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Economic News , Data & Views....July 31 , 2017....Quick Hits For Monday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving Data & News , Updates On North Korea Situation ; US - Dow Powers Higher Again , S&P & Nasdaq End Today Lower , Crude Oil Ends July On A Bubbly Note. 2) US Politics : Swampland News - Today's Highlight Is "Mooch" Out As White House Director Of Communications ; US Sanctions President Maduro Personally After Sunday Violence-Laden Referendum ; Monday Dollops Of Russia Related Updates ; North Korea Situation In Focus ; Additional Items Of Note , Healthcare Not Quite Down & Out , Trump May Go Route Of Executive Action. 3) Europe In Focus - Greece , Spain , UK & Polling Data For Selected Countries. 4) Odds & Ends


Economic data due from Asia today - RBA day

China - Caixin Manufacturing PMI for July: 51.1 (expected 50.4)

ICYMI: China asks huge insurer to sell overseas assets, bring proceeds back

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.7148 (yesterday's mid rate was 6.7283)

JN Nikkei Manufacturing PMI Jul F: 52.1 (Prev 52.2) SK Nikkei Manufacturing PMI Jul: 49.1(Prev 50.1)

SK Exports (Y/Y) Jul: 19.5% (Est 15.90% Prev 13.70%) SK Imports (Y/Y) Jul: 14.5% (Est 15.00% Prev 18.00%)

1 hour ago
Australia -AIG Manufacturing PMI for July: 56.0 (prior was 55.0)

Australia - ANZ Roy Morgan weekly Consumer Sentiment: 118.4 (prior 115.1)

Australia July Manufacturing PMI 54.4 vs 56.2 in June

Meanwhile, this from Reuters: "North Korea can hit most of United States"


Japan press: Q2 GDP on track for 2.6% annual pace


Broad indices lower. Dow sets another record.

Gains for July: S&P +1.9% DOW +2.5% NASDAQ +3.4%

U.S. crude futures settle at $50.17/bbl. ⬆$0.46. +0.93%. _U7 volume: ~694k 6th consec close in the green


Odds & Ends - Finance....

Bitcoin update...

BTC-E has allegedly responded , pledges to return customer funds -doesn't say how or how much is gone with the wind.

US Politics....



Scaramucci will NOT retain his position at the U.S. Export-Import Bank, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says. No role at this time in administration.

. made it pretty clear Anthony Scaramucci cut his own throat with that interview last week

Kelly setting tone fast on day...

Scaramucci has been removed as White House communications director by new chief of staff John Kelly, confirms.

Curiouser by the day...

House Republicans leave for recess with no budget and no plan to avoid government shutdown


US freezes assets of 's president Maduro. Venezuela default probability jumps >95% despite higher .

Check announced to Maduro..

Treasury Department Statement on Maduro Sanctions. H/T - Lee Saks...

US likely to sanction Venezuela over "sham" election: report

Sunday was a grim day , expect more grim days to follow yesterday.

Russia / RussiaProbes / Russia Counter-Sanctions...

"Very soon" Pres. Trump will sign legislation on sanctions against Russia, VP Pence says during a speech in the country of Georgia.

UAE Ambassador to US in hot water in Saudi Arabia over his comments...

RNC orders staff not to delete documents related to 2016 election

North Korea....

With the conducting combat operations in the , the is the only carrier left in the .

1 hour ago
New statement.

1 hour ago
. concludes that “the Hwasong-14’s re-entry vehicle did not survive during its second test”

Plan A)Talking over;Plan B) Diplomacy done;Plan C)UNSC pointless;Plan D)China intervention rejected; Plan E is _ ?

Chinese envoy to quoted saying US and , not , hold primary responsibility to de-escalate tensions.

Very important article - SK official makes points supporting his view NK has acquired reentry technology.

Trump may not be intetested in waiting for China and/or Russia to intervene with NK regarding its nuclear program.

Russia condemns NK's missile launch , urges restraint by other countries and rejects responsibility for problem.

Gulf Rift ....

This visit bolsters our strong US-Qatar partnership & we look fwd to continuing our coop to ensure regional security & free flow of commerce

UAE Ambassador to US in hot water in Saudi Arabia over his comments...

