Saturday, August 12, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....August 12 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Global Markets Overviews : Doug Noland's Weekly Essay , Review Of Various Markets , Presentation of Key Events for The Week ; Global Stocks & Bonds Performance For Last Week - Strong Week For Global Bonds , Stocks Took A Hit To The Chin. 2) UK- Saturday Morning Catch -Up For Key News For Uk Politics. 3) Greece - Key Items On Greece - Primarily Domestic Economy & Politics. 4) Local News Items - From Germany , Spain , Italy & France To Consider Today. 5) US Politics - Early Saturday Morning Round Up Of Items To Consider. 6) Odds & Ends - Venezuela , Syria , Libya & North Korea In Focus !


Always a great read - Doug Nolan reviews the week that was & presents his weekly essay "Doubled Down"

Biggest in fin history? Value of global bonds has increased 12-fold since the 1990s to a record of $49tn, equals to 65% of world GDP

Global bonds richened another $338bn this week, hit fresh all-time HIGH at $48.9tn on increasing geopol tensions around N Korea nuclear cris

Global stocks lost $1.2tn in mkt cap this week, most since May16, as possible military confrontation w/N Korea meant classic Risk Off action


Saturday morning recap....

Jeremy Corbyn: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un should ‘calm down’ and hold talks

Ministers challenged to save UK steel post-Brexit

Britain could face international court case over May’s single market plans, experts warn

Borrowing cap slashed budget for Grenfell upgrade


Athens Metro Expansion Project Receives Four Bids

Huge Wildfire Threatens Greek Villages in Southern Albania (video)

UK navy calls off Aegean exercise

Kos port to reopen after initial phase of post-quake repairs

SYRIZA looking for new partnerships

Tax officers join others in blocking assessment


LIVE — President Erdoğan: We believe relations with Germany will return to normal after German elections

rejected a proposal by to introduce quotas for electric cars in , arguing it would prove too complicated -

challenger calls for quotas for electric vehicle manufacturing via

Merkel embarks on Germany's 'strangest' campaign

Merkel condemns 'verbal escalation' with North Korea after Trump tweets


Spain calls in police to help with Barcelona airport strike

Spain urged to free Swedish-Turkish writer Hamza Yalcin


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Italy's Monte dei Paschi posts 3.2 billion second-quarter losses

More than 40 per cent of Italian coastline is polluted

Migrant aid ship 'bails out' anti-migrant vessel in Med


"Down Goes Frazier".....

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| It casts doubt about Macron' ability to implement reforms in Sept. especially the labor law.

US Politics....

Mueller to interview Priebus and other senior officials....

McConnell left stunned by week of Trump attacks

Trump to call for an investigation into China over allegations it violated U.S. intellectual property rights & forced technology transfers.

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Trump assures Gov. of Guam that N. Korea nuke crisis will be great for island's tourism business. "You just went up to 110 (pct occupancy)."

Pres Trump did not take questions today as reporters asked if he disclaims the support of white nationalists.

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MORE: AG Sessions on Charlottesville: "This kind of violence is totally contrary to American values and can never be tolerated."

Charlottesville mayor

GOP VA Rep Comstock: Thenneo-Nazi march and the hate and racism on display in are vile, have no place in Virginia

We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.


Note Senator Hatch's tweet was 12:01am - he didn't wait until the second full day of the white nationalist rally to slam what's occurring.

The views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant. Let it only serve to unite Americans against this kind of vile bigotry.

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Hard to watch but it's at 1:05:40ish. Read 's thread for some important context

Police HAVE detained the attacker in a gruesome vehicle ramming from earlier this afternoon in .

Good to see this happening early , really wondered if police could handle what I expect could jump off today.

Clashes have already broken out-rally doesn't start until noon. Going to be a long day. Here's hoping the police keep things under control.

Virginia newspaper uses Trump's 'fire and fury' threat to describe white nationalist rally

Many sons of UVA died fighting the real Nazis. This might be a good time to pay tribute to those patriots, as we denounce these rabble.

To those demanding photographic evidence of Nazi regalia in , here's what's on display before breakfast. Be safe today

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Lot of folks out already. It's gonna be a big one, thousands of counter protesters expected

Militia with semi-auto rifles surround the park (alongside cops) where the Unite the Right rally was initially scheduled

Virginia governor urges people to avoid alt-right rally in the university town of

Mayor: Rally "parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, intolerance marching down the lawn of the architect of the Bill of Rights"

Trump's China trade crackdown coming Monday

Trump says he’s not ruling out military option against Venezuela

Kelly considers further shuffling of West Wing staff, officials say

Trump threatens to undermine U.S. backchannel talks with North Korea

Sasse to Trump: 'No. Congress obviously isn't authorizing war in Venezuela' via

Legal fight breaks out over deposition of Trump dossier author Christopher Steele

Priebus warned Bannon: “You’ve got to get people to stop writing this shit, because people know it’s you”

If it's the weekend, it means it's time for another ... 5 things Trump did while you weren't looking this week

Keith Ellison: ‘Kim Jong Un…is acting more responsible than’ Trump

What about it, Mitch? The congressional GOP is AWOL

Today was already the 4th time Trump has entertained questions from the press during his two-week working vacation.

The Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy with North Korea for months

Odds & Ends....


Pentagon distances itself from Trump after he says he won't 'rule out' military action in Venezuela

Venezuela defense chief calls Trump intervention threat 'crazy'

Crazy times...

Clampdown in Venezuela continues: opposition mayors go into hiding, judges seek refuge in foreign embassies or flee the country.

Trumps Military Threat against Venezuela "an act of madness": Defense Minister

Maduro Asks For UN Meeting With Trump As Venezuela Crumbles

Today, Nicolas Maduro requested a phone call with . Here is a statement by the Press Secretary on .


Syrian Army take full control of city,70 km NE of Palmyra+ Kadir,Bir Rahum,Khirbat Muqman in S. CS HD:

Syrian Arab Army captured Al-Kadir and Khirbat al-Muqman Map:


Haftar's pov on dealing with the migrant crisis and his view of what EU's financial contribution to Libya should be-20bn over 20-25 years !

Crisis #4 for Tripoli

The political process is important but so is overcoming power cuts, rebuilding Benghazi, reopening health centres I said here

North Korea....

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says N. Korea must fix crisis it started

Patriot Missiles arrive in Japan...

Satellite photos suggest North Korea preparing submarine missile test: report

What is the reach of North Korea's missiles?

China urges Trump to show "restraint" on North Korea rhetoric

If there IS a strike against , here is an example of how dug in they are. BLU-109s and 117s aint gonna cut it.

Trump to Guam governor after North Korea threat: "You're going to become extremely famous"

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The Japanese Gov. have deployed Patriot interceptor missiles in parts of western Japan to counter any missile(s) from North Korea.

North Korea have stated that 3.5 million workers, party members and soldiers volunteered to join or rejoin its army

. readout of call with Xi Jinping re: . (Note emphasis on the personal relationship between Xi and Trump.)

People in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands are worried

A lot of attention has been placed on ICBM development , but NK also working on its sea-based aspect of its growing nuclear capabilities....

It's important to keep these three assessments separate. They're all new in the past month.

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NEW: US Intelligence: 's ICBM Reentry Vehicles Are Likely Good Enough to Hit the Continental US