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Economic News , Data & Views.....May 27 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Saturday -1 ) US Political Round Up : Jared Kushner In Focus Today After Back Channel Communication Proposal To Russian Ambassador Becomes Known ; Trump Tweets For Saturday ; NATO & G-7 Related Items ; Climate Accord Decision From Trump Next Week ; Additional Items Of Interest. 2) Libya : Clashes In Tripoli Resume For Second Day Of Fighting In Tripoli , Egypt Continues Airstrikes On Targets Inside Libya For A Second Day , Additional Items Of Note. 3) Markets : Doug Noland Missive & Weekly Report ; Global Overviews & Key News To Consider. 4) Europe In Focus : Greece News For Saturday ; UK Political Round Up ; Germany Political News & Local News ; France Political Updates & Local News. 5) Odds & Ends For Saturday !

So many "creeps" this could apply to these days.....

Live from the streets of Tehran....

Creep "hook" really cuts across lots of scenarios....


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R.I.P  Greg Allman...

Midnight Rider....

US Political Round Up....

POTUS told French President Emmanuel Macron he was under “heavy pressure” in the U.S. to back the Paris climate deal, according to CNN.

View of Trump from Prime Minister of Italy....

Detail man: "Believe it or not, he was very interested in what we call drafting," looked at "single words," Gentiloni said, per .

Trump ends nine-day overseas trip with a flourish as trouble looms at home

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over Benghazi deaths

So the "secret channel" was for Russian Military Officials to brief NSA Flynn about the Syria War & other security issues ? So says the NYT.

Ex-CIA director on Kushner setting up secure line with Russia: It could be considered espionage

Trump claims NATO money is "beginning to pour in" after speech scolding allies

JUST IN: Trump abruptly cancels Iowa campaign rally

Russian oligarch linked to Trump campaign manager denied immunity by congressional panels: report

Trump's State Department quietly lifts restrictions on refugee admissions

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"The USA is in the process of reviewing its policies (...) on the Paris Agreement and thus is not in a position to join the consensus."

1 hour ago
McMaster on Kushner: "we have backchannel comms w/ a # of countries.. allows you to communicate in a discreet manner.. i’m not concerned"

Deripaska offered to cooperate with congressional intel committees in exchange for a grant of full immunity.Without immunity , no testimony.

Just left the . Had great meetings on everything, especially on trade where....

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...."we push for the removal of all trade-distorting foster a truly level playing field."

I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!

Many NATO countries have agreed to step up payments considerably, as they should. Money is beginning to pour in- NATO will be much stronger.

Big G7 meetings today. Lots of very important matters under discussion. First on the list, of course, is terrorism.

Tunisia-Italy matter ....

Little noticed as world watches Manchester is that a terror suspect slipped into Italy 3 days ago. Where is he now?


Death toll for Friday Bou Sleem fight is now 55, inc. civilians.

Jufrah AB attacked in the morning & evening by Egypt AF. Nearby HQ of Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) also hit. Suggestion ammo depot hit.

First time I see that, Ansar al Sharia Libya announces to dissolve itself, all these leaders have been killed & probably under pressure.

Very long armed convoy with tanks and 14,5mm coming from Sbea direction to Qasr Bingashir and Tripoli.. Big show tonight.

Unity Govt Defense Ministry: The perpetrators of the attacks will be held accountable.

Miseratan brigades were given a deadline to leave which expired early April. Now they r being forced to go.

Today's fighting (on a lesser scale than ystrdy) is against the Burki brigade (Miserata), to force them 2 leave.

Death toll in Friday's clashes in Tripoli : 56 from Gnaiwa & Haitem Tajuri (pro-Sarraj GNA), 10 from other side (2 Misrata, 8 allies)

Clashes resumed for a second day in , first day of Ramadan. Tanks on the streets & loud explosions heard in various areas

1 hour ago
The GNA in condemns terrorist attack in 's Minya & deplores Egypt's airstrikes on targets in without coordination.

1 hour ago
Fight restarted in Abusalim Gneywa vs Barky First day of Ramadan

1 hour ago
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Restarted fighting in Hay al Akhwah area Tripoli

1 hour ago
Brega bridge in airport road Tanks out again First day of Ramadan

Items related to Friday's clashes ( 52 dead/ dozens wounded ) , Bani Walid Military Operations Room announced , power cut updates & more.

says it launched airstrikes on militant training camp in Derna, East where assailants who killed Christians were trained

Weekend Markets Overview....

Always a good read - Weekly Essay from Doug Noland & full overall of markets and key news for the week !

Crypto coin crash across top twenty digital currencies on display - top twenty fall at least 30 % on no material news....

1 hour ago
Parabolic spike up to Thursday , then two days ( Th/Fr ) of elevator drops on no actual news. Play at your own risk here.

