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Economic News & Views....August 20 , 2017....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) UK Political Round Up For Sunday , UK Departure & Brexit Items. 2) Greece In Focus - Domestic Politics & Economic Items. 3) Europe Broadly : Spain Updates On Last Week's Terror Attacks ; Italy - Migration Concerns To Consider ; France News Of Note ; Germany - Tangling With Erdogan Again ; Austria - Also Tangling With Erdogan ; Finland Terror Incident In Focus ; Additional Items Of Note. 4) US Politics To Consider For Sunday - Wide Sweep Of Recent Hot Button Topics. 5) Odds & Ends - North Korea , Iraq , Syria & Libya In Primary Focus !


Terror concern from vehicle rental...

Brexit bump !

Observer Poll data To consider .....

Trump concerns factor into UK-US Trade Deal...

Domestic politic item...

NHS Item to consider...

Brexit News !

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Yeah yeah

A crucial point on Brexit & UK/EU dispute settlement: Davis seems willing to accept EFTA Court. I'll blog on this when govt paper comes out.

You supported a Referendum, supported Brexit, opposed Brexit, accepted the outcome and are now suggesting a 2nd ref. Zero credibility!

Brexit Secretary David Davis heads today's Top Ten Must Reads


Tsipras looks to press the reset button and stop slide

Basic fixed-line contract heading for extinction

Supermarkets claim provinces

EFKA faced with crash test

Macron visit gives Tsipras chance to build ties, refocus

Greek industrial turnover up by 8.1 pct in June for eighth consecutive rise

Greek primary cash balance posts deficit of 46 mln at end of July

President Pavlopoulos Brings Back Germany’s WWII Reparations Issue

Local News.....


Neo-Nazi marchers in Berlin matched by counterprotesters

Erdogan warns German foreign minister to 'know your limits'

German-Turkish writer held in Spain on Turkey's order

Turkey slams 'arrogant' German reaction to Erdogan poll call


NBI: Suspected assailant has begun to speak to investigators, likely to be remanded on Monday.

President Niinistö: This weekend came to

police investigating stabbing spree as terrorism


Slovakia eyes kingpin Visegrad role amid EU tensions


Austria's Kurz: Keep out of Europe's elections,


Fire strands thousands of rail passengers in southern France

Months after France elected him in a landslide, Emmanuel Macron’s domestic approval has fallen to Trump-like levels

What French President Macron's Dispute With Chinese Trade Could Mean For Asia


Italy anti-terror expulsions top 200

Anti migrant boat C-star claims it achieved its mission


Spain attack fugitive whereabouts unknown as Barcelona mourns

120 gas canisters found for 'one or more' attacks in Barcelona: police

Spain releases Dogan , German author detained on Turkish warrant

After terror attack, Barcelona under fire over security barrier

US Politics....

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis confirms the administration had decided on a new strategy for

Dem lawmaker: Trump's presidency is unraveling before our eyes

THE MEMO: GOP fears that Trump has significantly damaged the party

No White House officials appear on Sunday political shows after week of controversy

Bannon's security clearance may prevent Breitbart News from publishing classified information

JUST IN: Trump ends key climate change advisory committee: report

Dershowitz: Special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation is a threat to democracy

Bannon on Trump White House: No administration in history has ever been so divided

Trump ally blasts congressional leaders

1 hour ago
Mnuchin refuses to resign after hundreds of former classmates urge him to

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, facing calls for resignation, defends Trump

Analysis: The First Amendment is under threat—and you should be worried

Odds & Ends....

North Korea....

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Kim Jong Un says he 'will watch foolish Yankees' and warns of 'merciless strike' due to the military exercise carried out by US & SK.

Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercise with the US & SK will start today.

Despite the rhetoric, a pre-emptive strike on Pyongyang remains unlikely any time soon

1 hour ago
North Korea warns US of a "merciless strike" due to America's "reckless behavior"

slams South Korea's decision to deploy additional launch pads

How new lead, iron sanctions could cut $200 million from N. Korea’s trade revenue

China implements UN restrictions on N. Korean coal, iron, seafood


1 hour ago
forces have liberated 13 villages & continue to rapidly advance toward Tal Afar west . Tal Afar - Muhalbyia road have been cut.

Tal Afar map update 13 villages liberated today, significant gains from the west and southwestern axes.

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Iraqi Armed Forces and PMU took control of Zambar-Ibrahim mountain and cut off supply route between Tal Afar and Al-Muhallabiyah


1 hour ago
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103km separate Syrian Army from DeirEzzor and Albo Kamal

1 hour ago
| Russian warplanes conducted airstrikes on Al-Atshana and Muqlah villages

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also, Tiger Forces are very close to Al-Taybah village

Syrian Arab Army captured Jubb Dukaylah al Janubi, Dakilah and Umm Hartayn Map:

| Continued clashes between and in the Cemetery of Deir ez-Zor, Aloush Hill and Al-Hawikah. 20 IS fighters were killed


Ali Zeidan still languishing in prison, accused of embezzling gov. funds.

1 hour ago
Unacceptable. Former prime minister still held by armed group in Tripoli

’s Aguila Saleh Issa (speaker of ’s HoR) in official visit in .

Su L'Espresso in edicola oggi scrivo di come politiche sbagliate sull'immigrazione ci leghino le mani. E di come ci siano alternative
Translated from Italian by 
L'Espresso on newsstands today I write about how wrong policies on immigration we bind her hands. And how there are alternatives

France, UK and US welcome LNA Wafarli murders' probe as Saiqa members seem to back him -

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