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Economic News , Data & Views... July 22 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) Libya - Current Developments. 2) Syria State Of Play. 3) Qatar - Gulf Rift Updates. 4) Global Markets Overview - Doug Noland Essay & Overview For The Week That Just Passed. 5) US Politics Round Up - Russia , Russia Related Probes & 'Replace & Repeal" Dominating News Cycle. 6) Europe - Ten Noteworthy Items For Saturday. 7) Odds & Ends - Iran & North Korea In Focus , Additional Items To Be Added As Warranted !


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For 1st time in more 3 yrs, passengers can travel by bus from to . Ticket cost is 35 LYD

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LNA's air raids against DMSC targets in continue despite reports of reconciliation efforts between LNA/DMSC.

Khartoum renews late May’s accusation: -ese mercenaires in Haftar’s employ increasingly weaponized by

Defend Europe Prepares to Sail for Libya - The Maritime Executive

Libya Burning: Domestic Conflict, Foreign Interventions, Terrorism

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26 civilians were killed due to mines in one month. 'The daily average of those dying or injured is 4-5 people'


Big story ! HTS just took a big hit...

Syrian Arab Army captured Sabkhawi and several hills from Islamic State Map:

Syrian Democratic Forces fully captured Rafiqah district in the Old City of Raqqa Map:

agrees on safe zone mechanism with group

CIA did not end Syria rebel support 'to appease Russia', the head of the US military's special operations said

Assassination attempt on Mohammed Jamal which is head of the FSA local council in the Kurdish town of Qabasin north of Al Bab.

Isis will not benefit from being destroyed in Syria. Arab Rebels refused to fight al-Qaida or Isis. Fought along side radicals. Obtuse

Syria Demands Compensation from US-Led Coalition Over Infrastructure Destruction

Since the outbreak of Syria's war in 2011, Turkey has welcomed more than 3 million Syrian refugees


2 DOJ officials will be placed in Qatar's general prosecution office to work w/ Qatar to charge individuals accused of financing terrorists.

UAE Minister : I had hoped ’s emir speech would have been an initiative for revision

UAE minister: no dialogue with Qatar until it revises policies

Analysis: The Qatar blockade is threatening the OPEC deal

Key highlights from Qatar's Emir speech on the GCC crisis:

'The blockade has made Qatar stronger' CEO discusses the impact of the Gulf crisis

Any talks must respect Qatar sovereignty, says Sheikh Tamim Follow the latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

Qatar’s Emir Issues Demands to End Dispute with Saudi-Led Regimes

Global Markets....

Doug Noland Weekly Missive " New Age Mandate " & Round Up Of Key Data And News For The Week.

Barkindo also stated any question could be discussed - in reference to question of whether Libya & Nigeria production will be raised- BBG

Bad omen for meeting on Monday: Saudi Arabia may experienced 1st recession in 15yrs as Kingdom has cut it's oil production. (via BBG)



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The madness of the synchronized stock and bond rally is fueled by CenBanks and can only stopped by them!

has dropped sharply driven by familiar OPEC/rebalancing conversations ahead of Monday's meeting.

Deutsche Bank, VW, Daimler, Siemens at risk of fallout as the Germany-Turkey political spat spreads. A lot at stake!

US Politics....

Interesting thread on Senate Judiciary Committee Agreement with Don Trump Jr and Paul Manafort. Tweet number one of thirteen.

Don Trump Jr and Paul Manafort will give recorded interviews , in lieu of testimony in a public hearing.

Troubling sidelining of the State Department.Tillerson certification view backed by Mattis , McMaster And Dunford-opposed by Bannon & Gorka.

Glenn Simpson has declined to voluntarily attend Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing regarding compliance with FARA.

DNC has its own set of troubles....

Grassley tells leaker with information on alleged Russian officials' talks w/Sessions to "end speculation" , release full conversation.

House will vote on bill restricting Trump's ability to ease Russian sanctions

Trump appears to confirm reports of Sessions' discussions with Russian ambassador in tweet

Trump troubled after learning that Mueller can look at his tax returns: report

White House announces Scaramucci will report directly to Trump, bypassing Priebus

Major portions of GOP healthcare bill found to violate Senate rules

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Sessions discussed Trump campaign with Russian ambassador despite claiming he didn't: report

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Trump asserts his "complete power to pardon" after reports he's discussing pardons in Russia investigation

Donald Trump's new ambassador in Berlin: Who is ?

Trump: Republican senators must "step up" and pass healthcare bill

Minneapolis police chief steps down amid uproar over Australian woman's death

White House: Trump won't rule out pardoning himself or staffers in Russia probe

House ldrs agree on Russia/Iran sanctions bill. Includes NKorea, oil projects, congress role. Vote next week


Addition add-ons

Markus Soeder skeptical on euro zone finance minister and concerned about huge intrusion into sovereignty regarding EZ state Budgets.

Ten Items to consider...

Italy deals blow to citizenship rights for migrants

Turkey reserves area in Aegean for military exercises

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Kos damage ‘concentrated within small area,’ officials assure

A new lease of life for Germany's industrial wastelands

Poland Senate passes contested Supreme Court reforms

New report: Massive collusion amongst German automakers

French wine production at 'historically low' levels

France must build more migrant centres, rights watchdog says

Fresh boost for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour make gains from Tories and Lib Dems

Blow for government as public sector borrowing soars by nearly £2bn in June

Odds & Ends.....

North Korea...

North Korea's Hwasong-14 test: propaganda ploy or the real deal?

Beijing’s approach to N. Korea “insufficient”: former Communist Party professor


Iran begins production of controversial anti-aircraft missiles

OPINION: Why is Kuwait angry with Iran - Al Arabiya English Interesting. Iranian Mullahism disillusions Kuwait---

Stop playing games with the Iranian nuclear deal. Good editorial in

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Text for Russia/NKorea/Iran sanctions measure due up in Hse next wk

Qatar - rally Qataris behind royal family, wrecked GCC, eased Iran’s isolation & challenged Washington

How Iran gains vast benefits from its softly spoken salemen, by

Trump wants Bannon, Gorka, Harvey & other WH Iran hawks to set up option to decertify the Iran deal in 90 days.

's account of what happened in Friday meeting of Joint Committee

Additional Items Of Note...


Something to keep an eye on...


Venezuela’s opposition just appointed their own set of Supreme Court judges

Currency Meltdown Deepems...

Venezuelans marched to the Supreme Court in Caracas to demand embattled President Nicolas Maduro leave office

’s annual inflation, which I measure daily, soars to 756%. New recent high.

Why strike deepens domestic, foreign divisions? Click to learn more

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