Sunday, April 9, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......April 9 , 2017......Quick hits For Sunday -1) Turkey - One Week Before Turkey's Referendum On Changes To Its Constitution - An Overview On The Competing Rallies , Narratives & Context On this Huge Decision Facing Turkey's Voters. 2) Kurdistan Independence Referendum Coming Into View for 2017. 3) France - Presidential Campaign Has Become A Four Person Race With Two Weeks To Go Before The First Round Voting. 4) US Politics : US Airstrikes Against SAA Airfield Lead Foreign Policy Story Sunday ; KT McFarland Asked To Step down As Deputy National Security Adviser , Will Become US Ambassador To Singapore ; Additional Items To Consider In US Politics. 4) Odds & Ends : Sweden Deals With Grief Process & Moving Forward After This Weekend's Terror Attack ; Norway Concerns As They Face Bomb Scare As Well : Palm Sunday Terror Attack By ISIS In Egypt Kills Dozens ; Libya Updates Including Civil War Declared In South / Economic Meltdown & Huge Budget Deficit / Fuel Smuggling / Refugee Crisis.

Turkey .........

Ahead of referendum, hosts huge rally seeking ‘Yes’ to a strong

ICYMI: Pro-Kurdish HDP hold rallies ahead of referendum

My latest: is heading toward a crucial referendum in a challenging context. Narratives, facts and context about April 16

Turkish Australians cast their vote in Turkey's referendum - ABC Online

How will Turkey change if it votes 'Yes' in the upcoming referendum?

Complete lack of democracy in Turkey referendum. 485 hours of YES campaign airtime, only 45 hours of NO & zero airtime for Kurdish HDP.


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Shawes: Referendum question will include Yes or No for independent and measures will be taken following announcement of results.

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Rozh Shawes, Representative of Kurdistan Region delegation: Referendum is a natural right of people of Kurdistan, and will be held this year

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officials unanimous on independence referendum. Process gain momentum!

Region’s main parties to meet with foreign consulates in to discuss Kurdish referendum


Could Francois Fillon become president? His supporters are convinced the answer is yes.

Scandal-hit François Fillon may be lagging in the polls but his supporters at Sunday's rally are out in force - and are fiercely loyal.

, now neck-and-neck with Fillon in the polls, holds massive rally on Marseille's Old Port

A foreign policy expert explains why Marine Le Pen could win the French election

🇫🇷 []: Macron 24% -2 Le Pen 24% -2 Mélenchon 18% +6 Fillon 17% Hamon 9% -3 ↓ Who said debates don't matter?

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French election polls currently based on 66% 1st round turnout. No reason why won't reach 75%. In real life some candidates might be +/- 4%

French presidential frontrunner unveils priorities as race tightens

Here's what happened this weekend in France's presidential race

Mélenchon gains four points as race tightens at the top

With 2 weeks to the I round, French polls are consistent: Macron & Le Pen ahead by a handful of points, Fillon clings on, Mélenchon surging

French election wide open as Le Pen and Macron slip and Fillon, Mélenchon gain ground in latest polls


Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland has been asked to step down in another shakeup within President Trump's administration.

NEW: KT McFarland will be Trump deputy national security adviser for only 2 more weeks. Asked to step down, I'm told

President Trump scraps tax plan he ran on. Starting anew in search for Republican consensus on legislation to overhaul the U.S. tax system.


Shadow Brokers threaten Trump after Syria airstrikes. Seems Trump ruffled feathers somewhere by following advice of NSA/ DoD and SoS.

US ambassador calls for Assad’s ouster in latest shift on Syria policy

Trump's national security adviser: Russia should question support for "murderous regime" in Syria

Trump national security adviser defends sending U.S. Navy strike group to Korean peninsula

"Once the ISIS threat has been reduced or eliminated, I think we can turn our attention directly to stabilizing the situation in Syria."

Cable news loves war

This isn’t the foreign policy Trump campaigned on

Obama’s red line decision got rebuked this week (and his former staff aren’t happy about it)

North Korea....

Senator Markey discusses North Korea - key is will china take further sanctions against Hermit Kingdom ?

China agrees on "action" on North Korea , but what will that entail ?

North Korea says Trump's airstrikes in Syria justify its nuclear weapons program

US navy sends warships to Korean Peninsula amid tensions over North Korea's missile tests

US military says sending USS Carl Vinson carrier group to near Korean Peninsula - not your average Saturday night.

At U.S.-China summit, Trump presses Xi on trade, North Korea; progress cited

Political Grab Bag

Tom Daschle: “Democrats have far dirtier hands when it comes to erosion of the institutional pillars of the Senate”

Could pulling to the left help Democrats win House seats?

Despite years of promising to repeal and replace the ACA, Republicans are going home empty-handed |

What will the “nuclear option” mean for the future of the Senate and the Supreme Court?

Odds & Ends....


Stockholm attack: Emotional Löfven praises fellow Swedes

Stockholmers reclaim the street that only 48 hrs ago was the scene of chaos and violence


Norway police detonate 'bomb-like device' found at Oslo subway. 17-year-old suspect detained in Oslo bomb case is a Russian citizen: Reuters

suspect in custody for bomb-like device indicted: "immigrant known to have supported IS" claims Unconfirmed

Norway raises threat level after Oslo bomb scare


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Latest figures on church bombings: In Tanta 26 killed, 71 wounded In Alexandria, at least 11 killed & 35 injured

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Heroes. These members of the Egyptian police died so that civilians praying inside the church live.

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Claim of responsibility comes from ISIS Amaq. They are quoting an ISIS security source. News then posted on all official Nashir channels.

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Another explosion hits another church in Alexandria, . That makes it 2 attacks against 2 churches on Palm Sunday. Casualties unknown.



Record budget deficit face Libya Gov't For Q-1 2017....

Army captures group of smugglers carrying fuel, vehicles and goods in Jalu.

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Don't forget America's new administration has still not weighed into Libya, though many assumed it'd support Haftar's escalation

Crisis Committee announces the start of a new operation against fuel smugglers.

Defense Brigades announce the handing over of Jufra air base to Pres. Council affiliated forces.

is currently witnessing one of its worst times yet. Economic meltdown, fuel smuggling & now a civil war is declared in the South

GNA's MoD declares war on the LNA's units in the southern region of following the LNA's recent moves/provocations.

Two trucks loaded with 80,000 liters of smuggled diesel fuel seized by the 805 Brigade on their way to Chad.

REFUGEE CRISIS | Fleeing to Europe from violence in Libya via

says can't take in anymore - detentions are at full capacity