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Economic News , Data & Views.....July 19 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Wednesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Thursday , Market Moving News & Data ; US : US Stock Indexes All End Green Today , Spot Gold Down A Tad , US Crude Continues On Its Recent Run , US Treasury Yields Edge Higher ; Europe Major Stock Indexes Rebound , News Of Note To Consider. 2) US Politics : Russia Probes & Russia News In General ; Foreign Policy Items ; Immigration Updates ; Replace & Repeal Items : Additional Political News Of Note. 3) Europe : Ten Items To Consider From Europe , That You May Have Missed Today. 4) Odds & Ends - Global Edition


SHFE Rebar keeps on falling, now -3.8%

US and China talks in Washington end in deadlock as threat of trade war rises

PBoC has to inject liquidity 4 days in a row via reverse repo to soothe A-Share.

Asian stocks on track for longest win streak in well over 2 years. 9 days and counting

Australia, NAB Business Survey for Q2: business confidence 7 (prior 7)

Australia June Employment Change 14k (est 15k, prev rev 38k), Australia June Unemployment Rate 5.6pct (est 5.6pct, prev rev 5.6pct)

Here's your big picture on the Australia jobs front. 2017 has been solid.

Trump's honeymoon with appears to be over. No joint statement after economic talks. News briefing cancelled.

PBOC sets USD/CNY reference rate for today at 6.7464 (vs. yesterday at 6.7451)

Bloomberg on the BOJ - "questions about the sustainability of its easing program"

Japan's Cabinet Office statement - Japan still in 'moderate' economic recovery

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US officials comment on trade with China - remarks on trade deficit

Japan June Exports 9.7pct y/y (est 9.5pct, prev 14.9pct) Japan June Import 15.5pct y/y (est 14.4pct, prev 17.8pct)

Japan June Trade Surplus JPY439.9B (est JPY488B, prev Deficit JPY204.2B)

Economic data due from Asia today - BOJ day!


Healthcare hope keeps stocks bid. Record closes.

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Guess what? Stocks reach new all time highs again

US crude oil futures settle at $47.12 /bbl.


European stocks end the day mostly higher

"Barely more than one in 10 UK firms putting Brexit plans into effect" warns IoD

German fin min report - risks to economy from Brexit, US trade policies

US Politics.....

Russia Probes & Russia Generally...

Mueller warned not to cross Trump's redline on family finances unrelated to Russia probe. File that one away for future reference.

Donald Trump has soured on Attorney General Jeff Sessions....

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Manafort's testimony should be interesting...

1 hour ago
Trump Jr and Manafort will be testifying in an open session. Get your popcorn..

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Foreign Policy

Iran thinks it is close to one of its main goals in Iraq - control of territory and pushing US out.. will US push back?

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Working w Russia to destroy ISIS in Syria helps US & EU to halt jihadi operations in West. Arming FSA offers no leverage, only Kills Syrians

US Pres Trump: Asked If He Will Impose Tariffs On Steel Imports, Says "Could Happen" – RTRS

Financial aid and military aid cut off to syrian rebels


ICE update...

BREAKING: Supreme Court says Trump administration can enforce refugee ban for now.

Replace & Repeal....

Axios: Trump not quite ready to kill ObamaCare subsidies

CBO Estimates Republican Senate Bill To Repeal Obamacare Would Decrease Federal Budget Deficit By $473b 2017-2026

Hot darn....

US Senator Hatch: First senate procedural vote on repealing Obamacare could be Monday



US Political Oddities...

Breaking: John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

Growing more troubling by the moment...

Poll: Voters cool on Trump Jr’s Russia meeting but resist impeachment


Départ d'un chef Gal Pierre de Villiers
Translated from French by 
Departure of a Chief Gal Pierre de Villiers

PM May on the war path...

Belgium: Poland close to having EU voting rights stripped over judicial reforms - Timmermans - You... via

No more diplomatic blabla. Loud and clear language from Germany on arrest human rights defenders in .

Households battered by the crisis

"While the people we end up arresting in Italy are small fry, the bigwigs responsible for human trafficking remain in Libya"

Left-wing attempt to kill political opponents no longer unthinkable, Berlin authorities warn

Interesting reporting on Orbán's Hungary and Putin's Russia: . Worrisome, too.

State audit tribunal to order Artur Mas and three others to pay €5 million for the Nov 9, 2014 Catalan independence referendum. (El Mundo)

Europa Press reports former Caja Madrid chairman Miguel Blesa was killed by a rifle bullet, not a shotgun blast.

Odds & Ends...

Venezuela's military chiefs reaffirm loyalty to President Maduro, say will protect a controversial upcoming vote

This is insane.

Turkish troops begin joint exercises

These pictures show how ethereum is taking over the digital currency world

- Navy spox announced an ship arrival with specialists to repair Italian ships provided to Coast Guard and Port Sec

Qatar's National Human Rights chairman: Gulf states 'rebuff bid to ease humanitarian impact' of Qatar blockade

Intelligence shows preparing possible ICBM test

China had more exports in 2016 than Russia, India, the UK, Italy and France combined.

New details emerge about meeting that touched off Saudi palace coup:

One of the most interesting parts in a great article in the intrigue in the Saudi palace coup

Leaving without a deal could enable the UK to legally exit without paying a penny

If someone told me few years back Al A'raji would be welcomed by CP, I would say she was day- dreaming.KSA playing catchup with

Revenge killings are not the answer , just adds more fuel to sectarian fires.

Once again , US sources debunk a Quartet claim against Qatar.

Mustafa Sanalla ( NOC): Our goal is to reach 1.25 million barrels of oil production per day in 2017.

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: In response, appears to have launched a push to seal off the Bab al-Hawa crossing, taking Sarmada & al-Dana from Ahrar al-Sham.

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Ahrar al-Sham/ fighting spreading across , W. & N. ; sizable chunks of territory changing hands & heavy weapons used.

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