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Economic News , Data & Views......May 25 , 2017......US Evening Wrap For Thursday & Asia For Friday - 1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Friday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - Stocks Have Another Green Day As S&P And Nasdaq Set News All Time Highs , Oil Slammed After OPEC Production Cut Decision , US Ten Year Bond Yields Tick A Bit Higher , Gold Down A Smidgeon today ; Additional Items Of Interest. 2) US Politics Round Up : Trump Asks DOJ To Launch Review On Leaks And Vows Culprits Will Be Prosecuted ; 4th Circuit Upholds Block On Trump's Revised Travel Ban ; Trump Lectures NATO To Pay Fair Share Of Defense Costs , Squishy On Article 5 ; US-UK Information Sharing Back ON After Reassurances From US ; House Intel Committee - FBI Tussle Over Comey Memos & Documents ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe Updates : Polling Data For UK , France , Italy & Germany ; Greece - Former Interim Luca Papademou Seriously Injured By Letter Bomb But Injuries Not Life Threatening ; Spain - Trump - Rajoy At Nato , Catalonia Raises Stakes For Spain - Threatens Financial Bloodbath ; UK - Brexit Bill Coming After June General Election , Manchester Terror Attack Updates . 4) Libya - Items Touching On Stability & Reconciliation & Economy. 5) Iraq - Mosul Campaign Updates. 6) North Korea Updates. 7) Philippines Update , ISIS Takeover In Malawi And Gov't Response Updates.



Economic data due from Asia today - Japanese inflation data (+Fed & BoC)

PPI Services weaker than expected..

1 hour ago

Japan National CPI (YoY) Apr: 0.4% (exp 0.4%; prev 0.2%) - CPI Ex Fresh Food (YoY) Apr: 0.3% (exp 0.4%; prev 0.2%)

1 hour ago
Tokyo CPI (YoY) May: 0.2% (prev -0.1%) - CPI Ex-Fresh Food (YoY) May: 0.1% (exp 0.0%; prev -0.1%)

1 hour ago
Its inflation day in Japan (ummm, no, not a holiday, the data for CPI)


Another day around the way..

1 hour ago
S&P and Nasdaq sets another record (what's new?).

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Oil rolls over after OPEC extends deal

Technical analysis: Crude oil crumbles after OPEC. What are the charts saying?

Additional Items Of Note....

falls for the 6th day in a row, closes below 10. 36% decline over that period one of the largest in history.

Bitcoin trading range today - high of $2,799 and low of day down to $2,230 ! High anxiety for recent buyers !

US Politics....

TRUMP FRIDAY: --meets with Japan's Shinzo Abe --G7 meetings --La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra concert --dinner w Italy's Sergio Mattarella.

Investigators examining meetings of Kushner w/ Russian Ambassador and a Russian banking executive during the presidential transition.

Jared Kushner under scrutiny by FBI as part of Russia probes....

Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties | Circa News -

Trump to EU leaders on Germany: "Look at the millions of cars they're selling in the US. Terrible. We will stop this."

Trump criticized German trade relations in meeting with EU officials, Der Spiegel reports citing unnamed officials.

Chairman Chaffetz responds back to the FBI...

UPDATE: In response to House Oversight Cmte. request, FBI says still reviewing documents related to Comey memos -

FBI tells House Oversight Cmte. that consultations and evaluations on documents are ongoing after appt. of special counsel in Russia invest.

In response, Chairman Chaffetz tells FBI that the cmte. doesn't want to impede the invest, but public has right to review the documents.


"I said he's looking" but not committing to "lifting or increasing" sanctions on Russia. "He's looking," Gary Cohn said.

Arguments have been "persuasive on both sides" of Paris climate agreement, Trump's Gary Cohn told us on AF1. Interested in Europe's ideas.

From earlier today at NATO Confab...

Replying to  
President Trump lectures NATO allies on "paying their fair share" of defence costs

Leak investigation on the way..

Lieberman explains why he has withdrawn as a candidate for the FBI Director post..

JUST IN: U.S. Appeals Court in the 4th Circuit keeps block to Trump's travel ban in place

Trump asks DOJ to launch review on leaks and wants fullest prosecution of leakers.

. AG Sessions:We have already initiated appropriate steps to address these rampant leaks that undermine our national security



Veneto Banks get state guarantee over liquidity...

More than 900 million euros at stake for Italian businesses....

PM Gentiloni: NATO's approach in must be cautious and gradual

Italian finance minister reassures over liquidity of troubled banks via

Polling Data.....

1 hour ago
UK, YouGov poll: CON-ECR: 43% ↓ LAB-S&D: 38% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 10% ↑ SNP/PCY-G/EFA: 5% UKIP-EFDD: 4% ↑ Greens-G/EFA: 1% ↓ BNP-*: 0%

UK, TNS poll: Con-ECR: 42% ↓ Lab-S&D: 34% ↑ LDEM-ALDE: 9% ↑ UKIP-EFDD: 4% ↓ Greens-G/EFA: 4%

France: Not often: women support anti-establishment parties (FI-LEFT, FN-ENF) more than man.

