Thursday, July 20, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......July 20 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Thursday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Friday , Market Moving Data & News As Available ; US - US Stock Indexes Mixed Today - Nasdaq Extends Winning Streak But Dow & S&P Off Moderately , Gold Down Modestly , Crude Oil Down Modestly , Treasuries Catch A Bit Of A Bid ; Europe Stock Indexes Also Mixed - No Big Draghi Bounce Today. 2) US Politics - Domestic & International News De Jour. 3) Greece - Economic Developments & Privatization Updates. 4) UK - EU Exit Talks Items. 5) Gulf Rift Updates For Thursday. 6) Saudi Royale Decrees Impacting State Security - Separated From Interior Ministry. 7) Odds & Ends !



Economic data due from Asia today

HSBC on the Australian jobs report - what it means for the RBA (spoiler - rate hike!)

BOJ says goodbye to two persistent dissenters

More China comments on steel - US/China had in-depth discussions on cutting capacity


1 hour ago
Forexlive America FX news wrap. Draghi can't keep the EUR down

Nasdaq up for the 10th day in a row, and new record but just barely

WTI Futures Settle At $46.79/Bbl, Down $0.33


IMF approves (in principle) $1.8bn standby loan facility for Greece

Euro major stock indices mixed on the day

No surprises so far...

Euro jumps to $1.1567 on Draghi comments. Says ECB is "finally" experiencing a robust recovery. Has to wait for wages & inflation to follow.

ECB’s Draghi: To Stay In Market For A ‘Really Long Time’

US Politics...

JUST IN: Trump to name Scaramucci as White House communications director: report

JUST IN: Trump's lawyers looking to discredit Mueller as special counsel investigation heats up: report

Fwiw - Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe....

(1) US Pres. Trump: Merck, Pfizer And Corning Announce That Glass Packaging Will Be Made In US - RTRS

(2) US Pres. Trump: Companies Expect Total Investment To Reach $4 Bln - RTRS

U.S. State Dept: has lost control of all the territory it had held in

US and Russia are working on joint cyber security group that Trump said "can't happen"


Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves Trump's FBI pick

Justice Department has now taken down two of the three largest black markets. Go get the third one...

Paul: Dems are running a "partisan witch hunt" against Trump because they lost the election

Sessions staying in place for now...

So w/Mueller making it clear he intends to explore Trump business transactions with Russians , what does Trump do ?

Intel Dem suggests Trump Jr. had even more undisclosed meetings, phone calls:


Turkish earthquake has triggered a tsunami -

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2. 6.7 or 6.9 magnitude Earthquake. 2 dead. First images out of , credit:

IMF head LaGarde: Greek deal only effective if makes debt sustainable

1 hour ago
IMFs Velculescu expects discussions on debt relief with Europeans to be completed soon/new DSA necessary when debt agreement reached

1 hour ago
IMFs Velculescu says that the Executive Board agreed not to set deadline for debt solution "in order to avoid creating expectations"

Delays to PPC, DESFA privatizations

More firms licensed to manage bad loans

Double-digit increase in air arrivals from abroad

Social security contribution hike buoys budget

Greece debt at €310.6bn, 176.2% of GDP in Q1, says Eurostat

Hotel workers strike against labor reforms

UK-EU Talks...

UK TradeMin Fox: Failing To Replicate Current Open Trading Relationship With EU Would Have Ripples In ‘Global Economy’- RTRS

UK TradeMin Fox: Aiming For A Much Better Scenario - RTRS

UK TradeMin Fox: Brexit On WTO Terms Wouldn’t Be "The End Of The World" - - RTRS

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Barnier: 1st round of Brexit talks was about organisation, this week has been about presentation next round should be about clarification

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Barnier: I know one has to compromise in negotiations but we're not there yet

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Barnier: In the next session the UK should clarify how it intends to maintain the common travel area after leaving the EU

Barnier: any reference to European citizens rights imply the oversight of ECJ

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Brexit Secretary David Davis says he has been "encouraged by progress" on key issues during talks with EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier

Gulf Rift....

Cutting through the diplo-talk , parts of Tehran's representation in Kuwait has been apparently shut by Kuwait.

Qatar to release hack report. Turkey asks KSA to drop demands directed to Qatar. China and Qatar FMs set to meet.

Saudis not backing down regarding Qatar.


Series of tweet detailing alleged hack of Qatar..

Qatar Details Of Hack...

Saud Arabia...

royal : New apparatus for state to be created

royal : to be split from Interior Ministry

royal : Interior to be member of Political and Security Affairs

: : Appoints Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al- as head of security apparatus at the rank of

Odds & Ends ...

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After masses came out to protest against Jabhat a-Nusra/HTS today in Saraqeb, Idlib their fighters retreated from the town.

Tal Afar assault appears imminent...

U.S. State Dept: has lost control of all the territory it had held in

What's NK up to now ?

Diplomatic Source: Haftar and Serraj to meet in a European capital.

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