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Economic News , Data & Views.....May 15 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Monday -1) Markets : Asia Calendar For Tuesday , Along With Market Moving News & Data ; US - Dow , Nasdaq & S&P All Start Off Week On A Positive Note , US Treasuries Yields Rise Across The Curve , Gold And US Crude End Monday On A Positive Note , Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Political Round Up -: Trump Guilty Of Loose Lips In Last Week's Meeting With Russians ? Time Will Tell ; FBI Director Search Underway ; Trump Meets With Crown Prince Of Abu Dhabi ; Tax Reform Part Of The Agenda this Week - Meeting With Tuesday Group ; Syria In Focus ; Additional News Of Note. 3) #WannaCry Updates For Monday 4) UK Political Round Up For Monday. 5) Europe In Focus - Key News Today From France , Greece , Germany. 6) Syria In Focus - Geneva , Astana , Raqqa & Idlib In Focus. 7) Iraq Updates For Monday. 8) Libya Highlights.



Economic data due from Asia today - and we'll hear from the RBA

Japan's Abe does not rule out China-led AIIB membership

Latest US Treasury report: China increase holdings of USTs (hello, capital outflow)

Pressure in the pipeline for higher Japan inflation?

China economy: PMIs down, credit up, IP & retail sales down. Want answers?


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ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Oil gains halved

US stocks up smartly on the first day of the trading week. Records for S&P and Nasdaq

reuters pre-API/EIA survey: Crude -2.3mb Gasoline -0.9mb Distillates -1.3mb Refinery Runs +0.7%

WTI futs settle +$1.01 @ 48.85/bbl

US Politics......

Gowdy withdraws name from consideration for FBI director

McMaster statement - and he should know , as he says he was in the room.

And that didn't take long - NSA Adviser McMaster debunks Washington Post story that Trump shared classified info with Russians...

Top Dem on Senate Intelligence Committee.

Washington Post alleges Trump guilty of loose lips concerning recent meeting with Russians.


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On Trump sharing classified info to Russian officials. “This is code-word information,” said an official. “It is all kind of shocking.”

Senators huddle in Capitol to explore bipartisan path on ObamaCare

"We call upon Russia to use its influence with the Assad regime."

scooplet: Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn headed to the Hill Wednesday to talk tax reform with the Tuesday Group, per email just sent to members

Trump tells press he's known Sheikh Muhamed "for a long time."

Pres Trump at West Wing Portico to welcome Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and escort him into Oval Office.

No need for Special Prosecutor. ..

Spicer basically trying to move along from recent Trump statement suggesting tapings..

"Very good" and "moving rapidly" Trump tells press in Oval Office when asked how the FBI director search is going, per .

Those not under consideration for FBI director include Kelly Ayotte, Condi Rice, Merrick Garland.



Trump to unveil $1 trillion infrastructure plan in "several weeks"

#WannaCry Updates....

The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) said it has received 3,543 calls of inquiries into ransomware through its hotline so far.

Ransomware on radar of South Korea military..

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Hmmm , might N.K be behind hack attack ?

If validated, this means the latest iteration of WannaCry would in fact be the first nation state powered ransomware.

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Left is sample, right is Symantec.Contopee - Both share similar code, one function is 100% identical.

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Now it would make sense would the attack would keep changing kill switch. This is provocation.

RT : Hospitals still struggling in aftermath of WannaCrypt's rampage

As of mid-day Monday , about $56,000.00 in ransom payments have been made.

Saskatchewan Gov't hit by cyber attacks , which followed a Friday cyber attack at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa.

So far , Israel networks not subject to WannaCry hack - as per the IDF Cyber Security Officer..

White House's Bossert says as of now no US federal systems affected by ransomware. But it reached 150 countries, 350k machines globally.

"Patches are available," Bossert says. Turn on automated patch support. 3 reported variants are all fixable with patch from Microsoft.

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Now it would make sense would the attack would keep changing kill switch. This is provocation.

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Another diff between the decompiled functions between and Contopee - There is no doubt functions are 100% the same.

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Left is sample, right is Symantec.Contopee - Both share similar code, one function is 100% identical.

Similitude between and Contopee from Lazarus Group ! thx - Is DPRK behind ?


David Davis rejects key EU demands on citizens' rights and the timing of Brexit talks

Jeremy Corbyn drafts in hard-left Unite chief to help Labour's election campaign

Tory support on rise in every part of the country, according to huge poll

Jeremy Hunt ‘was warned last year’ of NHS cyber-attack risk

Theresa May vows to serve full five-year term if she wins re-election in June

Brexit donor launches campaign to oust pro-Remain MPs

"I would write Juncker off – he is deeply hostile": Three ex-Cabinet Secretaries on the challenge facing the next PM


VVD party had sought to strike a deal with liberal D66, the Christian Democrats and the Green-Left. Geert Wilders says he's ready to talk.

