Friday, July 14, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views ...June 14 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Friday -1) Markets : US - One Of Those Odd Days For US Markets Where Everything Basically Green - Dow / S&P / Nasdaq , US Crude , Gold , US Treasuries. Odd Duck Is USD - Down Again As To Yen , Pound & Euro. Europe Stock Indexes Ended Friday Modestly Down. 2) US Politics - Subjects In Focus Today Include : POTUS Heading To US Supreme Court To Block Judge's Order Limiting Travel Ban ; Russia Probes Updates For Friday ; Replace & Repeal Updates ; POTUS Call With Saudi King Salma Readout ; House Hopes To Advance Budget By August Recess ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Turkey In Focus - July 15 Failed Coup Remembered By A Massive Purge Today & Giving A Thumb In The Eye To Germany. 3) Europe In Focus - News Of Note From UK , Greece , France & Germany. 4) Gulf Rift News For Friday.


S&P and Dow close at record highs. Nasdaq up for the 6th straight day

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Cable and Aussie make big moves

European stocks end the day down modestly

US crude oil futures settle the day/week $46.54

Baker Hughes weekly US oil rig count 765 vs 763 prior

US Politics...

Top health groups blast new GOP healthcare bill: It's not an improvement

On Fox, GOP Sen Paul says Trump told him he's "open" to Paul's idea of a "clean" Obamacare repeal


JUST IN: Trump will ask Supreme Court to block judge's order limiting travel ban

WH readout of Trump call to Saudi king.

Straight-forward statement. ...

So next storyline being advanced , despite Federal Authorities previously stating no evidence of collusion..

House GOP looks to advance trillion-dollar omnibus bill before August recess

Clear as mud , as most things associated with Russia , seem to be.

Here we go...

White House national security advisor: Cybersecurity unit with Russia would debate rules, not share intel

NEW: Trump plans to hire veteran DC lawyer Ty Cobb to be the point person INSIDE the White House on matters related to Russia probes.

If accurate , wonder why he would refuse to testify under oath , in a public setting ? Subpoena coming his way next?


Erdogan again signs a decree to fire thousands of people from public jobs, adding to the 150,000 fired since the coup attempt.

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302 academics and 54 university personnel were fired.

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789 health workers, including midwives, nurses, nutritionists, were dismissed on coup charges.

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185 army officers, including 2 colonels, were dismissed from the Air Forces.

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180 officers, including 16 colonels, were dismissed from the Navy.

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181 officers, including 3 colonels, were dismissed from the Land Forces.

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1,486 were fired from municipalities.

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235 were fired from the military police (gendarmerie), including one colonel.

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2,303 police officers, including hundreds of police chiefs, were fired.

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488 from the Justice Ministry, most of whom are prison guards and wardens, were fired.

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551 imams, Quran teachers or muezzins were fired.

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Passports of all these sacked public employees are cancelled. They have to leave lodging houses in 15 days.

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All these people were stripped of their ranks and titles. They won't be able to apply for a public job again.

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Since all their names were published online, no private company will be brave enough to hire them. And they can't leave the country.



Theresa May's Home Office fined for failing to seek approval for £500,000 salary for abuse inquiry chair

Tory MPs call for Lord Adonis to be sacked after he compares Brexit to Nazi appeasement:

LISTEN: Brexit bill action, committee chairs and interviews with & in our NEW podcast

Because Britain knew nothing of human rights before the EU hauled us out of the dark ages. Without Juncker we'll be back to ducking witches.

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2) Troubling: Pro- channels sharing details on , calling for attacks after shootout outside

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Good to see support for workable plan. Should do well as long as temporary. This point often not known/ recognised

More double talk from Corbyn....


Ruling paves way for trash collectors to get back pay

Greek Public Sector Hirings Exceeded Retirements in 2016

Just 13 pct of Greeks trust gov’t

Ankara slams Tsipras criticism of Turkey’s stance on Cyprus

More than 9,800 migrants trapped on Greece's islands


WATCH: French military band dazzles Macron, Trump with Daft Punk rendition

French court bans 'obscene' Nice attack photos

IN IMAGES: Donald Trump wined and dined at Eiffel Tower during 24-hour Paris visit


35 investigations launched over police actions during G20 protests

Thieves snatch 500 cases of urinal cakes, worth thousands of euros

Outcry after AfD politician suggests shooting G20 looters

Gulf Rift...

Update day 40: •Qatar FM visits Turkey •Tillerson back to US, no breakthrough •UAE expects long rift •🐮 from Germany arrive in Qatar

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This completely contrasts with Tillerson who called Qatar response "reasonable" this week and praised CT agreement.

Trump & •Trump 📞 Saudi King •Stressed good relation w Qatar but cited alternatives to airbase •Called Qatar again "funder of terror"

Anyone thinking the Gulf Rift will be resolved anytime in the near future , isn't following the news closely.

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💥⬆️😅: FM in press conf. in Ankara thanks 4 support, says measures against Qatar by GCC states based on “media fabrication”.

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💥⬆️ Demands for the closure of the Turkish military base in are 'not acceptable' - Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu. "

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💥⬆️ Turkish FM says the should not be dealt with through sanctions, but with dialogue. "

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💥⬆️Turkish FM Cavusoglu: feels “sad” about ’s diplomatic crisis w/'Arab Gulf neighbors', hopes it will be 'mutually resolved'

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💥⬆️ Tell me about it:) FM Cavusoglu in press statement w/ Qatari counterpart says - relations are “significant”.

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