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Economic News , Data & Views....June 11 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) UK General Election Aftermath - Cabinet Reshuffle Underway , On Saturday , An "Outline Of A Deal " With DUP Was Announced , Which Now Has Been Placed In Dispute By DUP Saying Talks With Tories Continue Next Week. How Does That Happen ? Conservatives Discontent With May Continues. Labour's Corbyn Swells With Confidence As He Not Only Dares Conservatives To Set Another Election , But Declares He Still Can Be Prime Minister Now. Manchester Terror Attack Investigation Updates. 2) France - National Assembly First Round Election Today , 19.24 % Turnout At Midday , Macron Shooting For Majority In National Assembly Vote. Recall When The French Election Was Seen As The Big Controversy & Bellwether Contest For 2017 ? Instead The Big Election Story For 2017 Won't Be France But UK Instead. 3) US Political Round Up : Trump , Russia & Former FBI Director Comey - Items Dissecting The Week That Was ; US SoS Tillerson Tries To Tamp Down Middle Tempest Between Qatar And Saudi Led BLOC ; Additional Political News As Released On Sunday. 4) Qatar Vs KSA/ Egypt / UAE / Bahrain Updates - What We Know For Now. 5) Syria - Updates on Beginning Effort In Raqqa , Additional News of The Day. 6) Iraq - West Mosul And Tal Afar Updates.


Pound faces fresh headwinds as UK pol limbo is prolonged. Sterling adds to Friday's losses that followed election.

New Line up ( as per Guido Fawkes) ...

Philip Hammond: Chancellor of the Exchequer

Amber Rudd: Secretary of State for the Home Department

Boris Johnson: Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

David Davis: Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Michael Fallon: Secretary of State for Defense

Damian Green: First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office

Greg Clark: Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

David Gauke: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Liz Truss: Chief Secretary to the Treasury, attending Cabinet

Liam Fox: Secretary of State for International Trade

Justine Greening: Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities

Sajid Javid: Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

David Lidington: Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

Alun Cairns: Secretary of State for Wales

Jeremy Hunt: Secretary of State for Health

Gavin Williamson: Chief Whip

Chris Grayling: Secretary of State for Transport

Priti Patel: Secretary of State for International Development

James Brokenshire: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Karen Bradley: Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

Andrea Leadsom: Lord President of the Council and Leader of the Commons

Michael Gove: Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Brandon Lewis: Minister of State in the Home Office, now attending Cabinet

Jeremy Wright: Attorney General

Baroness (Natalie) Evans: Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords

Patrick McLoughlin: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Conservative Party Chair

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- Gavin Williamson remains Chief Whip - Chris Grayling remains Transport Sec - Priti Patel remains International Development Sec



A privilege to serve as Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy at an important time for the United Kingdom

Damian Green First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Cabinet reshuffle underway...

Government forced into a U-turn over claims a deal reached w/ DUP, after the Northern Ireland party said talks would “continue” next week.

Senior Conservative MPs continued to insist that Mrs May is living on borrowed time in the wake of her election humiliation.

1 hour ago
Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell appointed Theresa May's new chief of staff

Theresa May has just agreed to reschedule 1922 Committee meeting from Tuesday to Monday following request from Tory MPs.

Tory website poll finds 59% of Conservative members want Theresa May to quit

NEW - WATCH: Michael Fallon says Cabinet ministers have told Theresa May to take more collective approach

Jeremy Corbyn: We're ready for another election 'any time'

Jeremy Corbyn: I can ‘absolutely’ still be Prime Minister

Boris smacks down Daily Mail story as tripe......

Knives out for sure...

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Police say they believe UK attacker Salman Abedi assembled bomb himself; but detectives not sure whether he had accomplices: AP

British police say all suspects arrested over Manchester bombing released without charges; attack at Ariana Grande concert killed 22 in May


CORRECTION French elections: first round voting projections (correcting abstention pie chart on graphic)

Macron's party did well , but note the abstentions !

: "France is back," says French PM Edouard Philippe as Macron's party is seen winning 390 to 445 seats at the National Assembly

1 hour ago
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Projections show Macron party scores 32.2-32.9% in first-round parliamentary vote

Macron movement En Marche seen getting 400-440 seats in Parliament - Kantar-Sofres/TF1 estimate

Le Pen slams election rules after results spell bad news for National Front

1 hour ago
Marine Le Pen's Front National seen getting 13.5% of votes

Turnout in French parliamentary vote down sharply on 2012: ministry

Turnout in French parliamentary vote down sharply on 2012: ministry

🔴 - Midday turnout in French parliamentary election at 19.24 percent (French Interior ministry)

Macron seeks majority as France votes for new parliament

France, Harris poll: EM+-ALDE: 30% ↓ LR+-EPP: 19% ↑ FN-ENF: 17% ↓ FI-LEFT: 12% ↑ PS+-S&D: 7% ↓


At SoS Tillerson's request , call between US & Turkey on Qatar.

Imagine this from Feinstein !

EPA chief leaving climate talks in Italy hours after arriving--called to a meeting with Trump, a G7 spokesman says.

Narrative shift - Former CIA Director James Woolsey on released Comey memos: ‘Not all leaks need to be classified.’

Republicans: Why didn't Comey write memo about Loretta Lynch meeting?

