Monday, April 10, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....April 10 , 2017.....Quick Hits for Monday -1) Markets : Asia Economic Calendar For Tuesday , Market Moving News & Data ; US - Ho Hum Monday For Major Indexes & Gold , Oil Caught Bit Of Bid , US Debt Lower By 2 BPs Across The Curve , Calendar For 4 Day US Holiday Week. 2) US Politics Round Up : Syria Situation Updates ; Tillerson Heads To Moscow - No Meeting With Putin ; North Korea Also In Focus - No US Appetite For Regime Change ( Even As US Warships Diverted To Waters Near North Korea ) ; Gov't Shutdown On Radar , Will Be More Of An Issue As We Head Toward End Of April ; Additional Items To Consider. 3) Europe In Focus : Ukraine Central Bank Governor Quits ; Greece News For Monday ; French Election Polling Data - Melenchon May Be "The Little Engine That Could. " 4) Odds & Ends - China - US Relations , North Korea Quandary , Libya In Primary focus.



Good morning from Berlin. Asia stocks fell, Bonds & Yen rise as risk-off takes hold. Tighter French vote added to pol tensions on N. Korea.

Economic data due from Asia today

While South Korea's military dismisses war crisis rumors , North Korea seems to making noises indicating a war crisis exists....

South Korea military dismisses war rumors...

South Korea Sees Q1 GDP Growth Q/Q Just Below 1% - Finance Ministry Official

No OMO from PBoC for 12 consecutive days draining a total of 450 bln Yuan. Ample of liquidities in April...

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.8957 (prev fix 6.9042 prev close 6.9050)


Australia ANZ Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence 9-Apr: 114.8 (prev 111.1)

New Zealand Card Spending Retail (MoM) Mar: -0.3% (exp 0.5%; prev -0.6%) - Card Spending Total (MoM) Mar: 0.5% (prev -1.0%)

US May Punish Chinese Companies Involved In North Korea Weapons – Sankei


Great overview of the week to come..

US stocks end little changed

Forexlive Americas Forex news wrap: Quiet Monday trade. Dollar softer

US Politics.....

On phone today, UK's Theresa May and Trump agreed it's time to persuade Russia its alliance with Assad no longer in its strategic interest.

As Secretary of State Tillerson heads to Moscow...

Disputing published report, Sr Admin Official says there's no US Intell consensus that Russia had advance knowledge of Syrian chem attack.

Unnamed source for the story. Hopefully-someone will go on the record w/this serious allegation against Russia.

ABC/Post polls: Today: Approve of Trump missiles? 86% Reps, 37% Dems Sept '13: Should Congress OK military in Syria? 56% Dems, 34% Reps

Spicer says Assad lost 20% of his fixed wing aircraft in the Tomahawk strike

Holding open option for further US military action , for not just CW , but barrel bombs-means further action likely.

Spicer says the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, will be at the White House tomorrow for consultations.

Asked if it's accurate that Trump has gone back to drawing board on tax reform, Spicer: "No." "Great" to do it before August recess.

The risk of a Gov't Shutdown is there , but an extension being passed is much more likely outcome.

As US warships diverted to waters near North Korea, Rex Tillerson says U.S. not interested in “regime change.”



This has been a subject of discussion for awhile. And finally Ukraine's Central Bank Chief has quit.

Replying to  


Anger at 'drinks' gaffe is more about austerity: Dijsselbloem

Greece suspends stricter border controls after airport delays

Hefty cuts to tax discount and pensions

More chances offered for settlement of debts to state

State finally hands over control of 14 regional airports to Fraport

The Central Committee ultimately decided additional “austerity measures will be implemented only under the precondition of Debt relief.”


Massive fire wipes out French migrant camp , hundreds displaced.

: top 4 keep converging in today's 2 (weirdly similar) trackings. Le Pen 24/24 Macron 23/23 Fillon 18.5/19 Melenchon 18/18 Hamon 9/9

Melenchon now in third place. Keep your eyes on the Melenchon factor...

Five questions (and answers) about France's surging Mélenchon

Latest polls suggest Jean-Luc Melanchon is closing the gap on Le Pen and Macron in the French Presidential election

Rabobank on the

Israel condemns Le Pen comments on roundup of Jews in WWII

today: -Melenchon ascends -Fillon cringes -Macron strives -Le Pen tramples -Markets brace More at

Rd 2: Macron vs Le Pen This is how French voters currently align Melenchon/Hamon stack behind Macon, Fillon voters more split Source: Kantar

() for Macron 61% against Le Pen Mélenchon 57% against Le Pen Fillon only 55% in 2nd round


Schauble and Germany oppose ever closer Europe , on key isdues.

Odds & Ends.....

China - US...

China’s economy looks safe so far this year: a trade war with US has been avoided

China will "offer concessions" to the US to avoid a trade war, including better market access for US financial sector investments and beef.

North Korea....

South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border | Zero Hedge breaking higher

North Korea Says "Loud-Mouthed" Trump's "Reckless" Syria Bombings Justify Their Nuclear Program

North Korea on Sunday resumed its radio broadcast of mysterious random numbers , believed to be coded orders to its spies outside of NK.


Half a billion dollar case against LAIP struck out -

Secretary of Defense and Khalifa Haftar discuss the fight against terrorist organizations.

UN envoy Martin Kobler hints at broad amendments to the Libyan political agreement

Afriqiyah Cargo: First plane lands at 's Benina Int'l airport in 4 years.

Demonstration in Tobruk calls for a return to the federal system.

The Guardian: Senior White House Official, Seb Gorka, pushing plan to partition into 3 parts

Locals still interested in Tripoli International Fair even if foreigners are not -