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Economic News , Data & Views .......April 8 , 2017.......Quick Hits For Saturday -1) Market Overview For The Week Of April 3, 2017 Through April 7 , 2017. 2) US Politics : Wide Range Of News & Views Touching On Last Week's "Hot Button Topics " Including Xi-Trump Visit , US Airstrike In Syria , Trump Delivering On Campaign Promises In Spite Of Fierce Opposition , No White House Shake Up But Apparent Tensions Between Bannon & Kushner , "Swamp-Land " Intrigue , Additional Items Of Interest. 3) Europe In Focus : France - Election Items Of Note , Turkish Citizens Vote In France , Hollande & Merkel Support US Airstrikes Against Assad , ETA Gives France List Of Arms Caches ; Updates On Horrific Terror Attack In Sweden ; Greece In Focus - Athens Sees March Against Austerity , Turkish Citizens Living In Greece Vote On Turkey's Key Referendum , Domestic Politics & Economy Items , State Of Play Regarding Creditor Talks ; Germany In Focus - Germany Supports US Airstrikes Against Assad But Will Not Support Further Attacks , German Based Turks Start To Vote On Turkish Referendum , Martin Schulz In Focus ; UK In focus , Brexit Items For Saturday. 4) Odds & Ends For Saturday !

Market Overview For Last Week.....

Credit Bubble Bulletin : Weekly Commentary: Just the Facts - April 7 4/3/17 - 4/7/17

Global stocks end EVENTFUL week dead FLAT at mkt cap of $71.7tn. Mr. Market shrugged off global turmoil & Fed comments that prices excessive

Bonds went effectively nowhere this week amidst hawkish Fed minutes & mixed jobs data. Bottom line value of global bonds fall a tad to $46tn

Friday Evening Links ( Financial Oriented News ) 

[Bloomberg] Stocks Mixed, Bonds Pare Drop as Jobs Hit Fades: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Gold Rises to Five-Month High as Jobs Fizzle Adds to Demand

[Bloomberg] Gary Cohn Says White House Will Push ‘One Cohesive’ Tax Plan

[Reuters] Fed might avoid simultaneous rate hike, bond runoff: Dudley

[Bloomberg] New York Fed's Dudley Supports Reconsidering Key Banking Rules

[Reuters] Italy's Target 2 liabilities reach new high in March

[NYT] The Man in Charge of Fixing Fannie and Freddie Knows Them All Too Well

US Politics......

McMaster shows clout in Trump's first crisis:

'Friends become enemies': Trump's Syria strike stirs up alt-right outrage as lawmakers praise him: ANALYSIS

Backstory on Syria Action - view from inside the White House. Fwiw

Still against Intervention in Syria

1 hour ago
A clear majority of Senators support Trump’s Syria airstrike

Trump announces Army secretary pick

Judge blocks Justice Department request to halt Obama-era police reform deal

McCain rips Rand Paul: "He doesn't have any real influence" in the Senate

ObamaCare market is stabilizing, despite Republican claims of a "death spiral": report

Graham plans expansion of Russia sanctions to include aide to Assad

Trump to undo Obama's restrictions on offshore drilling

Democrats aren’t the opposition. The media is.

Pentagon investigating possible Russian involvement in Syrian chemical attack

Trump-Xi summit's top accomplishment: Getting to know each other, report & .

The fight against ISIS just got harder

Trump is delivering for his voters, and Washington doesn’t seem to care

Priebus's job safe but Bannon in danger of being fired: report

No staff shakeup, a White House spokeswoman says amid reports Bannon and Priebus could be reassigned. "Completely false story."

Many lawmakers applaud Syria strike; Pelosi asks Ryan to call House back into session. discusses:



Clashes at French far-right leader Le Pen rally in Corsica

Melenchon is on the move and the firebrand is stirring things up in France....

Keeping the other candidates on their toes...

1 hour ago
Le Pen, Macron have equal chances to win in 1st round of French election

French Presidential Election Polling (2nd Round Hypothetical): Macron (EM): 61% Le Pen (FN): 39% Fillon (LR): 53% Le Pen (FN): 47%

Post TV debate French poll: Melenchon 19%, Fillon 19% Le Pen 23% Macron 23%. Melenchon gains 7 points in 2 weeks - could make 2nd round.

Does the French presidential election hold one last shock?

Turkish citizens in Ottoman garb cast their ballots in France.

Merkel, Hollande voice support for US strike against Assad

Basque group ETA gives France list of arms caches: panel


'I witnessed the Stockholm attack three years after terrorists killed my brother – we mustn’t give in to fear'

Stockholm attack: Police suspect arrested man was truck driver


Tsipras pins hopes on debt relief

Athens march against austerity.....

Ballots open for Greece-based Turks

Bid to curb under-the-table payments at state hospitals

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bank +4.3% this week and +15% in last two weeks, still -6.8% year to date.

SA labour force (# of employed+jobless) at new low of 4.76 mln in Jan, 5.8% lower than peak of 5.05 mln in Jan 2010.

New Democracy Leads over SYRIZA by 13.5% in New Poll

Prospects for Successfully Concluding 2nd Review in Athens Now Good, IMF Says

Greek FinMin Tsakalotos: Measures Agreed With Lenders Will be Legislated in Coming Weeks

After Seven Years of Austerities 40% of Greeks Cannot Afford to Pay Their Utility Bills


Looks like Martin Schulz is going to be subjected to "chinese water torture" of slow leaks of unfavorable articles from Der Spiegel.

German candidate for Chancellor Martin Schulz calls for diplomatic solutions in Syria. "This is the time for talks - not for bombs".

's Tornado reconnaissance jets will not provide assistance for any further attacks on , Defense Minister told .

Angela and Francois have issued a joint statement about in support of US strikes.

Distorted Views: Pro-Erdogan Sites Take Aim at Critics in Germany


EP Brexit redlines....

: Ford sees future in UK after Brexit, says Mark Fields Ford employs 13,000 people in the UK, with engin…

Something to note....

Theresa May is told she must publish a "thorough assessment" of a Brexit with no EU deal

UK Foreign Secretary

1 hour ago
A hard Brexit wouldn't mean moving many people in next 2 years, JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon says

1 hour ago
NHS faces shortage of 40,000 nurses after Brexit, according to leaked document

Welcome home, Cadbury! Dairy Milk production is returning from Poland - another win for Brexit Britain.

EU considering excluding UK from trade talks before Brexit, worries UK may take advantage of sensitive information.

Letter sent to on the likely costs of Brexit for EU27. Only if both sides acknowledge risks of hard-Brexit will a full FTA happen.

Even some Conservatives don't want a Brexit deal, Chancellor Philip Hammond tells Bloomberg

Why is Brexit so important to the financial industry? Here's a quick guide

Poland might become the biggest loser from Brexit

Odds & Ends For Saturday.....

Huge protest in Venezuela after 15 year ban for Opposition leader....

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Why exactly are the revenues disappearing like fog under a fierce sun ?

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Bombing the shit out of airfield in Syria is one thing. But now replace Syria with DPRK in that sentence and see if it still looks fine.

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Point: it kinda really matters if POTUS can launch belligerent military actions unilaterally, regardless whether you agree with the decision