekers' reception centre. Interpol warrant out for a 5th person

NEW-Finnish police said Saturday-after new information a stabbing spree that left two people dead was now considered a terrorist attack.

Suspect held for stabbing 2 people to death in a knife attack in Turku is being investigated for murder with possible terrorist intent.

Police tighten security across after attack, detain 4 more for questioning

US Politics....

Good ! Last thing we need is Erik Prince and his merry band of mercenaries mucking around in Afghanistan - on the taxpayers dimes & dollars.

As far as one can tell , both sides had an opportunity to exercise their first amendment rights today - without any violence.

Update: Boston "Free Speech" rally is over, according to police

Aerial views of Boston rallies ....

Trump tweets support for Florida police after deadly police shooting

Boston Free Speech organiser John Medlar says he is confident neo Nazis will stay away

Antifa is here. John Medlar is not.

Organizers for "free speech" rally in Boston told by police they can't enter speaking zone w/out John Medlar who is current no-show.

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He's apparently not answering phone. "Just went fucking AWOL."

Community members who see anything of concern at today's rally on Boston Common are asked to call 911.

To be clear - free speech is a protected right. For anyone attending either Rally/ Protest , please note what NOT to bring.

Large Free Speech Rally , as well as counter-demonstration , expected in Boston today. Here's hoping both sides keep their cool today.

Free speech rally and a dose of barricades plus 500 cops.

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Usually bustling with tourists - this is what you'll see a lot of on the Common today ahead of the rally & the protests. More on

Boston rally organisers urge KKK to stay away amid fears of another Saturday of violence

The left’s war on statues is crumbling beneath their feet

Mark Cuban offers to join Trump administration after Trump's business councils disband

Bannon's removal shows Kelly's growing power in Trump's White House

Dem bill calls on Trump to immediately undergo mental health exam

Go ahead, topple the monuments to the Confederacy. All of them.

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We’ll return hate with love. And we will stand together for peace and unity -- always.

Unified leadership & commitment at Boston Interfaith to denounce hate, support equality TY


Joint operation against HTS aka Nusra aka Al Qaeda - by Russia , Iran and Turkey !

Syrian Army captured Bir Tuwaynan and Bir Qadim on road to Sukhnah through Rusafa-Ithriya axis. East

| Fierce clashes between and in the cemetery area

Deconfliction line - good news is both SDF and SAA forces will mop up ISIS forces in its ever shrinking territory !

A car on Saturday hit the port city of with reports of injuries

| Russian warplanes and Syrian artillery hit IS targets near Panorama base, Aloush Hill, Milad Hill and Juneid battalion

ISIS forces seeing the end of the road ( some not all units ) ?

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Best way to limit damage: take all territories it control in the ME & increase Intellig cooperation in Europe

Lebanon to begin offensive against Islamic State on Syria border

Turkey, Iran shake hands on joint mechanism for de-escalation zone in Idlib | Today's Front Page

Gulf Rift.....

1 hour ago
Al Arabiya rips The Independent for very inaccurately manipulating an Al Arabiya report on the Gulf Rfit.

newspaper: financed extremism in

- negotiations to form a new alliance

OPINION: Unraveling ’s conspiracy against . writes

FM: Siege Countries Have Not Yet Provided Any Evidence to Support Accusations Against 's Support Terrorism

Isa Al Suwaidi confessed of ’s involvement in 's plot to destabilize the

Russia ISIS Attack...

: claims responsibility for stabbing attack in Russia

1) Breaking: ' Amaq claims stabbing attacker in the city of in "is a soldier of "

BREAKING: Knife attacker in city wounds 8, shot by police

Stabbing attack in Russian city of Surgut. 8 wounded. Police killed the attacker russia

Odds & Ends....

North Korea....

North Korea demands US stop hostile actions...

Interesting podcast to consider....

You may think enginegate is in the weeds. But lays out stakes: if DPRK can make its own missiles and nukes, watch out.

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