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Economic News , Data & Views...July 15 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Global Market Overview For Past Week : Doug Noland's Weekly Essay " Yellen On Inflation" & Review Of The Past Week That Was For Global Markets ; Brazil Stocks Gained 50 BN after Former President Lula Sentenced To 9 Years On Corruption Charges ; Global Bonds & Stocks Posted Big Gains For The Week As Well ; Additional Items Of Note Touching On Financial Sphere. 2) US Politics : Russia Probe Updates , Jared Kushner , Donald Jr Meeting , Admission Of Controversial Russian Lawyer By DHS During Obama Admin And More ; Replace & Repeal State Of Play ; Swampland News - Border Wall , Coal & Climate Change Controversy , Travel Ban , Additional Items Of Interest. 3) Potential War Crimes By West Supported Forces - Mosul & Raqqa In Focus. 4) Syria - Updates From Various Fronts. 5) Libya - News De Jour. 6) - Failed Turkish Coup - A Look Back & Where Things Stand Today

Global Markets Overview....

Doug Noland Weekly Essay " Yellen On Inflation " and weekly review of global markets & market moving news.

Rule of law has econ value. stocks gained $50bn as Former President Lula sentenced to 9yrs in jail for corruption (cc/ )

Mad world: Global bonds have gained $600bn in value this week on dovish Fedspeak & soft US CPI while global stocks hit a fresh all-time high

Wealth for All: Global stocks gained another $1.6trn this week. Equities now worth $76.9trn, highest in history. Equals to 102% of world GDP

British Pound briefly breaks above $1.31 as speculators keep reducing their bearish bets.

European Monetary Fund ready for crises from 2019. Likely to become a competitor of in helping govts in crisis.

US Politics....

Stock Market hit another all-time high yesterday - despite the Russian hoax story! Also, jobs numbers are starting to look very good!

Stock Market at new all-time high! Working on new trade deals that will be great for U.S. and its workers!

Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. admits she was in touch with top Russian prosecutor

Top insurer groups blast Cruz amendment to GOP ObamaCare repeal bill in rare letter

GOP lawmaker breaks with party, hits Trump officials for changing stories on Russian meetings

Moderate Republicans remain undecided on new GOP ObamaCare repeal bill

1 hour ago
Insurers demand “unworkable” Cruz proposal be dropped from healthcare bill

1 hour ago
Democrats want scrutiny of over Kushner’s Russian contacts

1 hour ago
Homeland Security confirms Russian lawyer was granted special entry into US

Trump says the wall needs to be see-through to avoid injury from drug bags. looks at physics of tossed bags.

He'll always have Paris: Trump was buoyed by the pomp of his France trip, only to return to dysfunction and scandal

House panel postpones Roger Stone’s Russia testimony

Trump pushing to use UN climate fund for coal plant instead: report

Trump lawyer: This will all make "a fascinating movie one day - but none of it violates the law"

Kushner's lawyer stepping back from representing him in Trump-Russia probe: report

Ex-Dem lawmaker: Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer "a bunch of nothing"

Kushner Cos. sought Qatar funds as Jared advised President Trump

Trump again turns to Supreme Court on travel ban. Court could act very quickly. via

Potential War Crimes By West Supported Forces


Replying to 

FWIW: Geolocation of two of the videos showing executions in Mosul, .

The same source "the commander of 16th division ordered his soldiers 'annihilate them, use ur tanks, don't leave anyone behind'"

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The decision of Mass Executions of the remaining civilians in the old city was solely taken & executed by the 9th & 16th divisions.

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Al-Saadi, Riyadh Jalal & Yarallah refused the decision but the leaders of the 9th & 16th army divisions executed the decision.

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A private source to Mosul Eye: a heated altercation occurred between Al-Saadi and the head of the 9th & 16 army division+

Mass Executions"Speicher Style" for the last survivors of the old city.ISF is killing and throwing bodies of everyone it finds to the river.


If SDF engages in extrajudicial executions , any different from ISIS - in that specific regard ?

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2/ We dont know identity of man getting shot. Not clear if he's civilian or with ISIS. Killers in clip speak one Kurdish word, rest Arabic.

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3/ I am trying to get in touch with SDF media office to get a response to this video. Will update you as soon a possible.

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4/ I just spoke to Mustafa Bali, head of media office of SDF here in N-Syria. He says SDF is aware of video, investigation already started.

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5/ Mustafa Bali of SDF tells me in response to the execution video: what happened is a crime. No justification. Culprits will be punished.

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6/ Mustafa Bali of SDF tells me: We don't know who killers in vid are. We don't know if they are YPG or SDF. We're trying to determine that.

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7/ Mustafa Bali of SDF: all these details will be determined in investigation. If video is real, culprits will be found and punished.

Gulf Rift....

France calls for lifting of sanctions on Qatar citizens

Qatar has made important contributions to the US led coalition against ISIS & we will continue to be a reliable & strong partner to the US.

Qatar played a crucial role in hosting Al Udeid Base at a time when other nations in the region denied US a military presence on their soil.

: We assert our support for mediation in

What's behind the demand to shut down Al Jazeera?

Not going to be resolved quickly , for sure...

The latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

Turkey Vows to Maintain Military Base in Qatar, Slams Saudi-Led Objections

Replying to 
Trump openly mentioning alternatives to Al-Udaid Airbase in Qatar something that both Pentagon & State have not done


| Turkish artillery hit Qastal Jando and Qatma villages near Afrin

sends more artillery towards

NEW MAP: launched operations in order to isolate held E- areas. HD-map:

South Syria situation MAP.After latest gains in SW , SAA are close to besieging FSA in a pocket. HD:

Eastern Syria MAP.SAA liberated Kadir oil field,Khirbat Halul ~20km away from Al Kawm.-. HD:


Massive blackouts continue in . Latest reason - power lines damaged in Garabulli fights. Elec. board groping 4 excuses . . .

Buying medicine for diabetics in . U pay cash, it's 17 LD, pay by credit card 34 LD. Daylight robbery . . .

On Facebook - Central Bank of says cash will continue 2 b scarce for 9 more months. True or False?

is by far the worst when it comes to powercuts. For them it's DAYS without electricity not hours.

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Current projections of ’s 2017 wage bill vs oil income.

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’s public-sector wage bill is 1 major issue. Was $19bn in 2014; $17bn in 2015; $16bn in 2016. (’s 2016 wage bill was ~$23bn.)

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A confirmation of the deficit warned about above. ’s oil income currently cannot even cover salaries alone.

Labraq mayor refuses Nazhuri dismissal, plans court challenge -

In east Libyan, a private plane carrying 'medical supplies' for the hospitals in Benghazi left Germany & landed in Benina airport.

Turkey Coup....

Chronology of the failed coup — Evidence of Gülen’s Involvement in July 15 Coup Attempt | Report by DSfPS

As Turkey marks one year since the quashed military coup, 7,400 civil servants are dismissed from their positions

UPDATE - Hundreds of thousands begin marking coup bid anniversary in Turkey

Marches commemorating the one-year anniversary of the failed coup in ,

300+ martyrs, 2100+ injured in attempt last year. Bringing Turkey 🇹🇷 together, indivisible with one leader

China's embassy in Turkey issued travel warning to its citizens on Fri, the anniversary of military coup attempt in

"From now on, nothing will be as it was before July 15" - Erdogan Turkey marks one year since failed coup attempt

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