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Economic News , Data & Views...August 18 , 2017...Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : US - Stocks End Lower On Friday - But Off The Lows , Oil Has Strong Day While Gold Slightly Lower , US Treasuries Yields Initially Dropped On Terror Concerns But Seemed To Move Higher With Bannon Departure , Additional Items Of Interest. 2) US Politics : Steve Bannon , Julia Hahn , George Sifakis Out ; Carl Icahn Ceases Acting As Special Adviser To President On Regulatory Reform ; Updates Related To Russia Probes ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Finland - Turku Attack Today - Several People Stabbed In Downtown Turku , Finland. 4) Spain Attack Updates & Great Thread From Rukmini Callmachi. 5) Odds & Ends - Global !




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ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Bannon bounced, dollar bounces

U.S. stocks close lower, post second straight weekly loss

'Bannon Bounce' Fails To Correct 'Cohn Crash' As Nasdaq Drops For 4th Straight Week

WTI Futures Settle At $48.51/Bbl, Up $1.42

| Baker Hughes US Rig Count 18-Aug: 946 (prev 949) -US Rotary Gas Rigs: 182 (prev 181) -US Rotary Oil Rigs: 763 (prev 768)

Additional Items.....

Over the next 90 days, Bitfinex will discontinue services to U.S. customers, and will be updating affected users on timing and specifics.

$700 and Rising: What's Driving the Price of Bitcoin Cash?

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 4,172.37 USD

US Politics....


Trump makes no decision on Afghanistan after meeting with top advisers

Steve Bannon , George Sifakis , Julia Hahn all out as of today. See Gorka with bullseye on his back.

Trump administration launches investigation into China's trade practices


JUST IN: Carl Icahn says he will "cease to act as special advisor to the President on issues relating to regulatory reform."

Been saying that interview was it , Bannon was done after the interview.

Seems like Bannon won't be missed at the White House...

Bannon brought that ethos into WH: disruption as a way of using and keeping power. Eventually, many close to Trump had enough disruption.

Who could have predicted the first swamp drained by Trump was his White House Team ?

Russia Probes....

White House lawyer Cobb see Trump aspects of Mueller probe being wrapped up before year's end.

Troubles for Don Jr...perhaps.

Additional Items - US Politics..

Election company exposes voting data for 1.8 million Chicago voters online

JUST IN: Bannon back at Breitbart after White House ouster

Virginia gov temporarily halts demonstrations at Lee statue in Richmond

Moderate Dems push back on Warren



NEW-Finnish police said Saturday-after new information a stabbing spree that left two people dead was now considered a terrorist attack.

Suspect held for stabbing 2 people to death in a knife attack in Turku is being investigated for murder with possible terrorist intent.

Some more info on Finland situation..

attack: Two killed and several injured in stabbing

- Several people stabbed. Assailant shot in the leg and detained. Police are asking to avoid Puutori-Market Square area.

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- News about the attack is spreading fast on . They are even blurring out women on the pictures they're using.

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- Initial reports: 1 men, 5 women injured.

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- Police are urging people again to leave the city center. Please follow their orders if you're there.

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- Police are still searching the area for possible (not confirmed) other attackers.

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- Visible police presence in Helsinki is stepped up.

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- Heightened police presence @ -Vanda airport.

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- Intelligence service is involved in ongoing investigation. Too early to assess progress and background: intel service.

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- 8 people have been taken to hospital, according to HS.

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- 3 people are undergoing surgery right now.

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- Too early to say if this is a terrorist attack: police chief.


Prime Minister Rajoy joins mourners regarding Spain's terror attacks...

Great thread , lots of details you just won't read elsewhere ! Thanks for the insights Rukmini.

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- None of the suspects was known for terrorism related activities: Mossos.

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Spanish authorities say none of the 4 people in custody have backgrounds in terror. 3 are from Morocco, 1 is from Spain.

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- Number of injured rises to 130.

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- SER reports the terrorist cell could consist of 8 people, with possibly family ties. Waiting for official confirmation.

Important -how ISIS facilitates attacks...

Odds & Ends....

Sierra Leone buries 461 mudslide victims

's former top prosecutor Luisa Ortega is in : Authorities

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Forced to flee after her home was raided..

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Here's Yonhap's report from earlier on Friday. "It is not known whether the U.S. would send strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula."

Reports note the US is a) withholding the participation of strategic assets in, and b) using sending fewer troops to Ulchi-Freedom Guardian.

Warning drill for missile conducted in western .

Turkey, Iran shake hands on joint mechanism for de-escalation zone in Idlib | Today's Front Page

Austria takes self-protection steps.

Spain attacks will have EU nations dig in their heels against EU immigration policies..

This is nuts...

shrinking and shrinking and shrinking...

Syrian Arab Army made big advances today in Eastern Homs Map:

Breaking: Syrian Army liberates Al-Akram Oil Field, Al-Ghader Gas Field, West Hussein Oil Field, Tuwinan Gas Field and Tuwinan Station

Rough Map: This is likely the real front line in Hama-Homs-Raqqa axis after today's SAA victories. Not 100%

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