France: FI (LEFT) strongest party among young voters (Opinion Way poll).

France, Opinion Way poll: REM+-ALDE: 320 LR-EPP: 150 FI-LEFT: 27.5 PS-S&D: 27.5 FN-ENF: 12.5

France, Opinion Way poll: EM+-ALDE: 28% ↑ LR+-EPP: 20% ↑ FN-ENF: 19% ↓ FI-LEFT: 15% ↑ PS+-S&D: 10% ↓ PCF-LEFT: 2% ↑ NPA+-LEFT: 1%

Italy, Piepoli poll: PD-S&D: 30% ↑ M5S-EFDD: 29% LN-ENF: 13% FI-EPP: 12% FdI-NI: 4% ↓ AP-EPP: 3% SI-LEFT: 3%

Germany, prognosis: CDU/CSU-EPP: 222 SPD-S&D: 72 LINKE-LEFT: 4 GRÜNE-G/EFA: 1 AfD-ENF: 0 FDP-ALDE: 0


1/3 We r saddened by the attack against our former colleague,Lucas Papademos, a brave public servant of Greece and Europe says Mario Draghi

2/3 on behalf of the Governing Council and staff of the ECB: our thoughts are with Lucas, his family and his colleagues.

3/3 Past and present colleagues from the Executive Board wish to express their deep affection for Lucas.

The attack "will not undermine our morale", says Yannis Stournaras, governor of the Bank of Greece, going in to visit L. Papademos.

Greek ERT state TV reports letter bomb that exploded in his car has not seriously injured ex interim PM and ex ECB VP Lucas Papademos.

-- Former PM Papademos injured in bomb attack; rushed to hospital.

Blast in car reportedly carrying ex-interim PM Lucas Papademou happened near Athens's Patission Street

Skai reports explosion involving car of former interim PM Lucas Papademou


In his tweet, Rajoy says "US and Spain work together to guarantee security and well being". Trump admonished NATO leaders over spending.

Catalonia threatens Spain with financial bloodbath. Keep your eyes on Spain.

As warned, this means that the Catalonian Parliament will move forward with their plans to unilaterly declare Catalonia an independent state

Catalonia’s secret independence plan revealed

UK / Manchester Attack...

Very interesting thread ( 12 tweets as of time of post ) , something off about ISIS "claim " for Manchester terror attack....

US , UK and France Authorities had insights into the Manchester bomber before this week's attack...

Not a little list: EU draws up Brexit bill

Further details relating to the EU's "Brexit Bill " will become known after the June General Election in the UK.

1 hour ago
Before the dead from Manchester are even buried, Corbyn prepares a speech tomorrow that places some of the blame for this on...Britain.

1 hour ago
READ: Corbyn Speech Blaming Foreign Policy For Manchester Attack Here >>

Police find "huge" chemical weapons cache and components at Salman Abedi home in , sparking fears of more bombs.

Must read thread on free flow of Jihadists between U.K. and Syria.👇

Trump Sides With U.K. Against U.S. Intelligence Over Manchester Leaks via

Sessions vows to find source of leaks about Manchester terror attack

10 held in Manchester attack probe

Just a heads up for folks in UK-Intel Agencies believe bomber Salman Abedi made several bombs which were passed on.

Terrorist Abedi visited Dusseldorf before suicide bombing


Pictures from inside Tamanhint base after withdrawal of the Third Force and LNA 12th Brigade takeover.

Protestors in Hun gather to call for a stop to airstrikes and military operations.

Ageilah Saleh meets with delegations from eastern tribes and municipalities including

Tripoli Supreme Court rejected appeal & upheld its previous verdict- appointment of the steering committee by the PC still null and void.

Libya’s private sectors call for radical economic reform at Tripoli meeting -


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

Current map update for west operations, are 17 km away from Baaj.

North Korea....

Ri Pyong Chol-former top A.F general; Kim Jong Sik- rocket scientist; Jang Chang Ha- head of a weapons development & procurement center.

U.S. bill would ban Americans from traveling to North Korea as tourists:

China did not import any North Korean coal for the second straight month in April

's Pukguksong-2 is likely to achieve reliable performance in about a year, would be used for secondary strikes
The photo shows a ballistic  missile test of North Korea's Pukguksong-2, as the missile takes off with a trail of smoke behind it. It is pictured near some hills and rural land.

Latest test of Pukguksong-2 from Lake Yonphung shows can launch from anywhere, not just fixed launch positions


Duterte Declares Martial Law on ISIS Captured City - Marawi makes up roughly one third of the Philippines Duter...

31+ members of the Maute terrorist group have been killed in ongoing gunbattles in City -

among -linked militants killed in besieged southern Philippine city of

RT: Marawi City [Philippines] has been invaded by ISIS. Not 21 dead - ,but at least 200 people! (⬇️from a 🇵🇭Tumblr)

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