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Economic News , Data & Views .....May 16 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Tuesday -1) Markets : Asia - Economic Calendar For Wednesday , Market Moving News And Data As Released ; US Market - Another Day Of Mixed Markets With Nasdaq Powering Ahead Again , Dow & S&P Modestly Lower , API Data Drives US Crude Price Lower After The Regular Market Close , US Treasury Yields Generally Lower , Gold Catches A Bid Today And Ends $6.40 Higher. 2) US Political Round Up , Another Crazy Day ( Another Day , Another Scandal Pro-offered ) : Comey Memo Leaked To Press That Alleges Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigations Items ; McMaster Stands By Prior Remarks Regarding POTUS Meeting With Russian Officials , Says Communications By POTUS Wholly Appropriate ; FBI Director "Red Hot , Hot Potato" Job Not Sought By Judge Garland , Senator Gowdy Or Senator Cornyn ; Trump - Erdogan Meet At White House ( Would Have Been A Lead Story On Any Other Day ) ; Additional Items Of Note. 3) Europe In Focus On Tuesday : Greece - Economy , Austerity Measures , Appeasing Creditors In Focus ; France - Merkel - Macron Meeting , Gov't Formation Delayed For A Day , Challenges For Macron Moving Forward , Additional Items Of Note ; Germany - Local News , Political Items Of Note ; UK - General Election 2017 Items , Remain / Leave Items . 4) Odds & Ends - North Korea - Aftermath Of Latest Ballistic Missile Test In Focus , Syria Peace Talks , Iraq State Of Play In West Mosul , Libya News De Jour , Unreported ( Western Media ) Saudi Siege Of Shia Town Reaches 7th Day



Economic data due from Asia today ... here is what the RBA will be watching

Good morning from Berlin. Asia markets in risk-off mood on rising concerns over Trump. Dollar index erases almost all post-election gains.

Analyst says Indian banks are in trouble and asset quality is much worse than being let on.

The collapse of Noble Group ! How much China PPT loses? Hedging in Coke/Coking Coal the lethal weapon...

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.8635 (vs. yesterday at 6.8790)

Japan data: Machinery orders for March +1.4% m/m (expected +2.5%)

NBS: 's crude output increased 9.9% y/y in Apr to 290m tonnes; daily output at 9.82m tonnes, 150,000 more than Mar

Offshore surging after raised 's fixing to the strongest level in 3 months

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Industrial futures opens mostly higher in , led by , trading near 4% higher

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net inject 10bn yuan via today.

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10-year yield falls back below 2.3%; treasuries well bid in Asia

RISK OFF IN ASIA: Kospi -0.2% Nikkei 225 -0.5% ASX 200 -0.7% USD-JPY 112.58 S&P, Dow, Nasdaq futures -0.6% Gold +0.5% US 10Y yield 2.29%

NZ data - PPI for Q1: Output 1.4% q/q (prior 1.5%) Input 0.8% q/q (prior 1.0%)

ICYMI - Japan data yesterday was soft. Not positive for Thursday's Q1 GDP


Nasdaq gains. S&P and Dow down marginally.

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap. Dollar the weakest of the major currencies today. Housing weaker.

What would the Red Queen say about all of this ?

Private oil inventory data out - oil price drops

US Political Round Up....

( Much more at Twitter T.L.)

Fox's Bret Baier: No Republicans "willing to go on camera" after Comey memo

Israeli intel "boiling mad" over Trump sharing info: report



Hear we go , Comey has been given the invitation to the public hearing , he says that he wants.

Chaffetz Demands FBI Hand Over All Comey's Notes, Memos, & Recordings Related To Trump

Comey's Revenge: Leaks Memo To NYT Saying Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation

Welcome to your daily 'latest leak from Washington' post

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“What reasons do you have to doubt it?” is a standard for people who have abandoned critical thinking. It is not a useful standard. (1)

House Oversight Committee chair wants Comey memo by May 24

Jake Tapper: CNN was asked by administration to withhold info that Trump shared with Russia

McMaster has to be asking himself " Why exactly did I take this job ? " Trump is going to make him grow hair...

Judge Garland not interested in FBI job: sources

John Cornyn takes himself out of running for FBI post

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Trump at event with Turkey's Erdogan: 'Had a very, very successful meeting' with Russian foreign minister. Adds 'our fight is against ISIS.'

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Trump at event with Turkey's Erdogan: 'Had a very, very successful meeting' with Russian foreign minister. Adds 'our fight is against ISIS.'

