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Economic News , Data & Views .....July 16 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) UK - Sunday Morning Talk Show Political Sound Bites , Items In News Today. 2) Greece In Focus - Crete Quake , Items On Economy & Domestic Politics , Cyprus Talks & Cyprus Energy Regional Dynamics , Refugee Crisis. 3) Gulf Rift Updates For Sunday. 4) Venezuela - Opposition Holds Unofficial Referendum Regarding President Maduro's Plan To Rewrite Constitution. 5) Syria - State Of Play At Various Fronts Of Syria War , Status Of Peace Talks. 6) Libya - Initiative Of Prime Minister Serraj For Elections In March of 2018 & New Constitution In Focus. 6) US Political Round Up For Sunday. 7) Odds & Ends !



Bloody well hope so; anything else would be a total mockery!

France sees Brexit as tool to weaken London: leaked memo

Hammond on Marr Show today discussing Cabinet coming together on issues...

WATCH Rebecca Long-Bailey on Labour's Brexit Policy: "We Want to Have Our Cake and Eat It"

1 hour ago
WATCH Hammond Blames Brexiteers For Briefing By Remainers

WATCH: McDonnell Backtracks on Labour Vow to Write Off Student Debt

WATCH McDonnell Quotes Engels: Grenfell Was "Social Murder"

1 hour ago
UK considers increasing penalty for acid attacks, up to a life sentence, after string of weekend attacks.

Efta officials in daily contact with their members are very confident all would accept UK. So currently no grounds for stating otherwise.

LISTEN: Brexit bill action, committee chairs and interviews with & in our NEW podcast

UK would 'hit the canvas' under a Jeremy Corbyn government - Tony Blair:

Survation now has Leave edging Remain (48-47) after 2 polls had Remain lead. referendum on deal up to 46-39 (+7)


Cyprus leader blames Turkey for talks collapse, says drilling to continue

Magnitude 5.3 Earthquake Rattles Crete

First-half Figures Reveal Passenger Traffic Increase at Greek Airports by 10.3% Compared to 2016

Cyprus’ FM: The Natural Resources of Cyprus Belong to the Cypriot People

Vessel with 110 Refugees Aboard Located South of Methoni

War of words continues between government and judiciary

Qatar - Quartet Rift.....

1 hour ago
US Intel sources finger UAE for hack of Qatar and sparking Gulf Rift ! This is very surprising.

Richard Conway rips false story on Arab nations allegedly demanding that Qatar be stripped of 2022 World Cup.

sell its loans in the , say sources

Follow all the latest updates on the Qatar-Gulf crisis:

France Urges Lifting of Saudi-Led Sanctions Targeting Qatari Nationals


Ya dije SI al Plebiscito, SI a la Consulta Popular, SI a la nueva Venezuela! Elecciones sin CNE, sin militares!
Translated from Spanish by 
I said yes to the referendum, Yes to the referendum, Yes to the new Venezuela! Elections without CNE, without military!

Queue in London...

Today the people of Venezuela express their wish for Freedom from the brutal dictatorship of Maduro

One last ring for Democracy as participates in “Voldemort Vote” today

Polls to vote in Venezuela's unofficial opposition referendum just opened five minutes ago

1 hour ago
Voting for 🇻🇪 is underway at West Campus in Doral. More on these elections & what our local leaders are saying

Why are people voting in Venezuela today?

Venezuela's opposition to hold unofficial referendum against President Maduro's plan to rewrite the constitution

Venezuela opposition holds unofficial referendum


القناة الثانية الإسرائيلية: سلاح الطيران المصري قصف قافلة لداعش قرب الحدود مع إسرائيل!
Translated from Arabic by 
Israeli channel 2: Egyptian air force bombing the convoy displayed is flag near the border with Israel.

Al Sukhnah is under SAA fire control. OP to liberate the town in coming days. Plan to besiege ISIS in Homs/Hama by meeting Sukhna-Ithriya

SAA General Command calls on people of Maskaneh-DeirHafer area to return to their homes/farms after expulsion of IS, restoration of security

Iraq Intel Services say ISIS Leader Baghdadi still alive and in Syria , US position to date has been no proof Baghdadi is dead.

