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Economic News , Data & Views ....June 10 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Qatar Crisis & KSA Led Blockade : Qatar Foreign Minister Meets With Russian Foreign Minister Over Measures Imposed On Qatar From KSA Led BLOC , Russia' Lavrov Calls For Talks To Ease Qatar Blockade ; Libya's House Of Representatives Issues Its Own Blacklist Of 9 Entities And 75 Individuals Linked To Qatar ; Turkey Weighs In On Behalf Of Qatar - Food Supplied From Turkey , Troops Approved For Qatar & Military Training Accord , Erdogan Meets With Bahrain Foreign Minister While Calling For KSA To Lift Qatar Embargo ; Iran - Qatar Relations Likely To Improve As Iran Assists Qatar During Ongoing Blockade ; Additional Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar , As Qatar Banks Set For Pressure Of Funds Being Withdrawal ; Diplomatic Efforts From Merkel , US & Even Qatar Appeal To Twitter To Get Attention Of Potus ; Additional Developments - As They Develop today

Qatar - KSA Et Al


Informed of the illegal measures enforced on during my visit to . Reaffirmed the impt for dialogue within .

Qatar’s FM Meets Russia’s Lavrov Following Trump Attacks | قناة اللؤلؤة

- Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian foreign minister S…

’s Foreign Minister will visit Russia, Moscow today as Gulf tensions continue to rise.


Libya's Parliament issues a terror-list containing 75 names. Most have strong links to Muslim Brotherhood, AQ and Qatar.

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Libya's Parliament also included 9 terrorist organisations on its list. Mentioned in image below

1- Qudawty Organisation shut down its Facebook page after being listed as a terrorist org by the Libyan Parliament

2- Clerics such as AbdulBaset Ghweila & Sami AlSaadi founded Qudawty and continued to pay it regular visits

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3- Many young men who participated in Qudwaty's activities ended up fighting alongside ISIS and AQ in

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4- Canadian Owais Abdulbaset Ghweila was one of many, he died in Benghazi fighting alongside AQ against the Libyan Army

Libya's HoR issues its own terror list-9 entities and 75 individuals linked to Qatar. This is a separate list from KSA/Arab State blacklist.

In feud with Qatar,5 Arab states designate AlQaeda/LIFG affiliated figures&Benghazi Defense Brigade as terrorists.Major blow to GNA

Arab states expand list of -linked 'terrorist' groups Libya issues new terror blacklist with ‘75...


💥⬆️ Erdogan says he hopes to see an end to before the end of

Turkey's tells 's that he hopes resolved before end of Ramadan

Erdogan - told Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed , that he hoped the dispute with Qatar should be resolved before end Ramadan. 1

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Cavusoglu - says its military base in Qatar aimed at security of gulf region, not any specific country. 2

Doesn't appear Turkish troops have arrived in Qatar - as of 15 hours ago.

supermarkets supplied by ally to ease crises with

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negotiator, the FM of , arrived in and talks to FM Cavusoglu about .

Turkey’s President throws full support behind in row with block, Qatari emir responds with this tweet

Turkey President instruct Saudi Arabia to lift Qatar embargo

💢 : Meanwhile: GCC's hard talk before the storm makes its way to Erdogan:

Hint , hint.

In pictures: Iran, Turkey provide food supply to Qatar, after Saudi Arabia, allies cut ties, closed borders (AFP / STRINGER)

sends food supplies by cargo planes to as Gulf crisis continues (📷 AA).

Why is Turkey deploying troops to Qatar?


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Hamas delegation to visit Iran after Qatar under pressure to cut ties

1 hour ago
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Air Boeing 747 in Shiraz airport loading food shipments for .

Additional Blockade Tactics / Cutting Of Diplomatic Ties

Fwiw - if this is accurate ( and if followed by KSA and other boycotting countries ) . major liquidity problems loom for Qatar Banks.

No. I don't think UAE (gov't) have any monies in any Qatari banks. UAE CB ordered verifying Q banks accounts operating there.

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Niger has cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

"UAE Blacklist Likely to Squeeze Liquidity of Qatari Banks - New York Times"

1 hour ago
So…the “Russian government hacked Qatar” headline morphed into “Saudi Arabia-funded mercenaries hacked Qatar”

1 hour ago
Niger recalls ambassador to Qatar in "solidarity" with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their allies,

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Senegal and Chad cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

Qatar-Gulf rift: Can Riyadh be triumphant?

Why the Arab boycott of Qatar for “going soft on Iran” is likely to fail.

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Israel, Saudi, UAE team up in anti-Qatar lobbying move

Watching Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia could get you fined up to $26,000

Diplomatic Efforts / Observations On Situation....

Qatar signs former Attorney General John Ashcroft's law firm to 90 day $2.5m lobbying contract

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'The US-aggravated Qatar-Gulf rift will result in the Iranian and Turkish winds blowing closer over the Gulf sand'

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Pakistan's position is quite clear, our Govt is not going to boycott Qatar, nor we are going to be a part of any armed conflict in GCC.

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Qatar-Gulf rift: Key moments of the ongoing crisis

Merkel says all Gulf nations, Iran, Turkey must work to ease Qatar crisis

has been the world’s richest nation since 1998. The $129k average income is double Saudi Arabia's.

White House official says , Tillerson on ‘same page’ over crisis, despite reports of conflict

Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

Qatar's top diplomat in the US sends public message to the Trump Administration...

We appeal to the US administration to rely on their own sources and not on countries with political agendas

We have been working w/ US on combating terrorism for many years & American officials have noted the progress that Qatar has made.

The issue of terror financing is global, no single country has solved the problem and Qatar is not immune.

Qatar’s principles and foreign policy reject the false ideology of terrorism.

How Trump's Saudi visit triggered Qatar-Gulf crisis

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Mixed signaling not just in statements today but in different calls to GCC leaders. Unprecedented from US in time of crisis.

: Even if US trying to play good cop & bad cop, mixed signals from & only deepening crisis, weakening US credibility

full statement on calling to ease blockade, support Kuwait efforts, & cut terror funding 👇🏽

And here is Statement on assailing it as "funder of terrorism", 1hr after Tillerson called for deescalation

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Tillerson statement is the anti- tweets: •Deescalate •Support Kuwait mediation •No credit to be taken because situation is bad

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Tillerson statement sympathizes with reasons w Saudi & UAE demands from but rejects blockade, prioritizes deescalation

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Tillerson Says blockade hurting: •fight against ISIS •Human activity •US businesses •Calls for Deescalation

: we call on , UAE and Egypt and Bahrain to ease Blockade on

Odds & Ends...

Fwiw - as per Saudi activist Mujtahid , Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef reportedly disapproves the Kingdom’s policy towards Qatar.

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💥⬆️ 's Prosecutor-General confirms investigation underway on 's Ministry of Defense terror-funding activities in the country

German FM on the Qatar-Gulf crisis: "There is a danger that this dispute could lead to war"

Qatar Airways now using Iranian airspace DOHA, June 10: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE severed diplomat…

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