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Economic news , Data & Views.....July 3 , 2017......Quick Hits For Monday -1) US Politics : Trump Trolls Media With Fake Wrestling GIF ( Beating Up CNN Logo ) , Which Came After A Baleful Week For CNN ; Trump Calls With Regional Leaders Regarding Gulf Rift ; Paul Manafort To Testify Before House Intel In Near Future ; NJ Political Follies - Budget Deadlock But Beaches Now Open ; Replace & Repeal Updates ; Foreign Policy Updates For Monday ( Putin Sideline Meeting , Syria , China ) ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) Gulf Rift Updates For Today. 3) Syria - News Of Note As Astana Peace Conference Looms . 4) Saudi Arabia In Focus. 5) Europe - Around the Horn - UK , France , Germany , Greece , Italy & Spain . 6) Odds & Ends - Global Items !

US Politics....

New Jersey might have a potential deal to resolve its Government shutdown...Lawmakers could vote tonight !

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Illinois Senate just adjourned. Which means no votes today on the revenue, BIMP and spending plan. They'll be back on Independence Day.

Governor Bruce Rauner's message explaining why he will veto Revenue Tax Bill...

Senate Pres Cullerton says unclear if he'll call tax bill today, must talk to caucus. Would be "very difficult" for Dems to do it alone.

Madigan says Republican leaders "should have been here," re meeting today; plans another meeting tomorrow.

Illinois Chamber of Commerce Pres. Todd Maisch wants Senate to reject the revenue bill and get back to work.

IMA Pres. Greg Baise wants legislators to get back to work with negotiations, says tax hike without reforms is disastrous for state.

Sen. Mike Hastings, a Tinley Park Democrat who voted against tax increase last time, says he's keeping an "open mind."

Senators have been called back to town, but attendance still a question. Leaders meeting again at 1 p.m.

Sit in by House Democratic women in Gov Rauners office demanding a meeting to save our state and keep schools open!!

Fitch notes Illinois "risks losing full control of its budgetary decisions, which would be inconsistent with the current rating."

S&P: If "progress toward a budget falters...minimal margin at its current rating level." In other words, "junk."

1 hour ago
I think you guys are getting played man,” Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) said on CNN’s “New Day” Monday morning.

1 hour ago
Replying to 
“I think every time he does this you guys overreact — and by you guys I mean the media in general — and you play right into his hands.” 2

1 hour ago
President Donald Trump “addressed his concerns” Sunday night about the ongoing diplomatic dispute between Qatar and four of its neighbors 1

Colleague Catherine Herridge confirms Paul Manafort to be interviewed by House Inteligence Cmte as part of Russia probe in near future

Bickering and finger-pointing in NJ continues....

Another nice and sunny day with State Parks & beaches closed in New Jersey.

New Jersey Lt. Gov. rips Christie's beach trip: It's beyond words

NJ beaches are open in 119 of our our 130 miles of coastline. Come and enjoy them--but use sunscreen and hydrate!

Kremlin: Trump expected to talk Syria, terrorism at meeting with Putin

GOP senators warming to idea of repealing then replacing ObamaCare:

Chinese president to Trump: "Negative factors" are weighing on China's relationship with US

Justice Kennedy is telling job applicants he may retire next year: report

"What happens to Assad is Russia's issue, not the US government's," one source said Tillerson told the UN chief in last week's meeting.

Qatar - Arab Quartet Rift

reportedly agreed to Saudi demands to reduce diplomatic elations with Iran if other did the same. Fair enough. (1)

Replying to 
Same response was 's response to cutting economic relations with . Qatar would if other , esp. the do same. (2)

Replying to 
agrees to close 's military base if other members close foreign bases on their soil. (3)

Replying to 
denies relations only with UN-designated terroris organizations &refuses to honor lists by individual nations, incl. US, it seems.(4)

Replying to 
refused to extradite "political refugees". Good to note that Qatar DID extradite a political refugee to when crisis began. (5)

Replying to 
refused to close any media officia or non-official media outlet. (6)

Replying to 
refused to pay compensation to fellow members & demanded compensation for damages from current blockade by some fellow GCC. (7)

Sheikh Al-Thani had earlier said the list of demands was "made to be rejected".

Replying to 
In this unofficial (leaked) list of responses seems to tell its counterparts: "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." (8)

Note sure what this might be , but definitely something to keep an eye on....

Despite saying no cutoff gas pipeline to UAE , note reference to "force majeure" clause in the Dolphin gas pipeline agreement with UAE !

Al Jazeera presents its demands to "The Quartet"

Qatar's Ambassador to the UN responds to Arab quartet accusations against Qatar.

