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Economic News , Data & Views......July 1 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) As Arab Quarter 10 Day Deadline Of July 3rd For Qatar To Accept 13 Demands Approaches , Here Are The Latest Updates Of Note - To Be Updated During Course Of Saturday. 2) US Politics - Saturday Morning Catch Up On Recent Developments - Mueller Probe Updates , Vote Fraud Commission Request For Data Widely Panned By Various States , Maxine Waters Calls For Trump Impeachment , GOP Spending Bill Nuggets , Threats Against Members Of Congress Spike , Opinion Pieces To Consider. 3) Illinois Budget Cliff-Hanger Continues July 1st - Third Year Running For State Of Illinois Without A Budget. 4) New Jersey Gov't Shuts Down, Maine Has Partial Gov't Shutdown , Connecticut Sees Governor Sign Executive Order Taking Over Spending After State Fails To Pass Budget And Puerto Rico Is Still A Mess. 5) Fall Of Marine Le Pen. 6) Syria Updates For Saturday. 7) Iraq Status Regarding West Mosul Operation. 8) Libya News De Jour.

Gulf Rift.....

So , we're at at the point of asking - what comes next ?

Al-Thani - "This list of demands is to be rejected, not to be accepted. We are willing to engage in dialogue but under proper conditions."

Qatar rejects Arab Quarter Demands - to read individuals response , go to each subtweet and hit translate function.

💢 FM rejects 4-state demands:accusing Q of suprtng terror ironic;wold knows our efforts in combating terror:)

NHRC and Lalive sign contract. Lalive granted right to pursue cases of Qatar citizens and foreign residents affected by the blockade.

Putin and King of Bahrain discuss Qatar.

Srcs also say announcement on Quartet military base in Bahrain to be made once Qatar JULY 3 deadline expires.Answer to TR one

H/T Hasan Sari-Srcs say Saudi/UAE will ask Qatar 2give them back thr $20B in deposits.Egypt 2request $60B in compensations against Q terror

Turkey snubs Trump's Special Envoy McGurk. He was only able to meet Deputy Undersecretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara

AFHR condemns Qatar labeling the boycott imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt as a “blockade”.

كل البنوك البريطانية التي ذكرتها قناة العربية ((تنفي)) خبر وقف التعامل مع الريال القطري 👇👇
Translated from Arabic by 
All British banks mentioned by Arabic channel (( denies)) News stop dealing with the Qatari riyal 👇👇

Turkey to add 1,000 more soldiers to Qatar deployment ahead of Arab Quartet deadline of July 3rd.

A “declaration of war without blood” has been made against Qatar by the countries which have imposed a siege on the Persian Gulf state.

Al Thani told Al Jazeera he gave them "updates on the situation" and urged "all of them to call for a lifting of the blockade on Qatar".

issues correction to ‘distorted’ reports appearing in media —

Replying to 
Arabia has given an ultimatum to meet demands before lifting blockade on the small country.

US Politics...

Undercover video shows CNN producer calling Trump voters "stupid as sh-t"

Manhattan public corruption prosecutor joining special counsel Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

"What Are They Trying To Hide" Trump Asks After 29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel

Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?

Kentucky Secretary of State: "Not enough bourbon in Kentucky" to make me give Trump commission voter data

Nearly half of all states refuse to hand over voter data to Trump voter fraud commission

1 hour ago
NEW: Democrats believe they have the momentum to kill the Senate GOP healthcare bill

Mississippi to Trump voter fraud commission: "Go jump in the Gulf of Mexico"

Maxine Waters calls for Trump impeachment: "He's gone too far"

GOP spending bill would allow churches to endorse political candidates

Trump’s crude tweets: Would anyone else be fired?

GOP senator faces backlash from constituents over healthcare bill at town hall

Capitol police have investigated more threats against members of Congress so far this year than in all of 2016

Patriotism once united us. Now it divides us.

Why Trump’s vengeful tweeting matters

House Speaker Ryan worries that the appropriation committee’s action on Thursday could undercut the military

House Speaker Ryan tells RealClearPolitics that he expects his party will complete a tax reform plan this summer

Trump has arrived in New Jersey, where he'll spend this July 4th weekend at Bedminster.

