Saturday, April 22, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......April 22 , 2017.......Quick Hits For Saturday - 1) France Presidential Election Is Set For Sunday , Items To Consider On Saturday. 2) Venezuela Protests - Somewhat Overshadowed By Events Elsewhere In The World , But the Venezuela People Are Fighting For Their Lives. 3) Greece - Creditors Return To Athens Next Week As Greece Has Demonstrated Sufficient Progress , Economic Data To Consider. 4) MENA News - Syria , Iraq & Libya In Focus. 5) Additional News Of Note Observed After Original Post Of Today's Blog Entry.

Paris last night.

France Presidential Election - First Round Looms Sunday....

Art Blakey & Jazz Messenger ... " Moaning"

Polling stations will be open from 8am until 7pm CET (8pm in larger cities like Paris) for both Rounds ( First Round - April 23rd , Second Round May 7th ) of voting. Traditionally, the results of both rounds are announced on national television at 8pm on election day, when an image of the winning candidate or candidates is displayed.

Stay tuned tomorrow as results for the French Election start at 11:00 AM PDT 12:00 PM MDT 1:00 PM CDT 2:00 PM EDT 7:00 PM BST 8:00 PM CEST

The Economist predicts has little chance of winning the French election .

EXCLUSIF Présidentielle française : Découvrez le dernier sondage à quelques heures du scrutin

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File this away for Sunday - is able to reveal to you the figures of the last survey carried out at the request of the team 1

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of a candidate to a well-known polling institute. The trend seems to be influenced by terrorist threat Thursday night on Champs-Elysées. 2

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Marine Le Pen would lead with 26%. François Fillon would follow (22%) , then Emmanuel Macron (21%) and Jean-Lic Mélenchon (17%.) 3

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Benoît Hamon would be at 7% of the vote. Philippe Poutou (NPA) would fall sharply to find to 1%. 4

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Philippe Poutou apparently hurt by his controversial remarks just after the Thursday night attack in Paris. 5

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Bottomline-if LaLibre is correct , first round winners-Le Pen in pole position , Fillon in second place. Macron in 3rd , Melenchon in 4th. 6

French expats in Montreal head to the polls. Lines seem long !

And we're off. Voting in French election now underway in US as well as French Guiana, Guadeloupe & other overseas territories

Angry and tired French voters set to flirt with outsiders for top job: Nahlah Ayed: ANALYSIS

Voting begins in overseas territories. Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon , Guiana , Martinique and French Polynesia will also vote on Saturday.

Al Jazeera asks French citizens on the streets of Paris & its suburbs about their thoughts on the impending election

In or out? is hot-button issue in French vote

‘It looks as though the second round should be clear-cut whoever reaches it’ – Denis Mollison on the French election

Here's why millions of French voters want hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon for president

|Euro falls with French election in focus, dollar firms

French election: A look back at the Fillon scandal that ruffled France's political culture of immunity and privilege

What time will we get French election results on Sunday? h/t

Security dominates French election after shooting - Eyewitness News

Voters take to the polls in tomorrow, catch up on candidates' views on Europe here ➡️

French voters explained: How the 47 million will vote (or not)

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In or out? EU is hot-button issue in French vote

President Trump says Paris attack will have ‘big effect’ on the French election.

Obama inserts himself in the French Election in support of Macron...

Macron And Le Pen Seen Level On 23% Of Votes In First Round Of French Presidential Election, Melenchon On 19.5, Fillon On 19 - BVA Poll

Macron fades in final BVA French election poll

Odoxa Poll: R1 Fillon and Melenchon Both At 19%

Odoxa Poll: R1 Macron slips to 24.5%, Le Pen Gains to 23%

Ipsos poll data.....

Any of the top 4 candidates could advance in Sunday's French election.


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Three weeks of violence in Venezuela

Death toll mounts in Venezuelan anti-Maduro protests

Leader of Venezuela's Congress warns world's top banks not to finance President Nicolas Maduro's government.

Tomorrow Venezuela will remember those assassinated by regime of Maduro during protests with a Silent March.

Anti-Maduro crowds hit Venezuela streets for second day

A naked opponent of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro argues with riot police while new clashes erupt in Caracas


"It's You Or No One "

'Urgent' to reach agreement on loan for Greece: IMF

Schaeuble blames Greek Gov’t for review delays due to Easter break

Tsipras tells Sunday's RealNews t positive data on Greece's 2016 prim surplus 'left Europe speechless' +'neutralized Schaeuble and the IMF'

IMF admits one more wrong projection on Greece, as it forgot the Capital Controls

Tsipras tells Sunday's RealNews t positive data on Greece's 2016 prim surplus 'left Europe speechless' +'neutralized Schaeuble and the IMF'

This is how far has come to bring its public finances in order. Corrected a 24bln deficit in 3 yrs. Apparently, needs to do more

Thomsen: IMF needs path for primary surplus targets, more specificity on debt measures so Greek DSA includes broad understanding on measures

Mission will return to Athens next week following sufficient progress made, Poul Thomsen says.

