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Economic News , Data & Views......July 29 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Markets : Doug Noland's Weekly Missive " Five Years Of Whatever It Takes " And Weekly Examination of Global Markets & Key News Of Note ; ECB QE Exit Strategy Subject Of discussion ; Global & Bond Markets Keep Grinding Higher. 2) North Korea Launches 2nd ICBM Friday - Footage , Stills , Reactions And Additional Information. 3) Gulf Rift Updates From Different Points Of View. 4) Syria - Updates On State Of Play. 5) Libya - Political Front , Immigration Related Matters. 6) Odds & Ends - Global

Global Markets Overview....

Doug Noland - This week marks the five-year anniversary of Draghi’s “whatever it takes.”

Interview Sabine Lautenschläger with Mannheimer Morgen

Yeah! We've never had it so good: Global stock AND bond mkts hit fresh highs. Equities now worth $78.1tn, Bonds $48.6tn, highest in history.

North Korea ICBM Launch & Aftermath....

Going to need to do more than that....North Korea knows we have the B-1B bomber and they still went ahead with that 2nd ICBM launch.

Heading out from 🇺🇸 US Air Force KC10 83-0076 ORCA70

Today in Trump policy on North Korea is a statement from the president:

Fwiw , this is a separate tweet , with additional detail concerning B-B bombers on the move from Andersen AFB to Korean Peninsula.

Note the key word "unconfirmed" , but certainly something we should carefully keep our eyes infer further developments.

In a few hours USAF bombers (B-1B) will make the flight from Andersen AFB towards Korean peninsula.

North Korea has learned not just from Gaddafi's fate in Libya-but also Saddam's in Iraq. They will never stop their program voluntarily.

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Exact distance of 998 km provided by and Hokkaido Prefecture of . Red line is camera direction.

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So not quite the same Hwasong-14 ICBM configuration we saw on the first test hence not the same performance

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Geolocation of 2nd test of Hwasong-14 ICBM observation point. 40.6221147, 126.421161

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Launch location - 40.611208°, 126.425743°

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KCNA's numbers aren't too far off: -Range: 998 km -Apogee: 3,724.9 km -Flight time: 47 minutes and 12 seconds

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North Korea says missile test puts 'entire' US in range

Full Hwasong 14 ICBM launch news from North Korean TV with video and stills: Video bit only:

They sure are showing a lot of the firing table.

Here it is! HWasong-14 on July 28.

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The White House is arguing that nuclear weapons make less secure. I don't think till buy that.

China condemns North Korea missile launch: foreign ministry

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has also contacted Foreign Minister Kang to discuss the 's recent test.

The Foreign Minister of and have spoken via telephone; agreeing to tackle with 'maximum pressure'.

US and South Korea conduct missile launch drill amid North Korean tests

US, South Korea fire missiles in water in show of force after North Korean missile launch

South Korea to deploy more THAAD units after North Korea ICBM launch

Gulf Rift....

Saudi-led bloc's joint meeting in Manama today

I believe the Quartet Foreign Ministers are meeting both today and Sunday to discuss current diplomatic rift with Qatar.

confirms its -terror stance at amid doubts

Gulf rift stalemate causing collateral damage to planning for Udeid AB...

Qatar accuses Saudi Arabia of politicising Hajj by restricting Qatari nationals planning to travel to Mecca

Arab foreign ministers to meet in over

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Reaffirms Commitment to Cooperate with Various UN Bodies in Combating Terrorism

ambassador to : Boycotting countries have evidence backs

"Gas production from the world's largest gas field takes centre stage in Qatar-Iran relations and the GCC crisis"

OPINION: ’s spins and maneuvers. Emirati columnist writes


SAA progressing toward Ma'adan....

How Many ISIS Terrorists, Supporters Still Remain in Iraq, Syria?

Rayan Mashaal, also known as Baraa Kadek, was reportedly killed in coalition bombardment on the IS-held town of Mayadeen.

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: Meshaal founded notorious IS news agency Amaq, but before that he was one of dozens of Syrian media activists working in

: On Thursday, said its air strikes killed senior IS media official Rayaan Meshaal near Mayadeen in late May - via

controls the hills surrounding town of and recaptures its gasfield: Sukhnah is 70 km northeast of

Breaking: source just told me the Syrian Army has fire control over Sukhnah Gas Field. Syrian Army is approximately 800 meters from the city

Syrian Regime Approaches Western Borders of from Southern 29-7-2015 take & via

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خريطتان للوضع العسكري في الرقة بعد سيطرة قوات سوريا الديمقراطية والتحالف الدولي على نصف المدينة
Translated from Arabic by 
Organization of the military situation in tenderness after Syria forces of democracy and the International Coalition on half the city.

