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Economic News , Data & Views......July 2 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday-1) US State Budget Crisis Updates : Illinois - Sunday Showdown As Dem Budget Negotiator Rep Greg Harris Says Senate Bill 9 ( Which Provides For Permanent Income Tax Hike ) Will Be Called For Key Vote Sunday ; New Jersey - New Jersey Shutdown Continues , Governor Christie Orders Lawmakers Back ; Maine - Maine Shutdown Continues For Second Day , GOP Offers Budget Proposal To End Shutdown. 2) UK Political Sunday - Political Updates For Sunday. 3) US - Political News & Views For Sunday. 4) MENA - Iraq , Syria , Libya & Gulf Rift In Focus. 5) Odds & Ends - Local News From France , Germany & Italy , Greece Updates , News Touching On North Korea , Additional Items As Circumstances Warrant Sunday.

Budget Crisis Center...


( Updated As Events Occur)

Legislative leaders will meet at 1 p.m. on Monday about remaining reforms.

Or: I will play budgetary chicken rather than campaigning to roll it back after 1st undoing damage we both did to IL

Gov. Rauner says he'll veto the revenue bill.

Vote on Spending Bill

Madigan in statement says "there is more work to be done." Dems will work with Republicans on other resolution of other issues on table.

Madigan statement on revenue and budget vote: "While none could say this was an easy decision, it was the right decision."

Statement from Speaker Madigan.

After just 20 minutes of debate, spending bill passes Illinois House 81-34.

Spending bill passes Illinois House.

Illinois House is going straight to voting on the spending bill.

Now on to the spending portion of this budget.

Vote on Tax Bill ( after Debate Concludes)

Edit: 15 Including reps from all downstate state University communities EXCEPT Illinois State. D.Brady, Sommer = no

Getting tax bill through House is a major step. It now goes to Senate, then governor. 72 votes notable, takes 71 to override a veto.

And here's our first story on Illinois House income tax vote...

Tax increase passes 72-45. Here's roll call.

Debate on Tax/ Revenue Bills

House Speaker Madigan watches final speaker before vote on tax increase.

Just two more speakers in tax debate. Vote coming soon.

Dems may take a test vote ( roll call vote on tax bill ) to see if the votes are there to actually call a vote on the Spending Bill.

Speaker Madigan in the chamber.

Rep. Reginald Phillips, R-Charleston, says he will vote for tax hike. EIU in his district, says he was able to go to school on a MAP grant.

Bryant, of Murphysboro, said she is on far right but state must have balanced budget. "I am probably going to get primaried for this."

Rep. Mike Unes, a Republican, also rises in support. Says schools in his district won't open without a budget.

Rep. Unes, R-Pekin, says he's voting yes for the tax bill: "We should have never gotten to this point. It is shameful. It is embarrassing."

Rep. Breen: "This is essentially a blackmail budget. We are here today because reform negotiations..are now being cut off."

He says if bills get to governor's desk, Rauner should sign them. "Bring this madness to an end."

We're "voting for the largest tax increase in Illinois, but we forget.. people outside of this chamber who are going to pay for it," he said

House GOP Leader Jim Durkin says no reforms to relieve burden on families and businesses

Tax bill now up on House floor. Gets a 65-48 vote when amendment is adopted.

Durkin says he cannot speak for what his members may do.

Rep. Greg Harris:"Today we can change the awful trajectory of our past several years. We can vote. We can do our jobs. We can get it done."

An interesting take & backstory regarding one possible roadblock impeding a Budget Deal. Fwiw.

Illinois House beginning debate on revenue bill.


Looks like General Assembly gets going at 2pm today.... and don't forget to get your popcorn.

Talks between Dems & GOP broke down Saturday. Sunday Budgetary showdown between Assembly Speaker Madigan & Republicans aligned w/Gov Rauner.

Tax vote update: Sponsor Rep. Greg Harris says he'll call Senate Bill 9 -so PERMANENT income tax increase (vs Rauner wanting a temp)- Sunday

State Rep. Greg Harris confirms it is his revenue amendment that will be called on House floor tomorrow.

New Jersey

1 hour ago
Christie spent night with family in shuttered Island Beach State Park via

1 Philadelphia News Search Businesses (New Jersey shutdown continues; Christie orders lawmakers back) Philade ... -

All New Jersey beaches are closed for holiday weekend due to shutdown — except to Chris Christie’s family

How the state shutdown could alter July 4 weekend plans

1 hour ago
Maine, New Jersey governments shut down after clashes between governors, legislatures


Maine Lawmakers to Try to End Shutdown on Second Day

Maine GOP offers budget proposal to end state shutdown -


A year after the vote , one pov on where things stand.

Andrew Neil question Richard Burgon regarding Labour position on custom union....

Jon Ashworth on Andrew Marr ...Marr asks is Labour an Ant-EU Party ?