Key items... 2

Key items ...1

Deputy AG: My focus is on the Constitution, not my reputation

McMaster: Real issue is leakers, not Trump revealing intel

White House says Trump info-sharing with Russia ‘wholly appropriate,’ rips leaks

US National Sec Adviser McMaster: Not Concerned That Intelligence Sources Will Stop Providing Information To US After Trump Reports

US National Sec Adviser McMaster: Washington Post Story Is False

US McMaster: No One In The Room Felt Trump-Lavrov Talk Was Inappropriate

US McMaster: We Do Not Specify What Is And Isn’t Classified Information

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McMaster: 'The president wasn’t even aware of where this information came from.' Trump not briefed on source, so 'premise' of story false.

Very much FWIW - Fox News identifies DNC staffer Seth Rich as a source of emails to WikiLeaks.

Gowdy withdraws name from consideration for FBI director:

As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining....

...to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.

I have been asking Director Comey & others, from the beginning of my administration, to find the LEAKERS in the intelligence community.....



Greek coalition MPs and multi-bill clear first hurdle as tension builds

Eurozone Growth at 1.7% in First Quarter; Greece Is the Only Country in Recession

Public Entities, Unions React Strongly to Greek Gov’t Austerity Measures

Greek gov’t seeks to put positive spin on bill


Can Merkel and Macron build on a pleasant first date? via

France fines Facebook for collecting users' data without them knowing

Macron delays unveiling government to ensure ministers are squeaky clean

Why does France's president choose a PM and a government before June's elections?

Merkel greeted Macron with pomp that reflected a rare moment of hope for the EU

These are the biggest tasks facing President Emmanuel Macron in France


Schoolchildren witness public prosecutor's death in Augsburg

Half of major German companies favour a 'hard' Brexit, study shows

Here's how Merkel's party won a shock victory in North Rhine-Westphalia

Turkey says Germany must choose between Ankara and alleged coup plotters


Based on the EU's own figures, and as it stands today, UK taxpayers fund our own government AND the governments of Poland and Slovania.

: Labour is cultivating the politics of envy with its economically illiterate manifesto

ICYMI WATCH Labour frontbenchers flounder on cost of major nationalisation pledges

Tory support on rise in every part of the country, according to huge poll

The Labour Party has released its full manifesto today ahead of the General Election

I always think this is an intuitively powerful point for Leavers; more than both sides recognise. via

David Willetts on Cameron doublechecking the Libdems were against an EUref before he put it in 2015 Tory manifesto

Westminster voting intention: CON: 47% (+3) LAB: 29% (+1) LDEM: 8% (-3) UKIP: 6% (-2) GRN: 4% (-1) (via / 11 - 15 May)

Theresa May and the battle for the Tory party's soul - my latest for

Odds & Ends....

North Korea...

: "Recent nuclear tests and missile launches demonstrate that is a liability for China, not an asset."

A force of North Korean hacker sleeper cells is under new scrutiny after a global cyberattack

GOP Senators to U.N.: Take action on North Korea

US willing to talk to North Korea if missile, nuclear tests stop: ambassador to UN Nikki Haley



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: Government delegation headed by Bashar al-Jaafari has arrived at UNHQ in to meet de Mistura. 6th round has officially opened

First day of talks begin. An overview.

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: Opposition HNC delegation currently meeting with UN envoy at UNHQ. They've already made it a bit longer than govt meeting.

State of play updates..

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: Two-a-days. Syrian government back at UN at 7:30 for talks with de Mistura, followed by HNC at 9:00 PM.


map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control.

ISIS area of control in West Mosul is down to 12 square kilometers.

IMPORTANT Joint Operation officially announced that (16467) militants killed since the start of operation on October 2016

was very well prepared for the battle of but forces well better and all of ISIS tactics couldn't stop forces.

Joint Operations officially announce that 89.5% of city is liberated.

IMPORTANT carried out a surprise assault on after midnight near Al-Qayrawan region west .


Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam: Former Gaddafi supporters looking to participate in politics if elections are held.

LNA marks third anniversary of Operation Dignity with impressive show of force -

GNA Defense Minister Mahdi Barghathi meets w/ Italian Interior Minister Minniti, discuss developing 's Navy

Official: oil production declines to 739,000 barrels per day due to technical issues

Khalifa Haftar: We will not leave our capital to become a haven for terrorists.

Saudi Arabia....

Not covered by Major media , but Saudi town of Awamiyah under "siege" by security forces. Under-reported siege enters its seventh day

security forces conduct military operation in , killing at least one and injuring over a dozen:

Saudi regime has totally isolated the Shia town Awamiyah with cement blocks! The situation is worsening, residents reporting!

leading military operation in , terrorizing 10ks of civilians & opposing in protecting

Photos: Saudi Arabia Raids Al-Masoura Neighborhood in Eastern Awamiyah Town

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