Syrian Democratic Forces captured parts of Yarmouk district in Raqqa City Map:

1 hour ago
HTS announces responsibility for VBIED attack in Mina' al-Bayda in Ras Shamra area north of Latakia city

UN Syria Envoy Hails Small Gains in Latest Peace Talks — Naharnet

At least 10 people killed by air strikes in Syria's opposition-held Eastern Ghouta, according to UK-based monitor

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& led by capture new blocks on Mustafa Mosque axis in , east /

Syrian Army advance in south Raqqa CS and capture more oil fields:Waheb,al-Fahdeh,Dubaysan from ISIS HD:


Head of 's UN-backed government calls for polls in March

1 hour ago
Head of Libya's U.N.-backed government calls for polls in March

A key "detail" of this proposal is whether reconciliation is a pre-condition to hold elections or not. 2014 elections were pathway to war

speech launching new initiative. March 2018 & new council....

|ian Air Force reportedly conducted airstrikes against 15 vehicles carrying ammunition&weapons, attempting to cross border from

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- Sweilem was evidently a prominent figure in , which just published more eulogies and a photo from his "day of martyrdom"

Libyan PM proposes brief break in civil war to hold elections

Zuwara Municipality discusses proposed development projects supported by .

Former PM Ali Zeidan visits with the intention of creating a 4th Government in the South of but was rejected by locals

According to , the To-be new parliament & president's term will be either 3 years or last until the new constitution is endorsed

US Politics....

1 hour ago
Threatening note left for GOP senator after office break-in

Dem strategist James Carville: It would be "very, very difficult" for Dems to retake the Senate

China-US trade talks still with work to do as 100-day action plan deadline arrives

"The safety net catches more than Congress realizes"

Trump doesn't often publicly compliment a TV surrogate for defending him, but he apparently likes Michael Caputo's argument.

Former campaign aide Michael Caputo is doing several rounds of TV, defending Trump. Was on Fox, CNN. On today.

Senate to delay Healthcare vote as John McCain recovers from surgery....

BREAKING: GOP Sen McCain had unexpected surgery to remove blood clot from above his left eye. Will be in AZ next wk recovering: statement

NEW POLL: Trump has lowest approval rating of any president in 70 years

1 hour ago
THE MEMO: Trump's team growing increasingly frustrated after week of Russia controversy

POLITICO-Harvard poll: Voters don't like Obamacare repeal, but other issues may sway midterms

Europe struggles to attract tech talent even as U.S. closes doors

Trump campaign and fundraising committees raise $13.9 million in second quarter

Justice Department appeals latest travel ban setback to Supreme Court

Swamp Diary Week 8: Russians bearing dirt come calling and a scandal finds a home via for

Kushner lawyer Abbe Lowell taking over Russia case from Gorelick

Who’s in and who’s out: McConnell’s twisting path to 50

U.S. governors are wooed on NAFTA — by Canada and Mexico

Can telemedicine help fix America's broken healthcare system?

New WH special counsel to begin work at end of July to focus on Russia probes, communications, Trump/WH coordination w/outside attorneys.

Odds & Ends...

Digital currency crash...

The flipside of crypto-currency is emerging again with the crash of a host of the virtually "mined" currencies over the weekend.

Major washout of Ethereum today , follows Bitcoin crash Saturday.


This news report gives tips to the Turkish government how to execute Gulenists. "The most ideal execution method from the Ottomans."

My latest: One Year On, Turkey’s Coup Attempt Is Still A Censored Subject


American accused of "infiltration" sentenced to 10 years behind bars in Iran

Farzaneh Shrafbafi formally introduced as new CEO of .

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Judiciary Spox: he is detained on financial-related charges, and can be released on bail.

: Hossein Freidoun, brother of President Rouhani & part time member of nuclear negotiations team detained, Judiciary Spox confirms.

North Korea....

In the event of a war with the North, should Seoul, or the U.S., call the shots?

1 hour ago
Seoul to mass produce air defense radars to counter N. Korean drones

New US bill looks to bar traders working with NK from dollar system and target foreign companies using DPRK labor

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