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Economic News , Data & Views.....July 30 , 2017 ........Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Venezuela : Voters Head To The Polls Today To Vote On An Assembly To Rewrite Venezuela Constitution ; Opposition Has Boycotted Today's Referendum , Which Has Been Criticized From Abroad And US Has Already Imposed Initial Sanctions ; Maduro Already Vowing To Go After The Opposition Once Today's Vote Is Out Of The Way. 2) US Politics : Fusion GPS Dirty Laundry Aired Out ; Early Look At Domestic And International US Political News For Sunday ; Sunday Talkers In The Cue For today. 3) Gulf Rift Updates - Quartet Foreign Ministers Finish Two Day Meeting In Manama , Bahrain And Various F.Ms Make Statements On State Of Play Afterwards. 4) Libya - CDA Sets Forth 7 Requirements To Run For President Of Libya , The 7 Requirements Will Not Exclude Field Marshal Haftar As A Candidate , If He Chooses To Run. 5) North Korea - Further Dissection Of 2nd ICBM Test , Items Of Interest On State Of Play , Additional Articles Of Interest Concerning North Korea. 6) UK Politics For Sunday . 7) Odds & Ends.



Canciller de Colombia anuncia eminente suspensión de Venezuela en Mercosur
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Chancellor of Colombia Announces eminent suspension of Venezuela into Mercosur

El Parlamento Europeo no reconocerá los resultados de las elecciones en Venezuela.
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The European Parliament will not recognize the results of elections in Venezuela.

Defying international calls, Venezuela holds contentious election; 14 reported dead

About to get ugly...

About to get ugly...

Protests getting ugly in Venezuela....

Something to keep an eye on today....

Maduro set to attack political opposition once this vote of the Assembly to write Constitution is completed.

Crowds turn out for the National Constituent Assembly today in Venezuela.

1 hour ago
The polling center in Caracas Venezuela are without people today

SIX national police motorcycles were burnt by protesters in .

Venezuelan youth opposition leader Ricardo Campos was killed in the northeastern town of Cumana, prosecutors say

Street protests continue in . (Image via )

nytimes: One by one, the markers of Venezuela’s democracy have been pushed aside

RT : Venezuela: What is President Maduro's Constituent Assembly?

Q&A: What is 's National Constituent Assembly election? Will it solve the country's crisis? Read:

"Venezuela's Leader Casts Unusual Vote, Decries 'Terrorism'" por THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT

: “Venezuela votes in election that opposition says will end democracy | News | DW”

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President Maduro casts ballot to kick off controversial Venezuela vote electing a new "Constituent Assembly"

US Politics.....

Trump is facing his real crisis now with . He may be able to solve it over a beautiful chocolate cake?

News related to Russia Counter-sanctions....

As collusion meme hits brick wall of absence of evidence , new meme of Trump as Dictator who will stage coup being rolled out.

Graham warns against making Sessions Homeland Security secretary

Rumor mill: Sessions to get a lateral move rather than the boot

"Can our minds get past partisanship?"

Vulnerable GOP senators may pay a price for backing skinny repeal

Police reject Trump’s comments about “roughing up” suspects

1 hour ago
Why Trump has an opportunity in Kelly

Shedding light on Fusion GPS.....

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THIS-point of Kremlin’s assault on Election 2016 was defame both candidates , sow chaos & thereby discredit the American system of gov't.

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THIS - In order to report honestly on the Trump scandals, a weakened press would have to report honestly on Fusion GPS—which would 2

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mean lifting the lid on the incompetence and malfeasance of their own institutions and colleagues, which would reveal a scandal as 3

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threatening to democracy as anything Trump has said or done. “Imagine if they subpoena Fusion GPS’s emails,” said a veteran Washington 4

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reporter, “there are going to be lots of journalists in there who’ve taken stories from them. Big names, senior figures in the field. 5

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It will look like an apocalypse.” 6

1 hour ago
Sunday morning talking heads

Trump tries to regroup as the West Wing battles itself

Gulf Rift....

Net international reserves dropped 30 percent in June , foreign deposits at Qatar’s banks fell the most in almost two years.

1 hour ago
Saudi-led bloc says it 'cannot shrink list of demands on Qatar'

Saudi-led bloc says it 'cannot shrink list of demands on Qatar'

Quartet is back to insisting Qatar must meet 13 demands.

LIVE: Four Arab countries say they are ready for dialogue with Qatar if it shows willingness to fight terrorism

Watch LIVE: Foreign ministers of the countries blockading Qatar hold press conference in Bahrain's capital Manama

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Saudi-led bloc in Manama: Will talk with Qatar if it fights terror Accuses Doha of politicising Hajj Admits Qataris negatively impacted

: meeting statement: provided safe haven to .

: meeting statement: Actions against in parallel with international laws.

: meeting calls to fulfill the 13 demands made by its neighbors.

Libya ...

- Constitution Drafting Assembly Member, Al-Hadi Bouhramra: After approval a new vote will not take place on the draft const

- : I have ideas and solutions to help Libyans if they want a better future for their country.

- visits to discuss resolving the Libyan crisis through a political solution and dialogue

Believe parliament job is to organise the referendum. Do they also get a vote on whether to accept constitution?

No need for HoR approval. No HoR vote required. HoR will call for referendum & legislate for it.

Despite attempts to disrupt the CDA's vote yesterday, the constitution draft was approved with 43 votes out of 44 present in favor.

Following the vote, some CDA members were assaulted by armed protesters who stormed the old parliament hall where CDA convened.

