Sunday, May 14, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.....May 14 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Cyber Attack Not Over , Effects Could Be Worse Come Monday . 2 Germany - Sunday’s Vote In North-Rhine Westphalia Looks Tough For Martin Schulz's Social Democrats , As 1 In Five German Voters Are Set To Cast Their Ballots. 3) France - Emmanuel Macron Sworn In Today , Youngest French President Ever - The Election For The Presidency Is Over And Hard Work Lies Ahead , National Assembly Elections Next Test In June. 4) US Political Round Up For Sunday. 5) North Korea Conducts Ballistic Missile Test - New Type Of Missile Seems To Have Been Successfully Tested , US Bases At Guam Seemingly In Range Via This Missile.

Cyber Attack Not Over , Effects Could Be Worse Come Monday

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith admits WannaCry ransomware was an NSA exploit.

Random attacks continue , this time a South Korea theater....

: CERT-IN issued Red Alert in India due to ransomware attack. Cyber experts warns of more troubles today.

ransomware attack distribution by country.

Important updates for those interested in

In summary, most of the internet is safe from the ransomware variants for now...

Renault to re-open factories Monday after ransomware cyber attack

Simply stated variant ( 2.0 ? ) in the wild-no kill switch , might explain jump in countries and computers impacted over last 24hrs

UK defence secretary insists nuclear subs safe despite concerns over vulnerability

outbreak is more than a patching issue. It's a failure of security controls. If it was a we should still be

Latest from UK Natl Cyber Sec Centre: "as new week begins...further cases of ransomware may come to light, possibly at a significant scale."

"The latest count is over 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries. Many of those will be businesses including large corporations."


U.K. Says New Ransom Hack Cases May Be at ‘Significant Scale’

"At Least 200,000 Victims": Europol Fears Computers Simply Won't Start On Monday After "Unrivalled" Cyberattack

Updated python script to get current profit. Seems they are at $40k.

Past 24 hours infection map. What a bloodbath.

Everything you need to know about and how to protect yourself

Saudi Telecom Company got a ransomware attack

1 hour ago
Limitations of using the Kill-switch Domain as a mitigation against the WannCry Ransomware threat -

It seems that is able to hit "almost" everything, like "Fuel Car Self-Service Terminal" H/T

used in widespread attacks all over the world!

German State Election today...

BOOM ! SPD loses bid election in North - Rhine Westfalia today.

Germany (North-Rhine Westfalia), FGW poll

SPD's Hannelore Kraft concedes and resigns. "I take full responsibility and resign from state party leadership & SPD exec cmte".

Germany (North-Rhine Westfalia), exit poll: Linke (LEFT) exactly at 5% threshold. Unclear whether they'll join parliament.

Germany (North-Rhine Westfalia), Infratest exit poll: SPD (S&D) lost the old.

1 hour ago
-led North Rhine-Westphalia has come under attack over its security record: case of Anis Amri and New Year's Eve assaults 2015

Today: Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state. Forecast: SPD 32%, CDU 31, FDP 13, Greens 7, AfD 7, Linke 6.

Sunday’s vote in North-Rhine Westphalia looks tough for Martin Schulz's Social Democrats

One in five German voters will cast ballots in North Rhine-Westphalia today, sprawling industrial region with big migrant population

Biggest & last state election before national vote in Sep: Merkel party seeks pre-election boost in SPD homeland.

Looks as if populism peaked in Germany. AfD party drops to 8% in opinion polls for federal election. Next test today's state election in NRW

Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia): 13 million voters are heading to the polls in regional election.

Good morning from Berlin: All eyes on NRW as most populous German state goes to polls in biggest state election before federal vote in Sep.


The three key points from 's inaugural speech. 1) "France is only strong when it's prosperous" = priority to economic reform

2 – “I will not cede ground on the promises I made” – i.e., forget speculation about the mandate I got, I’ll implement the platform.

3 – “I’ll be at work as soon as tonight” = no time celebrating, this a serious team at work.

Emmanuel Macron is sworn in as France's youngest-ever president

1 hour ago
Macron is inaugurated, taking charge of a divided France

France's Macron pledges to overcome division in society

▶️ Emmanuel Macron inaugurated president: "His first policy will be to reform the French labour market"

France's Macron says EU will be 'reformed and relaunched'

BREAKING: Emmanuel Macron becomes France's youngest ever president

The battle for won't end with 's election. Next are the National Assembly elections.

▶️ France: Will Macron get a working majority at the next Parliamentary elections?

Macron is already reneging on promises he made to Bayrou - the French Parliamentary elections will be brutal

Macron to his candidates (for National Assembly): "We are condemned to succeed"!

European Politics ( Germany & France Excluded ) .....

European Court role going to be subject of dispute....

1 hour ago
"There will definitely ... be an election, I assume in the coming autumn," Kern said in an interview with ORF TV.

Greek PM ponders referendum trap

US Politics....

Tribe & Dershowitz have diametrically opposed view regarding "obstruction" question ....

Sen. Graham on Cornyn: "Under normal circumstances, he would be a superb choice to be FBI director. But these are not normal circumstances."

Talking Heads For Sunday...

Jason Chaffetz has been telling House Republicans he will join Fox News

Haley on North Korea: A missile test is not a good way to land a meeting with Trump

White House on North Korea missile test: "North Korea has been a flagrant menace for far too long"

Very much "FWIW". From the article - " No Cabinet member is expected to go this soon, but a West Wing shuffle looks likely."

Poll: Health care surges as top problem in U.S.

Acting FBI Dir. McCabe refuted Trump’s statement that FBI employees had lost faith in Comey

Some Republicans are keeping their distance from the administration following the firing of Comey

Red-state Dems may take a more centrist stance ahead of midterms in order to win over conservative constituents

"Crying wolf": what WH staff call journos doing endless Trump-is-doomed stories

RCP analyst David Byler explains how special elections can help to predict the upcoming midterms

North Korea....

U.N. Security Council due to discuss latest missile launch on Tuesday

Trump calls for tougher sanctions after North Korea ballistic missile test

conducts 10th ballistic missile launch of 2017 - apparent successful test of potentially new system.

Replying to 
The test this morning is a massive success for Yes there missiles are unreliable but as shown they can do it

does now have the capability to strike the US military bases on Guam

Japan believes the missile from breached its ADIZ (Air Defense ID Zone)

China calls for 'restraint' after missile test

Replying to 
Missile was in the air for 30mins.

Replying to 
Missile flew from west to east of landing in Sea of Japan successfully. Massive step forward for NK.

Replying to 
It flew 700km

Looks likely the launch was from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in

Replying to 
Big success for shows major advance in their pursuit for Nuclear weapons.

Replying to 
It was an IRBM missile

North Korea Test-Fires 7th Ballistic Missile Of 2017, Projectile Flew 700Km, Landed In Sea Of Japan

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