Statement by Managing Director Christine Lagarde on .

said it received improved fin offers from 3 bidders for sale of 67% stake in Thessaloniki Port (OLTH), unsealing due on Mon.

travel receipts fall by another 3.1 pct in Feb on lower spending

International arrivals at main airports -0.8% in Mar and +1.7% to 898,790 in 3-month, says.

2016 general government primary surplus at 3.9% of GDP, debt at 179%, acc to 1st notification.

Evolution of general government primary and overall balances, according to data.


A Night In Tunisia....


How ransoms, Syria deals secured Qatari hostage releases

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These, to my mind, these r the "safe zones" that is talking about: Trump is pushing Obama doctrine even further

Must read/listen to & on : Trump reverting to the Obama doctrine via

Over 8000 were evacuated from Fua and Kefraya: the phase 2 of the evacuation is expected in June.

120 prisoners were release by Damascus as part of The Syrian "four cities deal"


disagrees. It has so far insisted that they can bypass the parliament on this matter saying referendum does not need parliament mandate

The two parties released the joint statement following high-level meeting Saturday in Sulaimani.

Shiite Muslims mark anniversary on death of holy Imam in

List of doctors killed by ISIL in western Mosul:

A successful airstrike hit an ISIL sniper, leads to freeing 8 families were stranded under his fire range.

Old district map update.

map update. Green= completely liberated. Orange= frontline clashes. White= control


There is a clear danger that expanding the quantity of dinar will continue to depress the dinar’s value against the dollar and euro.

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NOC says $760.4 million lost due to closure of Shararah, El-Feel and El-Wafa oilfields by armed groups.

promises to make the Libyan Navy the best in North Africa.

Breakthrough meeting in Rome between Ageela Saleh and Abdulrahman Sewehli -

's Parliament calls on PM Paolo Gentiloni to arrange a meeting with Khalifa Haftar.

Algeri’s Messahel continues Libya trip with Serraj, Sewehli, Zintan and Misrata meeting -

Ageilah Saleh & Abdulrahman Swehli praise Italy's role for pushing a balanced political agreement b/w Libyan parties

Growing concern over Gansu efforts in Sebha mediation between LNA and Third Force -

's Ibn Sina Hospital holds re-opening ceremony, underwent rapid renovation after city was liberated from

Mayor of Sebha to Alwasat: Int'l parties are supporting human traffickers and the French base in Niger is complicit

NOC denies reports of El-Fil oilfield reopening -

LCOG to meet NOC and subsidiaries to discuss increased role for Libyan private sector -

IOM says 200,000 displaced Libyans have gone home but 300,000 still have not -

Additional News Of Note.....

" Just By Myself "

( All of the Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers songs from legendary Belgium 1958 throw down.... )

Carter Page defends himself: Russia didn't use me to get into Trump campaign

House Intel Committee calls Sally Yates to testify in public on Trump-Russia ties

Taliban releases a picture of their fighters dressed as Afghan National army soldiers who killed at least 135 soldiers in Mazar-e-Sharif.

What a massacre. Taliban fighters infiltrate Afghan army base, kill more than 100.

Operation Gotham Shield ( NYC-area 10 kiloton nuclear blast & EMP drill ) - allegedly runs from April 18th May 5th or April 24th–26th.

Top diplomats from Japan, U.S., South Korea plan brainstorming session on North Korea

Outside of 's central station. Police expect about 50,000 protesters in total while an convention is taking place at the city.

Left protesters clash with police as AfD has its party congress in Cologne.

German AfD anti-immigration party congress erupts in power struggle

"The YSK has full prerogative over all fraud allegations, complaints and appeals and making final decisions about these," - Bozdağ.

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Intel Agencies for most major powers spy. Let's not be naive. It's what they do - whether we consider Western nations , Russia or China.

Sergej W - a German-Russian national , was charged with attempted murder , setting off explosions and causing serious physical injury.

Global bonds have gained $240bn in value this week following weak global CPI numbers. Bunds sold off, peripherals gained on fading pol risks

Good morning! Global stocks have gained $230bn in mkt cap this week on return of reflation rally as French pol risk faded ahead of elections

Japan prepares for a possible North Korean missile launch - CNBC

Zhang Ying ( a sub-branch chief ), has been placed under investigation by police. Xiao Ye ( VP of same sub branch ) , sought by police.

China Minsheng Bank 3 bln Yuan WMPs vanished news may only be the tip of iceberg. The rebound in mainland commodities faded tonight.

Minsheng Bank branch head suspected of illegal conduct following missing money from wealth mgt products