Greek govt hopes counter-measures, debt relief talks enough to escape multi-bill maelstrom

France's Macron picks PM from the right, blowing apart old boundaries

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And that's it. Some thoughts:

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1/ Big differences in tone. Macron nervously enthusiastic with big talk of remaking Europe, historical destiny etc.

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2/ Merkel, by contrast, more reserved and inscrutable. Harder to read. And more cautious with language. More incrementalist.

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3/ Only light moment was question about cheering crowds outside. Macron beamed, Merkel allowed herself a half-ironic smile.

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4/ Yet clear common ground emerging: joint investment, defence integration, perhaps some tax harmonisation, no mutualisation for time being.

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5/ Also, Merkel's openness to treaty change, which she pointedly stressed they had discussed, potentially a big moment.

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7/ Meanwhile Macron hit all the right notes, e.g. France will reform for its own good, not just to placate Germans. He's well-briefed.

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8/ In short, there are grounds for cautious optimism about the future of the Franco-German alliance.

: Germany is ready for EU Treaty change if we can say why, what for, and how we are going to do it.

Greeks Called Upon to Pay €4.5 Bln in New Austerity Measures

Germany warns Macron as new French president heads to Berlin to meet Merkel

New spate of attacks against migrant workers reported in Aspropyrgos

Capital controls – the new QE

Capital controls – the new QE

Ferries, buses and market sellers to join Wednesday’s general strike

Important: Juppé wishes his "friend" good luck & leaves open possibility of he & allies joining Macron after the June election

Macron has named his Prime Minister..


Jenna's long awaited story - first tweet of four ( at the time of my posting. ) Please check out if Syria is subject matter of interest.

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2/ This Idlib story was all filmed with cell phones by my 3 undercover sources. They risked their lives. Pls watch:

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3/ Until now, world talks ABOUT Idlib. But my story is FROM Idlib, incl incredible videos from undercover sources showing reality on ground.

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4/ If u don't speak Arabic, here some slogans on Idlib walls: 1- Democracy is religion of West 2- Shia enemies of Islam 3- Zawahiri quote

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: Opposition delegation HNC has arrived in , headed by Nasr al-Hariri, who held brief presser this evening - via

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: Hariri stressed, again, HNC demand for "transition to a free Syria, with no role for Bashar al-Assad or for terrorism." - via

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: But given military developments & rival track, calling for negotiated transition is 'dead-end demand,' says

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: Opposition not particularly hopeful this round. "It's four days. What do *you* think will happen?' one delegation member asked me

Real bad situation in Raqqa..

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Many civilians were Electrocuted and wounded because of the water that drowned many parts of city .

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2- channel to the city. This collapse cause to immersion a lot of residential quarters in the west of city

Point 3..

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4- the water with a large quantities. Over the time this water has been contaminated and its color has changed,

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5- this situation which foreshadowing another risk on the health sector.

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Our position on HTS has not changed. Ratney's March statement remains in effect. It wasn't a mistake nor has March statement been corrected.

| opened one of the main irrigation canals in Raqqa and the water flooded streets of western neighborhoods

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HTS is a merger and any group that merges into it becomes part of al-Qa'ida's Syrian network.

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The core of HTS is Nusra, a designated terrorist org. This designation applies regardless of what name it uses or what groups merge into it.


This could have killed hundreds of civilians, it was captured near Al-Amal district in .

IMPORTANT KDP Peshmerga has given order to it commanders to prevent from liberating villages near Sinjar NW .

Joint Operations announce following villages liberated by near Qayrawan west Karkash Sultan Tal sheik Kabar


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presents 4 patrol boats to the coast guard in to strengthen efforts against illegal immigration

UN envoy Kobler from : The time has come to take critical decisions to end the crisis

Marshal Khalifa Haftar meets with Ambassador to , Eric Strating, at General Command Headquarters

Italian Coast Guard says 484 migrants rescued, 7 bodies recovered off the coast of

Officers from 's western region say refuse to work under Khalifa Haftar, demand dismissal of GNA FM Siyala

EU's Mogherini supports "greater intervention in the south of " to control the flow of migrants

Fayez Serraj meets w/ 's Interior Minister in , discuss security cooperation & migration.

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