Saturday, June 10, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....June 10 , 2017.......Quicks Hits for Saturday -2) UK Election Aftermath : Tories Sorting Things Out After The General Election ; Two Key May Aides Resign ; May Vows To Power Forward , But Doubts & Doubters Are Considering Alternatives. 3) France - National Assembly Elections Set Fro Sunday ( First Round ) & Macron's EM Party Set To Perform Well , Local News For France Today. 4) US Politics - Round Up Of News For Saturday. 5) Odds & Ends - Iraq , Syria & Libya In Focus.


Should I stay or should I go ?

Morning! No, you didn't dream it. I stood on a stage with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (And I did a dab).

PM May looks set to be backed by Democratic Unionist Party as she attempts to run minority government after her General Election disaster.

NEW DUP and Tories agree 'outline' of confidence-and-supply deal for Theresa May to lead a minority government

The terms of the DUP confidence-and-supply arrangement will be discussed at Cabinet on Monday.

Saturday refresher....

Former No10 spin chief launches furious attack on 'childish' Theresa May aides

1 hour ago
Ruth Davidson demands Theresa May presses DUP on LGBT rights:

EXCL: Theresa May's former spokesman says the PM is "humiliated", and "hollowed out" after Timothy and Hill exits

General Election Blowback - British Prime Minister Theresa May's two closest aides -Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill announce their resignations.

LISTEN: Chris Leslie Truth Bullets: Labour Lost, This is Not a Victory [AUDIO]

Do not expect 1922's Graham Brady to be donning his grey suit this week...

- 2 in 3 Tory Members Say May Should Go - Wiser Heads Call For Calm: 'Careful What You Wish For...'

Vote breakdown by demographics according to my 14,000-sample post-vote poll at

We've Looked at the DUP's Manifesto and Found 10 Policies That Are Really Good!


National Assembly Election Primer !

Notre Dame attacker a self-radicalised novice: prosecutor

Macron party readies for parliamentary assault

Released French photographer says Turkey sending 'message'

Four reasons why the French parliamentary elections really matter

US Politics.....

Justice Department argues Trump can accept payments from foreign governments

Trump will speak Sunday at private Bedminster fundraiser for US Rep Tom Macarthur, who helped get health care reform bill passed in House.

JUST IN: 2 US soldiers killed, 2 injured by Afghan soldier

Goldman Sachs CEO trolls Trump: "How did infrastructure week go?"

1 hour ago
Deputy National Security Adviser Rick Waddell is keeping Trump up to date on Afghanistan and national security matters, per White House aide

1 hour ago
This is a reference to the news reports that 2 U.S. soldiers were killed today when an Afghan army soldier opened fire on them.

1 hour ago
Five questions following Comey's explosive testimony

1 hour ago
New York AG looking into reports Eric Trump Foundation funneled $100K to Trump properties

Former Trump aide claims Congressional committees "completely blocked" him from testifying in Russia probe

Will he or won’t he? Maybe Trump should testify under oath - Yesterday provided a stark reminder of what seems ...

Former AG Mukasey: Lynch made DOJ ‘an arm of the Clinton campaign’

Trump slams Qatar for funding terrorism as Tillerson calls for … easing the blockade…

Here we go: Congressional committees demand memos from Comey and friend, recordings from White House

Odds & Ends....

Iraq/ Syria Border Item.....

The U.S.-Iranian confrontation on the Syria-Iraq Borders: Interview with an Iraqi Militia Official - by


| Map of current situation in

Speicher Massacre Grieving families gather at palaces for the 3rd year commemoration where 1700 cadets were murdered by

have successfully repelled attack on the road connects - , multiple vehicles were destroyed & 19 killed.

Current situation in west Al Shafaa 75% liberated and all eyes are right now on the prize in Mosul old city & Al-Nuri mosque.

Iraqi Forces Liberate Mosul’s Zanjili, ISIS Cornered


: Day 5 of 'great battle' to capture northern Syrian city of Raqa from Islamic State group. 's story here:

: Today, US-backed SDF broke into Raqa city from the west, seizing parts of Al-Sabahiya + Al-Romaniya districts - via

: SDF now holds part of 2 neighbourhoods in west & Al-Meshleb district in east. Not much progress on northern front - via

Replying to  
and allies manoeuvre with 40.000 men in the Syrian Badiya, west of Palmyra and towards Deir Al-Zour, while manoeuvre with 4000.

had no chance in taking Deir al-Zour, held by , with few rebels, neither to go to al-Qaem. will have 2accept w/ Raqqah+Hasaka

US Gov officials have described Tanf rebels as weak. US determined it could not take them to Bu Kamal. Nor can it defend them 4 ever.

Claims 7-Man Suicide Raid On Forces West Of City.

Trump administration in secret talks with Russia over Syria safe zone: report

NEW MAP: A heavy blow to proxy militias: + reached - border area blocking the route to .

| captured Romaniah district, Equestrian City and the Electric Sub Station

Situation in Iraqi–Syrian border

REPORT: Thousands of civilians fleeing home, some for the 3rd time as city fighting spurs mass displacement.


Saif Al-Isalm Gaddafi freed from Zintan, arrives in eastern Libya

Batallion who had been protecting Saif AlIslam whilst in Prison in Zintan confirm that he has been released & left the City yesterday

1 hour ago

1 hour ago
UAE violates UN arms embargo on Libya by providing air power aids for Haftar's forces in east Libya - Libyan Express

UN Libya Experts Panel final report reveals complex obstacles to LPA implementation -

UN report reveals LISCO (Misrata) has provided a base for recruitment of BRSC , BRSC members received money & weapons at LISCO site.

At least 900 migrants rescued off Libyan coast, Italian Coast Guard says

Libya’s growing shadow economy is an increasing destabilization threat - report -

4 members of Municipal Council have submitted their resignation. Ahmed Alhodiri Salah Barr Ibrahim Mahrez Ameema Bashir.

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