Monday, May 1, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......May 1 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Monday -1) Markets : Asia Calendar For Tuesday ( Australia In Focus ) , & Market Moving Data & News ; US - Nasdaq The Star For Today , Dow And S&P "Also Rans" For Monday , Gold , US Crude And US Treasuries Start The Week Off On The Wrong Foot. 2) US Politics Round Up - Congressional Negotiators Reach Deal To Extend Current Spending For Final Five Months Of fiscal Year ; Tax Reform , Infrastructure & "Replace & Repeal" Updates On Monday ; "Swampland" Items De Jour. 3) Europe In Focus : France - Updates From The Election Trail Regarding Macron & Le Pen ; "Local News " For Germany / Italy / Spain & Greece Items Of Note From Various Media Sources. 4) Odds & Ends For Monday !



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Economic data due from Asia today - & its RBA meeting day

China's manufacturing PMIs not the only ones to dip this month - weaker across Asia

JUST IN China April Caixin Manufacturing PMI (private survey) misses estimates by quite a bit. Actual 50.3 Estimate 51.3 Prior 51.2

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate 6.8956 (yesterday was a holiday, Friday's was 6.8931)

THAAD has been put into operation , despite the minor controversy around Trump's "suggestion" South Korea pay a billion for same ...

(URGENT) 14 lawmakers of Bareun Party to defect ahead of presidential election

BOJ Governor Kuroda - full text

Japanese Monetary Base (YoY) Apr: 19.8% (prev 20.3%) -Monetary Base End of Period (YoY) Apr: 462.2t (prev 447.3T)

BoJ Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting on March 15 and 16, 2017

South Korean CPI (MoM) Apr: -0.1% (exp 0.1%; prev 0.0%) - CPI (YoY) Apr: 1.9% (exp 2.1%; prev 2.2%)

South Korean CPI Core (YoY) Apr: 1.3% (exp 1.3%; prev 1.4%)

Australia - Likely boost to infrastructure spending another reason for RBA on hold

Australia - RBA announcement due today, here is a preview

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ICYMI - Australian commodity price index data (bigly!)

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South Korea, 6 Nations And EU To Discuss North Korea Sanctions – Yomiuri


Nasdaq leads the charge higher. S&P and Dow lag behind.

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Data disappoints but dollar doesn't

US Crude oil futures settle at $48.84/BBL

US Politics.....

GOP lawmaker unexpectedly breaks with party, comes out against ObamaCare repeal bill:

Replace and Repeal HC Bill skating on thin ice..

Trump campaign quietly removes new ad after potential violation of federal law:


Government funding deal includes $68M reimbursement for security for Trump family

Trump sparks outrage after questioning why Civil War happened

Winners and losers of the shutdown fight

Government funding deal includes $68M reimbursement for security for Trump family

FBI employee married ISIS fighter she was asked to investigate

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White House Budget Director Mulvaney: Trump Will Request Funding For Border Wall In Next Budget Proposal In Late May

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White House Budget Director Mulvaney: Trump Will Sign 2017 Budget Bill When He Receives It From Congress Thursday Or Friday – RTRS

Warren: Obama, Democrats are abandoning working-class voters

Spending Bill to Get Overwhelming Support in Senate - Bloomberg, Citing Schumer

Looks like having a vote this week on a "Replace & Repeal" HC Bill is news to Paul Ryan !

BREAKING: Trump is willing to consider raising federal gas tax to fund infrastructure, he told me & .

“Everything is a starting point,” Trump said of his tax plan.

"... we'll be filing over the next two or three weeks, maybe sooner." says his infrastructure plan is imminent on


Not a good look , if accurate....

Bipartisan deal on $1.1 trillion spending bill largely tracks w/ Democratic priorities & rejects most of President Donald Trump’s wish list.



May Day brouhaha in France..

Macron tells French voters democracy is under threat from 'anti-France' Le Pen

Right. The real uncertainty is turnout.

Macron mocks Le Pen’s plan to create a new national currency

VIDEO - Le Pen and Macron trade barbs amid May Day clashes

Le Pen remains in attack mode , but no signs from polling that she is moving the needle.

Macron: "French public extremely angry today, impatient and the dysfunction of the EU is no more sustainable."

Le Pen's message at last big Paris rally before May 7 vote: Europe and euro not the main enemy, but finance + markets embodied by Macron

Hmmm , Macron warns EU to reform or fave "Frexit" - anyone believe Macron really means this ?

Standing room only at back of Marine Le Pen rally in Villepinte. France heads for final vote on May 7 deeply divided

France's largest union CFDT leader says to abstain is to give half a vote to and calls to vote for

today -Le Pen gets currency plan out -Macron digs National Front past out -Melenchon, Dupont-Aignan creep out More at

tweets May 1, 2002 demonstrations footage when father qualified. This year no massive protests expected against

Le Pen's contortions on the euro underline French reluctance to exit

"Local News"  Round Up.... Germany / Italy & Spain


Brexit puts tiny German village at centre of Euroverse

Suspected Swiss spy arrested in Germany

Scandal widens over far-right German soldier in 'attack plot'


Pope Francis offers to act as mediator in Venezuelan conflict

Matteo Renzi, a reformer ready to seize a second chance

Milan exhibition highlights migrant odyssey


Thousands join May Day march against corruption in Madrid

Vacant apartments held for ransom in Spain


Transactions with cards keep on rising

Athens keeping eye on Balkan developments

Survey suggests Greeks split in views of European Union

Tsipras divorced from reality, ND says

Tsipras: Gov’t aims to heal 'social wounds' from crisis

Ex Greek energy minister Lafazanis leads protestors trying to storm hotel where govt & bailout monitors trying to finalize austerity deal.

Odds & Ends....

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BREAKING: Venezuela opposition rejects president Maduro's plan for new constitution as a 'fraud' and calls for more protests.

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BREAKING: Venezuela's president Maduro calls for new constitution.

with hitting its highest production to more than 760,000 bpd since first of December 2014.

2016 was the worse period in Libya’s recent history: Audit Bureau 2016 Annual Report -

May Day In Turkey under the regime of Sultan Erdogan....

Syrian refugees uprooted in Lebanon due to proximity to a military base....

As always - a thoughtful piece to read. 50 shades of gray has nothing on middle-east geopolitical chess !