Friday, May 26, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....Quick Hits For The Holiday Friday -1) Markets : US Stock Indexes Meander Today - S&P & Nasdaq Hit New Highs While Modestly Advancing , Dow Modestly Retreats ; Gold Has Solid Gains Today And Oil Recovers From Yesterday's Brutal Selloff With A Solid Gain Today ; US Ten Year Treasury Yields Fall A Bit Today ; Bitcoin Slump Continues As It Continues Two Day Slide To Under $2,000.00 At One Point Today. 2) US Political Round Up : Trump Statement On Egyptian Tragedy ; Moody's Assesses Budget Proposals ; Trump At NATO ( Trade / Climate / Russia ) ; Russia Probes By Congress , Comey Pratfall , Special Counsel Updates ; Trump Organization Subject To Cyber Attack Attempt ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus : Local News For France , Germany , Italy ; Economy News For Greece , Former PM Papademos Recovering From Letter Bomb Injuries ; Political Updates For UK - PM May & Jeremy Corbyn In Focus. 4) Libya In Focus - Major Clash Between Misrata Militias Supporting GNC and Tripoli Militias Supporting GNA/PC Occur Over Past Twelve Hours. 5) Egypt - ISIS Believed To Have Been Behind Horrific Attack Resulting In Deaths Of Dozen Of Coptic Christians Today , Egypt's Sisi Retaliates Against Responsible Forces Linked To Attack Located In Libya.



Guess what? Nasdaq and S&P close at a record levels

Technical analysis: Gold ending the week with a solid gain.

WTI Futures Settle At $49.80/Bbl, Up $0.90

Baker Hughes US oil rig count 722 vs 720 prior

Durable Goods -0.7%, Exp. -0.4% Durable goods ex air 0.0%, Exp. 0.5%

US Treasuries yield fall as durables data,seems to weigh more on sentiment than Q-1 GDP data.

US GDP grew 1.2% ann in Q1 2017, revised up from 0.7% and also way faster than expected 0.9%. Euro dropped <$1.12.

Bitcoin has fallen from $2,799 yesterday to under $2,000 today !

US Political Round Up....

The real Jared Kushner: He’s tougher than he looks

The president's son-in-law and senior adviser inquired about using Russian diplomatic facilities for the communications.....

Important to note: Senate request isn't just to preserve documents. It's a demand for camp to produce docs on all things Russia-related.

: Senate Intel Committee demands Trump campaign turn over all records and documents: report

Trump statement on gunmen firing on bus in Egypt: "The bloodletting of Christians must end, and all who aid their killers must be punished."

Moody's: US Budget Proposals Show No Path For Tackling Longer-Term Fiscal Challenges

White House Advisor: US Pres. Trump Told G7 He Wants ‘Free, Fair Trade’, Not Want ‘High Tariffs’ – RTRS

White House Advisor: US To Treat Countries ‘The Same Way They Treat US’ On Trade – RTRS

US Official: Trump wants to get "'right decision' on climate.

NEW: Trump will maintain Obama-era sanctions against Russia and may strengthen them, his top economic adviser says.

Presented without further comment..

Germany's Merkel: There was controversial debate (Trump) among G7 on climate

Senators hope to have their own partial health-care draft after next week’s recess

The Fourth Circuit distorts the law to defeat Trump’s travel ban

FBI investigating an attempted hack by overseas cyber attackers of Trump Organization.1



Fuel driver strike could affect weekend trips

En Marche could win an absolute majority in the National Assembly Elections. That would be a stunning political achievement for Macron.

France urges Trump not to rush on Paris climate deal

France to 'do everything we can' to help Britain fight terror Macron tells UK PM

En Marche could win an absolute majority in the National Assembly Elections. That would be a stunning political achievement for Macron.


EU Human Rights Court takes on case of German reporter detained in Turkey: report

Juncker downplays Trump's rant against German cars

Germany to require nursery schools to report anti-vaxxer parents


Italian court lifts Uber ban

IN PICTURES: World leaders meet in Sicily for G7 conference

Italian court overturns appointment of museum directors


He was being treated for superficial wounds to his abdomen and a deeper injury to his right leg from the blast...

All insurance companies pass their solvency test

Three concession contracts signed for Greek hydrocarbon utilization

Exports have not increased; it’s GDP that has shrunk

ATHEX: Quiet trade leads stocks higher at end of losing week

Greece seeks allies ahead of Eurogroup as IMF seen losing confidence


Thoughtful remarks from Andrew Neil.....

Andrew Neil - Jeremy Corbyn excerpts .... 1

Andrew Neil - Jeremy Corbyn excerpts....2

Transcript for Andrew Neil interview of Corbyn..

"Brexit is central to everything." CCHQ getting increasingly hard to reconcile with no deal rhetoric.

Team Jez: "Once again, Theresa May is not telling the truth."


Armed group demolishes home of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader Khalid al-Sharif in .

It seems key LIFG figures are facing a major backlash/retaliation after a bloody day in . Reports of homes being demolished.

Armed groups loyal to the Presidency Council demolish the house of Khaled Al-Sharif, Chief of Hadba Prison

BelHaj's LibyaWings offices in , have been evacuated. No details given. (TV news)

Tripoli government's Deputy Defense Minister Khaled Sharif ( Al-Qaeda ): Home demolished tonight. Other LIFG homes also being hit

G regime figures held at Hadba prison in are safe & now transferred to a different location acc. to HoR member in Tripoli.

: Haitem Tajuri's militia breaching Hadba Prison, which has been under control of Deputy Defense Min. Khaled Sharif ( AQ LIFG)

BREAKING: Haitem Tajuri's militia torching Tripoli's Hadba Prison (was under control of Deputy Defense Min. Khaled Sharif w/ AQ LIFG)

Fayez Serraj meets with members of the State Council and Parliament to discuss ongoing clashes in .

Air strikes target the al-Jabilah neighborhood in the center of .

Ageilah Saleh: We stand with in its fight against terrorism.

's Sisi during speech: We've performed very powerful strikes against terror training camps in

's Health Ministry: 28 killed and 130 injured in as heavy clashes continue in parts of the city.

PC discussing "political options" with UN and other countries ? Which other countries and which political options ?

At least 20 killed incl. civilians as a result of ongoing clashes b/w Pro Forces &Pro Forces in . Pro GNC advancing

Clashes continue to intensify in various areas, tanks are already scattered on the streets of Casualties reported

GNA names Salah Badi & Khalifa al-Ghwell as the figures responsible for the intense attack on the capital today.

Reports on controlling the fires set on Mellitah Oil Co. in the hear of Tripoli. No more information yet available on the incident


Egypt's military says it launched airstrikes on extremists in Libya after making sure they were involved in attack on Christians

ISIS attacks in Egypt ( 4 in six months ) against Coptic Christians have left a trail of death and serious injuries....

Replying to 
- initial reports state attack was carried out by 10 masked militants wearing "military like uniforms" driving in 2 vehicles.

Casualties in latest attack on Christians in Egypt leaves 24 dead and 16 wounded....

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