Replying to  
: Delivered by Qatari FM Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani during short visit to mediator Kuwait, Gulf official told

: Qatari response to Saudi-led demands handed to Kuwait: Gulf official - via


1 hour ago
Syria news: Car bomb attack in Damascus, alleged chlorine attack in Damascus suburbs, 0.5M displaced Syrians return

: Army has announced a brief, unilateral cessation of hostilities in Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida to coincide with Astana talks - via

According to UN, almost 500K Syrians have returned to their homes recently – an encouraging sign of Astana talks bearing fruit

Opinion: Are civilians in Iraq & Syria "collateral damage" or are they being deliberately targeted? by

Happening right after the Astana talks July 4-5

SAA announces ceasefire in Southern Syria - Deraa city , Southwestern Quneitra province near Israel and Sweida province in the Southeast.

Desperate counter attack by ISIS fighters dressed as Kurds in Raqqa - by

In last week to asses the campaign and post- phase, stabilization, support for IDPs. Some photos to follow. 1/10

: A new round of talks opens tomorrow, two months after May 4 deal on four de-escalation zones across parts of Syria

Saudia Arabia..

's GDP shrank 0.5% y-o-y in Q1 2017 after a 2.3% contraction in sector - its first fall since 2009

Saudi Arabia Considers Plan for Airport Stake Sale

WSJ article confirms despite KSA denial , former C. P. Nayef has indeed been placed on "Palace Detention" and his bodyguards were replaced.

: Arabia’s King Salman will not be participating in the Summit due to the ongoing Qatar tensions.

Tadawul All Share Index hits a new 52-week high; up over weekend —


Self-described far-right nationalist charged with plotting to shoot Macron during Trump's France visit

ANALYSIS: Why Labour MPs fear election victory could cost them their jobs

NEW: Government extends refugee resettlement scheme to non-Syrians

Brexit negotiating team to drop ‘have cake and eat it’ approach – report

1 hour ago
Mr. Kerevan is no longer the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia. Parliament's website is not up-to-date.

1 hour ago
France to end state of emergency in autumn

NEW: Minister says lifting public sector pay cap 'is under active discussion'

List of the MPs in the UK's All Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia:

France is ready for 'radically new path', Macron tells French lawmakers

Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia describes the Forcadell-Bercow meeting as "excellent", "v. cordial".

Happening right after the Astana talks July 4-5

Spain's ambassador to the US, Pedro Morenés, has written to the New York Times: Catalonia’s Secession From Spain.

Re-elect me and I'll eradicate unemployment, Merkel pledges

In their campaign program for the German election, 's drop the term "friend" in describing relationship with the US - 🤔

Bavarian police confirm that all 18 people missing in the bus crash in southern are dead. Another 30 people were injured.

Venice residents protest against tourist influx

LISTEN: Queen's Speech turmoil, DUP pact, & secrets of parliamentary reporting in our LATEST podcast:

Tsipras defends his government in Parliament, Mitsotakis calls him 'corrupted' by power.

President Macron gathers French MPs together at Versailles and tells them he wants to cut their number a third...

Relentless political lobbying gives Frankfurt edge in Brexit banking race

So much for privacy of patient data....

EU migration plan: Curtail search & rescue operations by NGOs, build new camps in Libya & block up its border, Germany takes more refugees.

The deadline to restructure the loans elapsed on July 1. The NBU will now start the procedure of debt enforcement- as per NBU.

- State of emergency will be lifted in the autumn, President Macron announced.

's promised more police, more homes and full employment by 2025, as part of their program for the election -

Cyprus peace talks enter tough second week at Swiss resort

*CDU-CSU ELECTION PLATFORM OPPOSES MUTUALIZING EURO-AREA DEBT --- just a good old nein would have sufficed.

Italy agrees to draw up migrant rescue 'code of conduct' with France and Germany

Odds & Ends...

1 hour ago

The new conduit comes via Hong Kong, where "qualified investors" will be able to buy debt in China.

FWIW-N.K allegedly sitting on trillions in untapped wealth. The total value of mineral resources is somewhere between $6 & $10 trillion.

Excellent work by the LNA for allowing this to happen, Without them we would still be dealing with Jadran that the PC & endorsed

CHP accused by AKP of being replacing role of FETO and being tools of foreign circles trying to cause chaos.

GNA Navy Spox Ayoub Qassim: NGO's blocking agreement with Europeans on migration control.

to call for a meeting between leaders from and .

Map update July/3/2017 Old city .

Map update Old city. forces are in the last few blocks of the Old city, and Iraqi forces snipers are battling it out.

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