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Economic News , Data & Views....July 4 , 2017.....Quicks Hits For The Fourth Of July -1) State Budget Status Updates For Illinois , Maine , New Jersey & Connecticut - New Jersey And Maine End Gov't Shutdowns , Illinois And Connecticut Still Attempting To Move Forward Through Budgetary Process. 2) Gulf Rift Updates - Qatar Delivered Response To 13 Demands Monday , Quartet Publicly Says No Receipt Of Response Tuesday , Big PowWow Of Quartet Set For Wednesday , Additional Items Of Note On 4th Of July. 3) Europe Financial News Round Up. 4) North Korea Launches Claimed ICBM - Russia Refutes ICBM And Instead Says Intermediate Ballistic Missile. 5) Odds & Ends - Syria & Libya Updates!

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Wishing you a Happy 4th of July from all of us here at News!

Happy Fourth of July!

US State Budget Hang Ups / Gov't Shutdowns


House called to order. A whopping 54 of 118 members here. Not enough for a quorum

Appears the House will wait a few days for override attempt on budget package.

And the overrides are complete. Tax and budget package goes back to House for override, which Speaker Madigan says will not happen today.

Illinois Senate approves major income tax hike despite Rauner veto threat

Last part of budget plan, Illinois Senate votes 36-17 for budget implementation bill.

Roll call on budget implementation bill.

Senate votes 39-14 to pass spending bill.

Roll call on spending bill, 39-14.

Senate votes 36-18 to pass revenue bill.

Roll call on revenue bill in Senate. Sen. Righter, a Republican, who voted yes.

Here we go. Illinois Senate starting debate on revenue bill.

The House is in later this afternoon, so it's possible the passage/veto/override process could play out late into the day.

If it passes, Gov. Bruce Rauner has vowed immediate veto.

Tuesday's Page 1: Stories by & Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas, photo by

Cullerton spokesman confirms the Senate will vote on all three bills, revenue, spending and budget implementation.

Senate President Cullerton statement says Senate will vote on a "balanced budget" on Tuesday. Does not specify which bills.

Quick change. Illinois Senate now reconvening at 9:30 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. on Tuesday.


Maine ends 3-day government shutdown

Details of the $7.1 billion budget signed by , ending 's state government shutdown overnight:

New Jersey

BREAKING: New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie signs $34.7B budget deal following impasse that led to 3-day government shutdown.

Christie to sign bill ending New Jersey's government shutdown


Democrats put forth two-year state budget

The City of announced a freeze on spending and hiring amid uncertainty around state

US Politics.....

White House says that the meeting between President Trump and President Putin is set for Friday afternoon.

China and Germany expected to take up leadership role long held by US at G-20: report

Finally Maine, with the worst governor in the US, does the right thing, what we voters wanted, privacy.

Maryland official resigns from Trump's voter fraud commission

Pentagon withholding nuclear weapons inspection results: report

North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Hard to believe that South Korea.....

....and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!

Qatar - Arab Quartet Rift...

💢 Q exprsd readiness 2answer terror-related demands,discuss + demands n direct talks incl:AJA,TR base&compensations:

💢 this 👆 according to , Editor-In-Chief of Kuwaiti daily el-Siyassah. "

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💥 Ahead of deadline tonight: FM: Quartet demands 'unrealistic', constitutes a 'violation to our sovereignty'. "



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💥 |n Army Spox holds press conf. in Cairo 2dy re documents 2 be submitted by Libya to ICC on 's support of terror in his country

UAE says still awaiting Qatar response to Arab demands

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Kuwait Emir’s Envoy to Deliver Letter to Qatar Ruler Amid Crisis: BBG

UAE says Qatar "reluctant" to end support of "terrorism" and Arab allies await Qatar's answer on demands

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Sources in Kuwait said Qatari response handed over to the Quartet states already. Official confirmation pending.

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Tho new deadline ends 2nt, I guess we have 2wait until Wed. 4 official response as Quartet FMs hold important mtng in Cairo.

Veteran diplomat tells Fox News: using US base as guarantee ‘to do as it wants’

Qatar to increase gas production by 30 percent and will not shut gas pipeline to the UAE

OPINION: What happens to if it rejects Gulf demands? Fahad asks:

"Qatar Petroleum will not be affected by the siege" Qatar to increase natural gas production by 30%

Qatar says it will boost liquefied natural gas output by 30%, flouting the Saudi-led boycott

Saudi Ruler Cancels Attendance at G20 Summit amid Persian Gulf Crisis

GCC & Muslim Brotherhood - one pot on this sensitive subject matter.


US Govt Seeks To Intervene In Apple's Appeal Vs EU Order To Pay Back Taxes To Ireland – RTRS Sources

| Italian court to hear $3 bln claim against Morgan Stanley - source - Reuters

| Monte Paschi's Italian Rescue Wins Nod After Months of Talks - Bloomberg

Weighted avg maturity of German bonds purchased by ECB rebounds from record low

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It's legacy, period! among the most fiscally sound member states in the . They ran an avg primary surplus of >2% since 1995.

Italian interpretation of BRRD: Monte Paschi's Italian Rescue wins EU nod after months of talks.

Much slower pace of government bond purchases from the ECB in the latest week

Weighted Average Maturity Of ECB Holdings Total: 7.90 Years (Prev. 7.97 Years)


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ICYMI: Sweden's Riksbank leaves repo rate unchanged at -0.5%

ECB Praet: ECB must be persistent with policy

ICYMI: BOE's McCafferty says changing policy would be "prudent"

ForexLive European morning news wrap: A roller coaster ride but USD demand prevailing

North Korea....

I think you need to come a lot stronger with a show of force to get the attention of North Korea.....frankly , this is a show of weakness.

Spending my 4th in meetings all day.

Via US official says "all indications" - meaning height flown, length of time in flight - are test-launched

US Requests Closed-Door UN Security Council Meeting On N Korea Missile Launch

: The ballistic missile launch early this morning threatens regional and international security ☞

FWIW , Russia which tracked missile launch by North Korea , says not an ICBM launched today , rather an intermediate ballistic missile.

North Korea claims to have launched an ICBM earlier today.

MORE: North Korea ballistic missile "greatly exceeded" altitude of 2,500 km - Japan defense ministry

Hwasong-14. Should be this missile, unless we're wrong about the numbering system.

First images of Hwasong-14 ICBM in flight being released via KCTV now.

Odds & Ends....


Astana Talks open....5th Round Underway...

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: Syrian Elite Forces spox tells Old City rocked by "fierce clashes since dawn today, w/ 200 of our fighters mobilising to area."

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: In numbers: Pop of ~300k before IS. Numbers relatively stable over 3-year IS rein: many fled, but many also came *to* Raqa

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: Expect fierce resistance from Old City. IS launched counterattack from there last week on SDF forces in Al-Senaa - via

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: SDF said "precise air strike allowed opening of 2 small 25-metre gaps in the wall." Fight now inside the Old City - via

: Major news today - Syrian Democratic Forces + Syrian Elite Forces breach IS defenses & enter Raqa's Old City for 1st time - via


Benghazi iconic lighthouse and Dawa Building damaged as LNA makes advances in fierce Sabri fighting -

Fayez Serraj: Stages of returing Int'l Airport to work will begin from now.

House of Representatives receives invitation from to visit, discuss amending political agreement

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