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Economic News , Data And Views .... August 5 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Global Markets : Doug Noland's Weekly Missive and Observations On The Week That Was ; Global Stocks & Bonds Performance For Last Week - H/T Holger Zschaepitz ; MENA Edition - Equities Market News H/T Zawya. 2) North Korea Updates - Deep Dive On Recent ICBM Launch , Different POVs on Dealing With North Korea Situation , Interesting Nuggets Regarding Hermit Kingdom. 3) Europe In Focus - Twenty + Items Across Europe To Consider - UK , Greece , Germany , France & Italy In Focus. 4) US Politics For Saturday. 5) Odds & Ends !

Global Markets....

Doug Noland's weekly missive " Data and a Carefree Bond Market " , plus his usual observations on markets and developments for the week.

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Looks like the has topped. At least the Hedge Fund guys have cut their bullish Euro bets by another 9% to net 82,637 long positions.

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Global bonds have lost $88.2bn in value this week despite yields declined around the world BUT decent US jobs data inspired dollar rally.

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Global stocks have gained another $400bn in mkt cap this week to $78.5trn, equals to 104% of global GDP, mainly driven by decent Q2 reports.

Equities Markets News | Zawya MENA Edition via @

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 3,301.38 USD

Bitcoin explodes above 3,000 USD while Bitcoin Cash crashes again...

North Korea.....

New South Korean unilateral sanctions: What are Moon’s options?

Extensive new on include total ban on coal exports, ban on new joint ventures. With China’s approval.

Unanimous vote at UNSC for new sanctions against North Korea...

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You can check N. Korea's detailed trade statistics (exports and imports) here:

U.N. imposes strong economic sanctions on North Korea, including banning exports worth over $1 billion

The UNSC has passed more sanctions on North Korea, prohibiting the country from exporting coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood.

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UNSC meeting displays a clear alignment between and when it comes to .

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now echoing 's call; saying that the must cease strategic deployments such as and long range bombers.

calls for the to cease military exercises on the in exchange for the end of 's nuclear program.

Well , here's this-US is preparing for a "preventive war" with North Korea among many options to deal with its missile and nuclear threats.

Will Russia and/ or China block this round of sanctions ?

Conference comes as UNSC prepares to vote on a resolution for tougher sanctions on North Korea for its recent ICBM tests.

THIS-Dr. Peter V. Pry, formerly an analyst with the CIA, and now the head of the Committee to Assess EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Threats 1

against the U.S., is the foremost expert on such threats and briefs Congress on them annually. Dr. Pry has assured Congress countless 2

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times that North Korea not only has miniaturization capabilities regarding nuclear warheads, but also has that capability regarding 3

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the deployment of an EMP weapon. 4

North Korea’s second ICBM test: What should happen now

No member state purchases N. Korean coal for three months: UN

Seoul must end its “lunacy” if it wants inter-Korean talks: N. Korean media

Moon’s five year plan for “peace and prosperity” in Korea, a summary

Today's Nuclear North Korea Is Yesterday's China: Lessons From History

What researchers in North Korea think about the new U.S. sanctions against the DPRK

Panama continues to register vessels with clear ties to Pyongyang, NK Pro investigation reveals

What Moscow wants: Russia’s vision for North Korea’s future

North Korea Slams ‘International Hooligan US Brandishing Sanctions Club’

Seoul has only a few options left if it wants to increase pressure on Pyongyang

Very interesting. Some observations:

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1) I think the extra 900km on the apogee comes almost entirely from the extra 6 seconds on the 1st stage.

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Fits our model & makes sense, esp if both launches used fully fueled 1st stages. July 4 cut off early, leaving 1+ ton of fuel in the tank.

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July 28 didn’t cut off early. At the end of 1st stage, the thrust-to-weight ratio is very high, so 6 extra seconds makes a big difference.


Grab Bag....

Turkey - EU Deal Update...

Poland and EU closer to Polexit than EVER BEFORE, expert warns

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel seeks tougher EU line on Turkey


Britain backs down: The UK Government is prepared to pay a €40bn Brexit bill, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

EU position is 60 bn-bottom line is 50 bn. UK position is 30 billion euros- but both line is 40 billion euros. Just waiting for pols.

