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Economic News , Data & Views.....August 13 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday -1) UK - Political News With Focus On Brexit & Domestic Politics. 2) US Politics : Aftermath Of Charlottesville , Trump Continues To Take Heat For Insufficient Response To Events At Issue & White National / Klan/Nazi Racism And Violence ; Swampland Updates - Items That May Have Been Overlooked With Events Of Virginia & North Korea Tensions ; North Korea Related News Of Note - Key Items & Updates To Consider. 3) Bitcoin Reaches $4,000 For First Time - Feeding Off Geopolitical Tensions. 4) Germany In Focus - News For Sunday. 5 Odds & Ends ! )


Interesting thread by Roland on challenge facing "Remain" Advocates..... 1st of 7 tweets so far

Brexit item for Sunday (1) ....

Brexit Update (2)....

Brexit Update (3)....

Just move along with the Brexit Program and pass on apologies...

NHS Update....

1 hour ago
Tories getting Brexit plans synchronized...

But if we vote for Brexit a second time, and his Remoaner buddies *still* won't accept the outcome of a democratic vote.

UK ministers to release position papers amid criticism

Our thoughts and prayers are with . The UK stands with the US against racism, hatred and violence.

US Politics...


WATCH: Protestors chase organizer of white supremacist rally away from his own press conference

Kessler run out of his press conference today...

Blowback from Charlettesville protest...

NEW: WH on Pres. Trump's Charlottesville statements: "Of course that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all extremist groups"

Extremists never accept responsibility for their actions....

Charlottesville mayor rips Trump: Refusing to say 'white supremacy' isn't leadership

JUST IN: Ivanka Trump calls out 'white supremacy and neo-Nazis' after Virginia white nationalist rally

Terrorism view of events in Charlottesville seems to be lining up while parts of Trump Administration.

Virginia AG to Trump: "Many sides" are not to blame for violence, just white supremacists

WATCH: Car plows into anti-fascism protesters at white supremacist rally

1 hour ago
FBI, Justice Dept launch civil rights investigation into deadly car crash at white supremacist rally

1 hour ago
Former teacher: Charlottesville murder suspect was "infatuated with Nazis"

Additional reporting on the Charlottesville killer - Jack A Fields.


When asked to identify the individuals, he said he had already "named some names" and strategic changes were in place.

McMaster walks around question concerning Bannon.....

Terrorism view of events in Charlottesville seems to be lining up while parts of Trump Administration.

NEW: McConnell's wife unlikely to quit as Transportation chief over Trump-McConnell feud

Trump to return to Trump Tower for first time since taking office

1 hour ago
NEW: Trump's sinking approval rating may keep Dems from supporting tax reform

Trump suspects Bannon is leaking info from the White House: reports

to ramp up trade pressure on with call for probe on Monday

North Korea....

Mattis, Tillerson say US will negotiate with North Korea if it stops threats & weapons tests

Replying to 
's last public appearance was the 30th of July.

Situation around coming close to potential use of force - Russian diplomat

North Korean sanctions are no game changer

THIS - “I'm really concerned, because I don't know where this goes in terms of a peaceful resolution,” Mullen - former JCOS


Sen. Graham: US military action not 'imminent' with North Korea but both countries on 'collision course'

1 hour ago
Ex-NATO commander: "Cooler heads" must prevail between Trump and North Korea

Gen Dunford visit to Seoul part of Asian tour-includes China & Japan , regarding pressing regional security issue- North Korea,

It would seem that Trump's national security team does not believe North Korea can be deterred. The implications of that are grave indeed.

North Korea: Who would have to go to war with Trump?


H.R 3364-51 requires Gov'ts to develop a “national security strategy” to fight “financing of terrorism & related forms of illicit finance.”

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 4,106.28 USD

Bitcoin hits $4,000 for the first time ever. It entered the year at $968.

Bitcoin: $10 invested 7 years ago is worth $444,444 today.

Bitcoin Prices Break the $4,000 Barrier for the First Time


US tourist beaten for giving Hitler salute in ,

Dresden police say a drunken American man was beaten up by a passerby as he gave the Nazi salute multiple times in the city's downtown -

Merkel rival slams car bosses in bid to revive campaign

What? Merkel challenger Schulz remains confident of unseating chancellor. His is 14ppts behind Merkel's CDU.

"I think that I still have a good chance to lead the next government," told .

's Angela slams car makers for emissions fraud in

Angela wows voters on opponent's home turf with predictability by

Polls indicate 4th term for Germany's Merkel but it remains to be seen w/which coal she will govern. Latest poll sees FDP in front of Greens

Odds & Ends....


“If Trump dare to carry out his threat of military intervention in Venezuela, the guns would reach New York and occupy the White House.”

There's a new Capitol Crude on Monday, but listen to this past week's take on Venezuela, and USGC refiners

Opposition splitting over tactics of leaders - including decision to participate in Fall Regional Elections.

McMaster says military option in Venezuela would be on humanitarian intervention grounds. Same thing Obama said about Libya.

Latin America Denounce Trump’s Military Threat against Venezuela


Kuwait Oil Spill situation....

Clean up underway....


1 hour ago
Syrian military is now concentrating their efforts on clearing the remaining Islamic State pocket in central Syria.


Former PM of Libya Ali Zidan arrested in Tripoli by Tajouri this evening.

Libya's oil output disrupted by security threats, shut Zueitina Export Terminal. Output at Sharara was down to 200,000 BPD on Sunday.

| workers union strike at Zuetina Co. all port operations & tanker loadings ceased until NOC meets demands. BBG.


Anti-migrant rescue protest ship protesting near migrant rescue ship.

A second migrant rescue group, Sea Eye, says it is suspending operations off Libya

Another Ship Suspends Migrant Rescues Citing Libyan Threats - U.S. News & World Report

20 bn to be paid to Libya over a period of 20-25 years....


Iran parliament seeks to boost missile funding in retaliation for new sanctions imposed by the US

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