Hardline federalists protested CDA's vote on constitution draft yesterday. The draft paves the way for Haftar to run as Prez.

Key thread ( 7 requirements to run for President follow this introductory tweet ) , as a spoiler - the draft paves a way for Haftar to run.

1- Candidate must be Muslim born to Muslim parents. Both mother and father must be Libyan.

2- Candidate cannot be dual national. If they have a 2nd nationality, they must renounce it at least 1 yr before call for candidates open.

3- Candidate must NOT be married to foreigner.

4- Candidate must have a university degree.

5- Candidate must be 35 years of (or older) at time of candidacy.

6- Candidate must enjoy political and civilian rights and must not be convincted in any criminal or honor cases.

7- The candidate must have the capacity to perform his/ her duties.

These are the 7 requirements to run for president acc. to constitution draft approved by CDA yesterday with 43 votes in favor.

North Korea....

North Korea hints at fresh military provocation if U.S. imposes new sanctions

As North Korea intensifies its missile program, the U.S. opens an $11 billion base in South Korea

North Korea says latest ICBM test was "warning" targeting the US for its efforts to slap new sanctions on Pyongyang

The U.S. and its allies are prepared to use “rapid, lethal and overwhelming force,” says U.S. Pacific Air Forces commander.

North Korea warns of action against sanctions after ICBM test

US have just conducted a second THAAD missile test.

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It has shot down a medium-range ballistic missile over Pacific ocean.

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The test by the United States was a success.

China, India and Thailand largest precious metal traders with N.Korea since UN sanctions were implemented in 2006

Seoul to review new unilateral sanctions against N. Korea: Blue House

North Korea warns of action against sanctions after ICBM test

What can the U.S. do about North Korea?

Seoul has “no concrete plan” for inter-Korean talks at ASEAN forum: MOFA

A “slow squeeze”: The U.S.’s next move against North Korea

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And another.

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When are Kim's maps intended to offer a strategic signal? Well, here's one famous example. (via .)

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This is where the Hwasong-14 tested on July 4 splashed down:

Image analysis by reveals North Korea may have planned to send first ICBM test much closer to Japan

UK Politics....

NEW: GOP begins massive sales pitch on tax reform after ObamaCare failure

Border checks after Brexit could cost more than £1bn - report:

Philip Hammond 'looking at tax rises':

Luxembourg PM tells UK: We want our money back:

1 hour ago
Liam Fox rejects Philip Hammond’s claim of agreement on Brexit transitional deal:

WATCH Jeremy Corbyn Isn't Real, Headlines He Generated Suckered Students [VIDEO]

At least someone is fighting to honour the referendum result.

holds firm on opposing free movement, but confirms "many things will look similar" the day after -

Odds & Ends...


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SAA control all areas and heights south and south-west of Sukhnah as well as all surroundings of Hayl field. Now in position to storm city.

SAA/NDF dug 280m trench in Cemetery area and cut 1 of IS main supply routes between Cemetery - Tharda valley in DeirEzzor

Brigadier General Muhsin Jum'a (commander of 5th Regiment) & RT reporter Khalid al-Khateeb both martyred near Sukhnah during IS attack

Syrian Army has cut ONE of Da'esh's supply lines to the provincial cemetery in Deir Ezzor - the terrorist group still has another.

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More special operations being carried out in Deir Ezzor. Army is using tunnels to target Da'esh's supply lines around the provincial capital

Islamic State recaptured Huwayjat Shinan from Government Forces Map:

Islamic State reportedly recaptured Ghanim al-Ali, Qubbat Abu Ahmad, al-Atshana and Muqla Saghir Map:

| Kurdish-Led , -backed militants exchange fire in northern

| dispatches more troops, equipment to Eastern Homs

Major counter-attack by ISIS vs SAA near Ghan Al-‘Ali and Shinan ( Saturday ) , successful counterattack on Sunday by SAA.

Government Forces are stretching their frontlines in Raqqa CS and are getting targeted by Islamic State SVBIEDs. Reportedly 40+ killed

| Arabic reporter killed in east

targeted Khaled's car with an ATGM, his camera man is badly injured too. The incident took place near Al Bagalyh

General Mohsen Jameah was martyred today in Al Bagalyh- East He was in 's car when they were targeted by


Quiet as such news is often kept , ISIS members still being rounded up in West Mosul even today....

| restarts anti-terrorism operation in Eastern Damascus

This image of Moqtada al-Sadr arriving in Saudi Arabia is really quite interesting. Worth watching evolving Saudi-Iraqi relations.

Muqtada Al-Sadr heads to Saudi Arabia after receiving an official invitation.

IMPORTANT (1) Falcon cell (intelligence) foiled THE MOST DANGEROUS TERRORIST SCHEME in the history of Iraq.

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(2) The terrorist plan was aimed to target the shrines of imams in Najaf, Karbala, Samarra and the house of religious authority al-Sistani.

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(3) The plan aimed is to start a "sectarian conflict" in the entire country.

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(4) The operation was planned to be carried out by dozens of car bombs and suicide bombers wearing explosive vests.

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(5) The operation was well coordinated with sleeper cells that have planned all the routes to smuggle the suicide bombers.

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(6) An urgent meeting was held with PM after confirming the locations of the terrorist.

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(7) PM gave the orders to carry the airstrikes on the locations of the terrorists in Al-Mayadeen & Al-Qaim Iraq

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(8) 7 locations were targeted just hours before were meant to launch the operation.

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(9) Dozens of car bombs, foreign and local suicide bombers were killed.

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(10) This operation can go down as one of the biggest in history because it has literally saved the entire country.

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