Illinois Budget Drama Updates....

Looks like we are getting to a make or break it point. Dems to try to move tax bill and see who will vote yea or nay.

But GOP saying on background that Madigan has cut off negotiations.

Sen joins in calling for the need to continue negotiating toward a bipartisan solution to budget impass.

Still lots of things to sort out, but everyone seems to be embracing hope instead of despair.

Happy Saturday. It's the second weekend in a row lawmakers are at the Capitol. But more movement this time around. House in at 11.

Hot takes on where budget talks stand this morning from GOP Sen. Jason Barickman and Rep. Greg Harris, the House Dem budget negotiator.

"From Horrific To Catastrophic": Court Ruling Send Illinois Into Financial Abyss

Judge: must pay $586M/month, plus $2Billion over next 12 mos to pay Medicaid bills |

"much heavy lifting remains, particularly on a tax hike which also is tied to various economic changes pushed by Governor Rauner"

Illinois lawmakers return after missing key budget deadline

Illinois schools may close early without a new state budget

Additional US States & Puerto Rico In Budget Shutdowns Or Financial Crisis... ...

New Jersey....

Gov. Chris Christie calls for special session to solve New Jersey's budget dispute which led to government shutdown.

With no N.J. budget deal in sight, prepares for government shutdown


Partial government shutdown begins in Maine after budget impasse

: The government in Maine is now shutdown, joining New Jersey, after failure to pass a budget.


Hartford Courant High-tax Connecticut fails to pass budget as fiscal situation worsens Fox…

Connecticut Gov. Signs Exec. Order Taking Over Spending After State Fails To Pass Budget

Puerto Rico...

"lack of political will on island to pay for its past ineptitude" ~ slams Puerto Rico OBoard rejection of Prepa RSA

Puerto Rico OBoard certified FY18 budget. Pg 7 says they cut healthcare $100M. Pg 9 says increased hc ??

In Title 3 's Bennett on behalf of Puerto Rico pension bndhlds. Judge gives to 7/10 to reach deal

Le Pen...

Marine Le Pen charged with corruption for alleged misuse of EU funds:

Marine Le Pen is charged for misuse of funds by a French investigative judge

France's far-right Marine Le Pen charged with misusing European Parliament funds; she will fight the charges.


SAA capture several points/hills overlooking Humaymah area south-east of Palmyra desert in Homs countryside near DeirEzzor provincial border

The Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs On Nikki Haley’s Statement Concerning OPCW Report ENJOY 😎

Syrian Democratic Forces recaptured lost areas in Al-Sinaa district and captured parts of Rawdah district Map:

SDF reinforcements reach Afrin & SAA reinforcements reach Qamishli (then DeirEzzor) while going through each other's territories in N Syria

One takeaway - US must have seriously believed CW was about to be used to reply these spycraft.


Not a good development....

forces captured Ibn Sina hospital nd the blood bank in west . Massive amounts of ammunition and weapons were seized.

forces defused a car bomb near a busy popular restaurant in Babel central .

Liberation of west Mosul still ongoing , but slow progress being made.

🇮🇶 , nearly done. A map provided by the -i Joint Operation Command

Old Mosul map for 30 June from Iraq War Media cell.

updated map for the liberation of 's old town June 30, 2017


1 hour ago

1 hour ago
French foreign minister says Libya a "failed state" and calls for new governance

1 hour ago
Tobruk-based parliament bans Italian ambassador from east Libya over satirical embassy tweet

: LNA are advising no-one enters the Souq al-Hout district of ; it's littered with , and

16 political figures from visit Cairo to discuss crisis

Replying to 
Pres. of the Federation of Libyan Jews calls Ghwell letter to Confrence of Libyan Jewish Reconciliation "historic"

delegation to visit Cairo after invitation from the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Interim Gov't PM Abdullah al-Thinni to visit after Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri's visit to

46 prisoners including Gaddafi era security official, Hassan al-Madani, released from prison.

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