EU migrants under age of 30 could be given two year visas after Brexit:

1 hour ago
Overnight 25,000 people have watched try to desperately to change the subject from

Nick Timothy: Tories underestimated Jeremy Corbyn but will beat him next time:

Irish PM Proposes New Customs Union or “Deep Free Trade Agreement” With UK


Government doesn’t want to change, but can New Democracy?

Are the capital controls easing?

Gov’t moves to settle score with Eldorado in latest chapter of tense relations

Athens erasing asylum backlog

Tourism-related investments hit trouble in Greece

Greece Raises Individual Bank Withdrawals to 1,800 Euros per Month


Facebook bolsters fight against fake news in Germany

Woman mistakes WWII-era white phosphorus munition for precious stone on German beach

Merkel's SPD rivals suffer fresh blow ahead of September election


Not a good look for Sarkozy !

US to join climate talks despite Paris accord exit

Trump, Macron discuss increasing cooperation in Syria and Iraq

France nets 1.3 tonne cocaine haul on boat from Brazil


Sizzling summer gives Europe's south taste of the future

Italy heatwave and drought spark killer wildfires

US Politics...

McMaster defends Trump: He's made several "important" decisions on Afghanistan

Trump will meet with lawmakers, Chief of Staff John Kelly, other WH officials while on vacation over next 2 weeks, aide tells

Special counsel investigating if Flynn was secretly paid by Turkey during 2016 campaign: report

Ryan defends journalists after Sessions threatens them: Problem is leakers, not reporters

Special counsel assembling grand jury in Trump-Russia probe likely indicates evidence of criminal activity

Trump aide warns leakers: "Do not toy with" John Kelly

Three more RNC staffers set to exit: report

Impt story. Choice POTUS faces on Afghan policy cuts to the heart of whether he will go w/ traditional voices or admin's anti-estab figures.

1 hour ago

If the U.S. was a third-world nation, we might suspect there was a silent coup happening

"(McMaster) is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country," Trump said in statement.

Trump releases late night statement pushing back on (week- or even months-old) rumors that his national security adviser is in trouble

Odds & Ends....


Mercosur suspends Venezuela....

Maduro's puppet Assembly promptly fires the Attorney General who bravely has resisted Maduro.....

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - chief prosecutor says security forces have barred her from her offices

Between skyrocketing inflation and political turmoil set to escalate after today's sacking of the dissident Attorney General , watch out !

Venezuela Constituent Assembly Commences,Country Faces Armed Insurgency

Turkey, Qatar, Iran to Hold Talks on Saudi-Led Blockade


News round up for Libya Observer for August 5th !

2nd Italian naval vessel arrives Tripoli

New UN Libya envoy makes first visit to Libya

-n Coastguard rescued 462 illegal
on Friday

UNHCR's : has become 'a machine that destroys humans'. More die there than perish in Mediterranean trying to get to Europe?

Gulf Rift.....

Where US stands on Qatar , Gulf Crisis....

Turkey angling to meet all of Qatar's needs. The 3 nations will discuss Iran route to allow trade between Turkey and Qatar.

Italy taking advantage of Gulf Rift to boost trade with Qatar.

1 hour ago

How the Gulf crisis is boosting Qatar's local industries

On : It has been two months since the Gulf diplomatic crisis began. Do you have questions?

OPINION: and the opposing Arab quartet: Why the standoff will prolong. Columnist writes


The SAA & Raqqawi tribesmen liberated the villages of Al-Hardan, Salem A-Hamad, Al-'Atshanah, Maqlat Kabeera, Maqlat Saghira, & Al-Da'ama

Syrian MoD: Syrian Arab Army captured Muqlah Saghirah, Muqlah Kabirah and Atshana Map:

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Source says is not fully liberated yet, but town is expected to be under full control soon.

On Al Sukhnah - victory not quite achieved , but victory seems to be in sight , as per , & !


In a third day of fighting , SAA and allied forces seem to have broken ISIS resistance and are now entering into Al Sukhnah...

SAA & allies continue attack on Sukhnah for the 3rd day and captured al-Jihaneh policestation, most of Tantour mountain & farms in outskirts

to form ‘national army’ for the battle of

2,000 militants still in Syria’s and ‘they will likely die there,’ says US envoy


Morocco is building big solar-powered plant for turning seawater into drinking water


Iran's Rouhani sworn in for second presidential term

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