Qatar showing no signs of backing off or bowing down...

No signs Gulf Rift is calming down. If anything , new fissures are being opened.

Another example of new fissure -WTO complaint launched by Qatar...


Executive Action For HC from Potus looming ?

REUTERS reports Exclusive: Senate too divided to keep up healthcare push - Senator Hatch

JUST IN: Trump on healthcare: "Why should Congress not be paying what public pays?"

Bipartisan Hse coalition led by Reps Reed/Gottheimer offer health care solution to stabilize mkts. Provide fund for poorest

NEW: Senate GOP tries to pick up the pieces after stunning ObamaCare repeal defeat



Half of Greeks can’t afford a week’s holiday

Stournaras blasts ‘unsatisfactory’ institutions, ‘fortresses’ against excellence

A summer tax tornado as 29.2 billion euros due by year’s end

Prosecutor recommends conviction of ex-ELSTAT chief


Spain's Constitutional Court has unanimously suspended the Catalan parliament's attempt at changing rules for new indy vote in October.

Spain's Constitutional Court is expected to agree to consider a central government challenge later today, suspending Catalan legal moves.

Catalan separatist parties have registered the bill for the new independence referendum in the regional parliament. (La Vanguardia)


Working on a plan....

1 hour ago
The Guardian front page, Tuesday 01.08.17: Trump fires media chief Scaramucci

Justin Welby says chance of agreeing Brexit deal in 18 months 'infinitesimally small' -

Luxembourg PM tells UK: We want our money back:

Philip Hammond 'looking at tax rises':

Europe Odds & Ends...

Italy, IPR poll: M5S-EFDD: 28% ↓ PD-S&D: 24% ↓ LN-ENF: 13% ↑ FI-EPP: 13% ↑ DP-S&D: 6% ↑ FdI-*: 5% ↓ IC-*: 3% ↑ AP-EPP: 3% SI-LEFT: 2%

Italy, Piepoli poll: PD-S&D: 29% ↓ M5S-EFDD: 29% LN-ENF: 14% ↑ FI-EPP: 13% ↑ FdI-NI: 5% ↑ AP-EPP: 3% SI-LEFT: 2% ↓

Poland, Ipsos poll PiS-ECR: 38% PO-EPP: 24% ↓ K'15-*: 11% ↓ N-ALDE: 10% ↑ SLD-S&D: 5% ↑ PSL-EPP 3% ↓ RAZ-LEFT 2% ↓ WOL-NI 1% ↓

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 39% ↓ SPD-S&D: 24% ↓ FDP-ALDE: 9% LINKE-LEFT: 9% AfD-ENF: 8% ↑ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7%

Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 40% SPD-S&D: 25% ↓ FDP-ALDE: 9% LINKE-LEFT: 9% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7% AfD-ENF: 7% ↑

Germany, Emnid poll: CDU/CDU-EPP: 38% SPD-S&D: 24% ↓ LINKE-LEFT: 9% AfD-ENF: 9% ↑ GRÜNE-GREEN: 8% FDP-ALDE: 8%

Odds & Ends.....



Hasan Soufan is the new head of . Was released from Sidnaya in a prisoner swap during last days of ops


ISIS "last stand" pocket near the Tigris in the northwest quadrant of the Old City is completely rubbled...


1 hour ago
CDA calls on election commission to prepare referendum on draft constitution as Tebu representatives reject it -

UN Mission says security delegation visited to assess current situation, will do same in &

Water and Sanitation Co. begins removal of sewage water from the streets of .

Fayez Serraj meets with Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Italian oil company ENI.

Sanalla discusses 2nd phase of modernizing the Bahr al-Salam field with Italian oil company ENI.

and FM's discuss during phone conversation

Like yesterday, a "GLF4" coming from Trapani Birgi airport (Italy) is flying between Msallata and Bani Walid, in western Libya.

Italian Air Force flights today to went right over Irish Navy's patrol ship WB Yeats, curiously stopped offshore Khums since this AM

Besides spying over Misrata today, also flew another ISR mission with same pattern as yesterday...

follows up yesterday's spy plane (ISR) mission just north of with very obvious racetracks today directly over Misrata

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