Global bonds gained $214bn in value this week as Goldilocks narrative boosted stocks and bonds. FOMC mins which interpreted as dovish helped

Global stocks gained $1trn in mkt cap this week w/ Tech led bounce in S&P 500 to fresh all time highs, as FOMC minutes interpreted as dovish

Moody's downgrades to Aa3 from Aa2, citing uncertainty over the sustainability of Qatar's growth model.



Probe into alleged criminal activities by NGO members

No trains from Tuesday

German Newspaper: Individual Interests Delay Greece’s Return to Normality

State Minister Rejects Reports on Sale of Former EAT-ESA Building

The Attack Against Papademos was the Second Against a Greek PM in 84 Years

Appeals Justices Again Acquit Former ELSTAT Chief Andreas Georgiou, Two Others


Conservatives lead back up to 12 points...

Jeremy Corbyn's ratings have improved in the last fortnight. However, Theresa May still leads on most statements

51% of the public say Theresa May would make a better PM than Jeremy Corbyn, compared to 30% who say the opposite

BREAKING: British Airways cancels London Heathrow and Gatwick flights for rest of Saturday because of major tech failure.

Something to keep an eye on perhaps...

WATCH: Theresa May announces terror threat downgraded from 'critical' to 'severe'

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LISTEN - NEW PODCAST: We review the latest in the election campaign, PLUS a special report from Clacton-on-Sea -

1 hour ago

UK, prognosis: CON-ECR: 371 (+41) LAB-S&D: 199 (-33) SNP-G/EFA: 55 (-1) LDEM-ALDE: 5 (-3)

UK: Probability of CON (ECR) failing to win a majority is now =~ 6% (ElectionForecast prognosis).

UK, ElectionForecast prediction: CON-ECR 313-415 LAB-S&D 165-261 SNP-G/EFA 31-54 LDEM-ALDE 3-16 PC-G/EFA 0-3 Greens-G/EFA 0-1 UKIP-EFDD 0-1


Germany, Civey poll: CDU/CSU-EPP: 38% SPD-S&D: 26% LINKE-LEFT: 9% FDP-ALDE: 7% AfD-ENF: 7% ↓ GRÜNE-G/EFA: 7%

Merkel calls G7 climate talks 'very unsatisfactory'

Erdogan told Merkel of anger over asylum for 'putschists'


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Macron à / accord de Paris "Je pense que Trump est qq de pragmatique j'ai bon espoir qu'il confirme son engagement"
Translated from French by 
Macron in / Paris agreement "I think Trump is pragmatic qq I hope it confirms its commitment"

Ukrainians appeal to Macron over Putin's 'political' prisoners

À deux semaines du 1er tour des élections législatives, je continue de sillonner la et ses marchés : ce matin à ☀️
Translated from French by 
Two weeks of the 1st round of the legislative elections, I continue to criss-cross the and markets: this morning at ☀️

Putin, Macron to air tough issues at Versailles meet

France, Opinion Way poll: REM+-ALDE: 320 LR-EPP: 150 FI-LEFT: 27.5 PS-S&D: 27.5 FN-ENF: 12.5

France: Support of workers for Le Pen's FN (ENF) at 41%, company leaders for 's REM (44%).

France: FI (LEFT) strongest party among young voters (Opinion Way poll).

France: Not often: women support anti-establishment parties (FI-LEFT, FN-ENF) more than man.

Odds & Ends.....

A call with one of the Counter Terrorism fighter in west ended quickly. "This is zero hour, this is the end, gotta go bro" ✌🏽

forces advancing on 3 mutiple fronts against in the final battle in .

international hotel after blew it up, Army 9th Div regained control of whats left of it earlier today.

of the current situation as forces took full control of hotel & Ibn Sina hospital, forces advancing toward main hospital.

Slowly but surely , ISIS perch in West Mosul being reduced...


ISIS convoy of 32 vehicles attempting to flee Raqqa for Palmyra intercepted by RAF...

But what if the Syrian Gov simply wants to re-open the Tanf highway to Baghdad. One of Syria's most important trade routes?

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What if the United States is not trying to cement a north-south "Sunni axis" from the Gulf states and Jordan to Turkey? A crazy idea, btw.

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The road from Baghdad to Amman hasn't been reopened

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Syrian Arab Army capture more areas in Syrian desert while FSA/VSO continue to harass SAA&allies attempting to push from Sweida towards Tanf

New YPG spokesperson Nouri Mahmoud (replaced Redur Khalil) has denied Russian MoD statement on agreement between SDF & IS for Raqqa

Forces Fighting ISIS Turning on Each Other as Iran Opens Land Corridor to Syria via

May 27, 2017 | & Governorate map update HD:

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