“He just doesn’t have it in him to be FBI director.....He lacks a lot of common sense.”-Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom.

1 hour ago
The Democrats have no message, not on economics, not on taxes, not on jobs, not on failing . They are only OBSTRUCTIONISTS!

I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!'

The MSM doesn't report the great economic news since Election Day. up 16%. up 19.5%. Drilling & energy sector...

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...way up. Regulations way down. 600,000+ new jobs added. Unemployment down to 4.3%. Business and economic enthusiasm way up- record levels!

Why Trump fired Comey: He believed the FBI director had misled the public about his guilt

ICYMI Trump blew off military experts on Qatar, endangering largest US base in the Middle East By

US lawmakers pressing for sanctions on Qatar received over $1m from lobbyists linked to Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE

The First Daughter’s key policy issue seems to be on the back burner as other issues swamp Trump’s agenda

OPINION | Trump feeds the media’s “addiction” to anything remotely resembling “breaking news,” all to his benefit

What were the takeaways from Comey’s testimony Thursday?

Qatar Vs KSA/ Egypt / UAE / Bahrain Updates....

Launch of two new direct service routes between and .

5 strange decisions during the Gulf-Qatar crisis

Qatar willing to listen to Gulf concerns, Kuwait says

crisis Day 7: •Iran sends 6 food cargos •Doha acknowledges issues of concern for GCC •Tillerson calls MBS •Kuwait mediation on

Last week: 's FM goes to and reaffirms support for 's Emir hosts and kisses radical Qaradawi

Qatar's National Human Rights Committee to take legal action against KSA , UAE and Bahrain for blockade damages suffered by Qatar citizens.

Fwiw , interesting connections , if this is accurate....

Pakistan refutes false rumors in foreign media as “completely fabricated and baseless”. PM Sharif trying diplomacy to break the stalemate.

: Reuters: Dollar shortages hit exchange houses as foreign banks scale back ties

Iran and Turkey help Qatar, against Saudi Arabia, allies cutting ties and closed borders.

Iran set to supply Qatar with fresh fruit and veggies , as long as there is demand.

5 planes ( 90 tons of cargo each ) sent-another plane to arrive today. Plus , Three ships loaded with 350 tonnes of food on the way.

Latest: is prepared to listen to the concerns of Gulf Arab countries in bid to mend ties — 's FM.

💢 says has 'expressed readiness to understand the concerns' of other Arab states:

Why tiny Qatar has angered Saudi Arabia and its allies

Saudi Arabia's feud with Qatar has a 22-year history rooted in gas

The media wars: -funded media outlets air reports of -Israeli cooperation and intention to hurt Arab states.

The future of Al Jazeera is not up for negotiation, 's FM says in response to speculation that the channel might be shut down.

Arabian paper runs the headline: The new Ottoman comes back through the gate as protects its Qatari ally.

seeks to take legal action against the Saudi-led embargo, says collective punishment of its citizens amounts to a criminal act.

From 2016: 'Secret details of Turkey's new military pact with Qatar'

The Arabian peninsula is not big enough to realise all its rulers’ ambitions


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120 "invisible" vehicle left towards but not seen, miracle, by AF bombing Ranqqah daily.

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will close Tanaf from their side, rendering crossing point useless. will pull out: no military benefit.

Fairly current map for Raqqa - state of play for June 11th...

: US-backed force says seized first western district in IS-held Raqa - via

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: SDF + Elite Forces are now in control of two neighbourhoods: Al-Romaniya (NW) & Al-Meshleb (E) - via

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: SDF/Elite Forces entered Al-Romaniya via neighbouring Al-Sabahiya on Saturday & seized control of it today.

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: SDF/Elite Forces took Al-Meshleb on June 7, a day after entering Raqa. It's dense/built-up, but no info on civilians in the district

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: Many upper-level IS commanders/officials also reportedly withdrew to Al-Mayadeen in neighbouring Deir Ezzor months ago

: There are also reportedly talks on IS withdrawal from Raqa, a-la-Tabqa - where coalition bombed retreating jihadists

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: SDF is now pushing west from Al-Meshleb into neighboring Al-Senaa. SOHR says they've seized about half of that district - via

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: If SDF seize all Al-Senaa, they'll be at edge of Old City. SOHR estimates most IS fighters are holed up there/city centre - via

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: More civilians there too. If so, we'll see much bloodier battles in coming days as SDF pushes into more built-up parts of -

Russia says tells U.S. not to strike Syrian pro-government forces again via

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New map after recent advances incl. Romania neighborhood. Unconfirmed reports of recapture Div 17.


Liberation of has entered its final stage. One & a half districts left. 's forces face around 1,000 terrorists in the old city.

1 hour ago
ISIS killed 120 civilians trying to flee from the old city of Mosul.

1 hour ago
President calls on the Kurdish public to head to the polls on referendum day [September 25th] to vote on independence.

: Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani says the international reaction to 's independence referendum is soft.

Joint Operations officially announce that Army 9th Division have stormed Bab sinjar district north Old city.

Joint Operations OFFICIALLY announce South Zanjali district west completely liberated by Army 9th Division.

Map update Current situation of East Tal Afar west , Army 15th Divison have liberated 6 villages and continue to advance.

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