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Economic News , Data& Views -- August 14 , 2017-- Quick Hits for Monday -1) Markets: Asia - Economic Calendar For Monday , Market Moving News & Data , North Korea Situation Evolving As Moves Made By North Korea Military Forces May Be Linked To A New Land Or Sea Test ; US - Stocks Have A Big Monday As Allegedly Tensions Lessened Regulating The North Korea Situation , Not Surprisingly Both Gold And Oil In The Red Today & Treasury Yields Move A Tad Higher. 2) US Politics : Venezuela - Trump Bombastic Statement Concerning Possible Military Action Against Venezuela Jumped Upon By Maduro Today - Who Orders Assembly To Investigate Opposition For Allegedly Supporting Trump's Military Action Statement ; Political Developments On North Korea Today ; Trade War May Be Jumping Off With China As Trump Signs Memo To Investigate China Over IP Policies ; NAFTA In Focus ; Aftermath From Virginia Continues To Roil US Politics , Trump Offers Unambiguous Rebuke of Nazis / KKK & White Nationals ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus - Interesting Items Touching On Ukraine , Greece , UK , Germany , France & Italy. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Glance Around !



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Economic data due from Asia today - RBA meeting minutes

AUD traders - RBA minutes due today, preview.

Futures continued to slide overnight

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Critically, KCNA's second statement rolls back explicit link to B-1B flights, now about UFG exercises in one week.

North Korea taking a step back from the cliff's edge..

Extremely important announcement by North Korea, Kim Jong Un is de-escalating, putting Guam plan on ice [for now]

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MEDIA: Please report this carefully. Read the statement. Ask North Korea experts what the message/signal to US/South Korea is.

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We are NOT out of the woods. Both sides need to keep taking steps to de-escalate in words & deed. Diplomacy needs to go in high gear.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been briefed on plan for Guam missile strikes

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Received Report From Its Army On Plan To Launch Missiles Toward Guam - KCNA

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Still unconfirmed, Units being moved appear to be related to HS-12 system. This is the same system threatened to use against

missile launcher moves: not necessarily for launch being watched closely US officials tell &

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Sr defense official: US satellites observe North Korea mobile missile launcher movement, intermediate ballistic missile launch prep possible

Mayang-do port, is probably where the ROMEO-class attack submarine came from as the North prepares a new series of “at sea” test launches.


S&P index ends the session up 1.00%. Nasdaq even better.

Forexlive Americas Forex news wrap: USD rebounds as tensions fade/stocks rebound

Crude oil futures settle at $47.59 /bbl

US Politics.....


Trump threatening a military solution in Venezuela was an enormous gift to Maduro

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Venezuela Ambassador bangs so called US intervention drum..

North Korea....

Defense Dept: Trump has not asked for "military option" on North Korea despite claiming he did

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Mattis states the USA "will take it out" if any missile is aimed at US and "could escalate into war"

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BREAKING: U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Guam is 'well protected' from any potential attack.

Defense Secretary Mattis warns that if the fires missiles at the United States, "it could escalate into war."

Tillerson discusses North Korea...

Interesting , seems China wants to remain ambiguous on its intentions for now.

General Dunford statement today regarding North Korea.


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Trump signs trade executive order. Says it's 'just the beginning'

"Investigating China over its IP policies, especially practice of forcing US companies operating in CN to transfer technological know-how."


Canada sets forth their key goals in NAFTA talks.




Under Armour CEO leaves the President Manufacturing Council.

AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka "assessing" role in Trump council

After getting booted from Daily Stormed by Go Daddy and moving to Google , Google boots them off as well.

"Jeff Sessions just made a bold move on terrorism in Charlottesville"

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💥⬆️Good: Illinois Senate passes measure to label white nationalists a terror organization:

US President Donald Trump singles out KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists as 'repugnant'

BREAKING: Trump condemns KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists as 'criminals and thugs,' says 'racism is evil.'

POTUS speaks out firmly and unambiguously today.

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Pres. Trump: Civil rights investigation opened into deadly vehicle attack amid "racist violence" in Charlottesville.

Speaking under a portrait of George Washington, Pres Trump said all those who engaged in racist violence "will be held fully accountable."

Ken Frazier-not just a first rate lawyer and excellent CEO , but very much a man of principle. Takes a stand today.



Police find illegal Bitcoin farm at Ukrainian state institute | KyivPost

After front page story, 'expert' backtracks on claim that Ukraine sent rocket engines to North Korea

Ukraine issues a very clear and firm denial of NYT piece.

Ukraine pushes back on new ballistic missile engine proliferation concerns.


Transport staff urge summer schedule change

Series of fires turn up heat on the government

Population set to shrink up to 18 pct by 2050

Greek Jan-July gov't budget surplus beats target on lower spending

Large fire burns for second day, threatens homes near Athens


UK Gvt: Britain Will Propose Post-Brexit Interim Customs Agreement With EU But Demand Right To Negotiate Other Trade Deals - RTRS

Labour MPs hit out at DWP's 'reward for failure' over £20k bonuses

Almost half of Brits urge Theresa May to quit before next election - poll

ICYMI WATCH: Arch-Blairite John McTernan joins Momentum

Alex Salmond urged to apologise over Edinburgh Fringe sex joke

Pro-Brexit campaign group launches bid to deselect Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd


Girl dead, four hurt after car 'deliberately' smashes into restaurant east of Paris

Fwiw , driver in Paris incident may have been suicidal.


Police blame communication error for misreporting 'mass brawl' among refugees

Merkel condemns 'disgusting' far-right violence in US

Germany probes three Swiss spies on suspicion of snooping on tax authorities: report


NATO, the Med, Iran: study details extent of cyber attacks on Italy

Italy applauds Libya's decision on migrant 'search and rescue' zone

Odds & Ends....

No update yet on Sunday detention in Tripoli of former PM Ali Zeidan

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More on this: Saudi Ambassador is being recalled from Russia because Riyadh is not satisfied with his performance, he will stay in KSA

Positive step by HoR in today asking legisl. committe 2 prepare referendum law on new constitution draft completed by recently.

Tiger forces advances rapidly & liberated Kawm They are going to Rendezvous with allies in HD:

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advances 15 km south of Qutnah ruins, reaching northern edges of strategic Bi'r Husayyah. East CS

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At least 312 people killed as heavy flooding hits capital Freetown

BREAKING: More than 200 bodies at Sierra Leone morgue after floods, mudslides, says coroner official.

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Followed minutes later by also cutting trader Noble Group deeper into junk and issuing similar default warning

BREAKING: S&P cuts trader Noble Group credit rating to CCC- (down from CCC+) and flags default risk in next 6 months --

Interesting !

Where is the outrage from the UN and West ? Oil wealth of KSA seems to tie tongues...

MBS allegedly wants out of the Yemen War he was eager to get KSA involved in...

China to comply with UN sanctions effective Sept 5th......recall crude oil and mineral oil not covered by most recent UNSC sanctions.

Aden bank said late Saturday the Saudi-led coalition had not given landing permits for air shipments of cash 13 times for unknown reasons.

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