Michael Gove - Discusses DUP Deal With Andrew Marr...

Labour is 'too broad a church', says party chairman

Emily Thornberry hits out at 'virtue-signalling' Chuka Umunna after single market vote

This week's top stories: Priti Patel claims Labour's role on Brexit is to support the Government

This week's top stories: Theresa May 'agrees to lift public sector pay cap after Tory MPs march on Downing Street'

Recap: Theresa May has 'hamstrung' Brexit negotiations, says former George Osborne and David Davis adviser

US Politics.........

GOP senator: I wish that both parties were working on healthcare

White House denies tensions between Trump and Pence staff

Tillerson had second tense meeting with White House aide: report

Activists use congressional break to attack GOP on ObamaCare repeal

Sunday morning talking heads

“It’s not easy making America great again, is it?”

Tillerson pushes back on Trump aide suggesting changes to State Department: report



East Khanaser MAP:SAA and allies liberated 1500km2 area north of Resafa -Ithriya road from ISIS.No more ISIS in province.

Replying to 
Final casualty numbers for the suicide bomber attack that targeted the IDP camp is 19 wounded, 14 dead including 4 kids.

Interesting thread ( 14 tweets ) on ISIS silver coin.

Theodore Postol , professor emeritus at MIT , states - Khan Sheikhoun nerve agent attack in Syria was staged.

1 hour ago
OPCW report said sarin nerve gas was used in alleged attack in Khan Sheikhun. But it didn't blame any party to the conflict for the attack.

1 hour ago
Replying to 
should be defeated in , Deir al-Zour, Mayadeen, al-bu Kamal & al-Qamal for & to be safer. War on is stil on.

1 hour ago
Replying to 
is expected 2continue its insurgency/car bombs/ suicide attacks but it can no longer hold cities n & . is crumbling.

Despite split in White House over how aggressively 2 counter Iran/Assad, If US won't pay 4 schools, elec, etc., cities will revert to Damas

Replying to 
Suicide bomber kills 18 after deadly car chase through capital


Map update Old City . Green= completely liberated. Red= Clashes.

Congress threatens to intervene in internal Iraqi affairs - may cut annual payment to Iraq Kurd fighters , If Kurds break with Baghdad.

destruction of Bab Al-Tub Old city .

Two wrongs never make "one right". Part one.

Two wrongs never make"one right." Part two. Don't continue if graphic war footage will offend.

1 hour ago
Replying to 
Battle of took a long time only because there were over 1 million civilians trapped in the cities: nothing to do w/ capability

Replying to 
is expected 2continue its insurgency/car bombs/ suicide attacks but it can no longer hold cities n & . is crumbling.

Replying to 
Wherever was present in Sunni cities in , these suffered tremendously. , the old city, is almost destroyed. Price was high.


threatens it will close its ports to migrants.

Interim Gov't FM Mohamed Dayri: No place for terrorists in 's political solution

Third Saudi arrest -

Gulf Rift.....

Facts expose the falsehood of the accusations of the blockading countries that Qatar supports terrorism

Arab Quartet blinks first - Blockade Nations agree to give a 48 hour extension based on Kuwait's request. Qatar did not request more time.


1 hour ago

at-the-ready to negotiate fact-based claims with countries - hope our willingness is not met with more blackmail, lies

Note-Kuwaiti banks have no intention of withdrawing their deposits & investments from Qatar-Kuwaiti official source told Reuters on Sunday.

As deadline approaches , ball will shift to court of Arab quartet...

Boycott vs Blockade - examining the issues presented...

What you need to know on how the Qatar crisis will impact the UK |

1 hour ago
Qatar defiant as deadline nears to resolve Gulf rift

Qatar FM Al-Thani - Qatar will not meet any of 13 demands made by KSA and its allies, offering instead "a proper condition for a dialogue."

Al Jazeera vows it will not shutdown , despite demand from Arab Quartet.

stock exchange drops by 2.3 pct as deadline nears

One Day Before The Saudi Ultimatum Expires, A Defiant Qatar Is "Ready To Face The Consequences"

Saudis-Emiratis telling Qatar to shut is "as if China had ordered Britain to abolish the BBC"--Economist.

ready for consequences as the emirate is prepared to let pass the deadline for complying w/ 13 demands.

Odds & Ends...

Man held for theft of rocket launchers from French train

UN refugee chief says Italy needs support helping migrants

Pope dismisses German doctrine chief in turbulent week for Vatican

Tsipras to defend his government's record in Parliament

Italy-bound migrants land on Crete

1 hour ago

North Korea vows nuclear destruction of U.S. if pressure continues

Trump to speak with Xi, Abe as North Korea, steel issues loom

North Korea launches new “Jindallae 3” domestically-produced smartphone

Moon's efforts for inter-Korean ties to gain pace with Trump's support

Beijing warns Washington that measures on its enterprises may impact Sino-U.S. efforts on DPRK

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