Meet Can Qamishlo... He has a story to tell you from the frontline in .

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Si. Deir Ezzor controlado por el Gobierno son dos espacios separados. Uno es la base aérea. Te lo amplío en un mapa
Translated from Spanish by 
Yes. Deir Ezzor controlled by the Government are two separate spaces. One is the air base. I extend on a map

: take Jabal al Qulaylāt and Tall Umm Khaşm from v


Ball of confusion....

Redo on Constitution draft after protests....


Disturbed by reports of attacks on the Drafting Assembly HQ in # Bayda . (1/2)

As an independent elected body, the must be allowed to work without intimidation or interference (2/2)

- plans to install an electronic monitoring system on the border with Libya

- Foreign Ministry: The presidential request from does not exceed logistical support

- welcomes the Agreement. "The people should lead the process of political reconciliation in the country,"

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As Haftar camp & allies head into Mar ’18 elections, they’ll ensure some of their political opponents can’t partake

Remember all the blacklists issued when crisis erupted? They must be studied now that various parties are prepping 2018 elex.

Khalifa Haftar: I have not met with Saif Gaddafi but I have been following his movements since his release.

After , Serraj visited & today he is visiting . Both countries expressed concern at French initiative.

GNA's Siala makes it clear that a deal was reached with Italy to allow Italian Navy boats/ships into 's waters upon permission by GNA.

New UN envoy makes it clear that the Skhirat Agreement is the framework for any future settlement in .

Italy ponders Libyan request for help in fight trafficking - Business Insider

A polite revolt 😏

ANALYSIS-RPT-Paris hand-shakes on Libya peace deal mask deep fractures

Odds & Ends....


Venezuela big vote is on deck , Iberia and Air France suspend flights to Venezuela ahead of this seminal moment....

Opposition leaders in Venezuela call for continued protests ahead of Sunday's controversial election

Medical students are risking their lives to save protesters in Venezuela

Phone calls, dismissal threats: Venezuela pressures state workers to vote

1 hour ago
Why is Venezuela's upcoming constituent assembly vote so controversial?

1 hour ago
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U.S. threatens more on Why is Venezuela being punished ? Has Venezuela attacked USA ?

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The Central Bank of Venezuela remains the most successful central bank in the world.

US Politics.....

Robert Costa thread in progress as to why Trump has brought in General Kelly as White House Chief of Staff.....interesting read.

JUST IN: Trump threatens to end key ObamaCare payments if new healthcare bill isn't passed

So script has flipped from Russia & Putin "colluding" with Trump Campaign , to now acting against Trump , who it preferred to win over HRC ?

GOP lawmaker blames Trump for healthcare failure: He "never laid out a plan"

The White House is spiraling, the GOP agenda is stalling, and the president is making staff changes and attacking immigrants:

Trump tweet: If@Senate Democrats ever got the chance, they would switch to a 51 majority vote in first minute. They are laughing at R's.

Trump tweets about budget reconciliation hurting GOP. It eliminates filibusters & lowers bar to 51. Yet Rs still couldn't move health care

Trump tweet: The very outdated filibuster rule must go. Budget reconciliation is killing R's in Senate. Mitch M, go to 51 Votes NOW and WIN.

Trump tweet: GOPers in the Senate will NEVER win if they don't go to a 51 vote majority NOW. They look like fools and are just wasting time

Bannon next in the line of fire ?

White House: Trump plans to sign new Russia sanctions bill

Jared Kushner’s testimony hurts the media’s quest to prove collusion between Trump campaign & Russia.

📄 You can read the entire letter to AG Sessions and Deputy Rosenstein here ↓


Slush Pool along with other mining pools such as Bixin, will not support Bitcoin Cash and its Aug. 1 hard fork execution.

This is a very cool piece and very informative !

Say goodnight to BTC-E....

(+) Long-Term Cryptocurrency Analysis: Bitcoin Holds up Amid Broad Sell-Off

Google: Ransomware Extortionists Net $25 Million in Two Years, 95% Cashed out through BTC-E

BTC-E Domain Seized by Authorities, Alleged Operator Alexander Vinnik Charged by U.S. Grand Jury

Startups Brace for 'Bitcoin Cash' Fork in Wave of Policy Updates

A U.S. judge has handed down a default judgment worth $8.2 million against the CEO of the collapsed Cryptsy exchange

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 2,698.62 USD

German chemical giant BASF has revealed it is investigating blockchain's potential in tracking supply chains

Suspect of Mt Gox Hack and Money Laundering Is Alleged BTC-E Admin Arrested in Greece

After the Bitfinex Hack, Here’s Why Bitstamp Is Sticking With BitGo -

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